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Sandman XI

Coffee Shop Blues (OOC)

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Power Stunt:

Damage 8 (Extras: Area [General, Cone], Selective Attack) (Kinetic Barrage) [24 PP]

And use an HP to keep from falling over.

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Talk about your ouchies. Time for a rebuttal, Push-style!

No, I say!

Toughness check... (1d20+12=18)

Toughness check, hero point reroll. (1d20+12=18) (+10 thanks to the reroll for a 28, Push is Bruised)

And again, I say thee nay!

AP: Strike 10 (Kinetic Shockwave; Extras: Area [General, 50-ft. Burst], Knockback 4) [24/24PP]

DC 25 Toughness check!

Thrice I say and done! NO!

Hero Point for a Heroic Surge! All Out Attack, +5 to hit! -5 from Defense! Move Object 12, flinging that vainglorious throne right at Herc's smug face!

Have a seat, Herc! (1d20+13=26)

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Good, I've been wanting to wreck his stuff all up for a while too!

Ok, to start, Push flies backwards to the other side of the room and takes out one of the four flashbangs he picked up earlier. Quick toss, it's in front of Herc, and he hits the detonator. Dazzle Burst 4 right in his face. Boom!

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