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Flare Knight

Blackmarkets are Easy to Find (OOC)

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Dragonfly turns on her force field and preps her shield. Horray! And because we're gonna need it soon, I suspect:

Initiative Roll (Speed of Thought) (1d20 + 6=8)

...oh, hell no. Invisible Castle! :argh:

Sigh. I'll leave it, for now, but I suspect I'm going to end up coughing up a hero point before the first round's through....

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Frak initiative, time to Drop The Hammer!

AP: Enhanced Strike 8 (adds to Warhammer for Strike 12; Extra: Penetrating 3, Knockback 12, Improved Critical 1) [24/24 PP]

Push is coming in from above, hammer swingin'! Showtime!

1d20+8=15 Catching that jerk flat-footed, that's a DC 27 Toughness Check, Flare ;) Here's hoping he loses by 5 or more, I want to crater this SOB!

I'll roll initiative after I find out how much happy fun time I'm about to have ;)

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Ok, that didn't work out so well, since the crook failed by only one on the test...but I demand this moment be AWESOME! Heroic Surge!

Taking a second blow as I go by...

1d20+8=14 BOOYAH!

And according to Flare, he fails by 10. Hope you like the taste of pavement, jerkface!

I'll cap it off with blowing a Hero Point to spare me some fatigue. All in all, quite satisfactory.

EDIT: Correction! Not done yet, rolling initiative: 1d20+8=24 Solid roll. This'll keep me in the running and let me do some damage ;)

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So, here is, for reference, how this action went down; Push Attacked, the guy failed his Toughness by 1 Point. Push Surged, hit him again, and he failed by 10 then cratered.

Initiative of the group 4+4=8 forgot the bonus. All of them will move at the same time. Powerhouse;


and finishing with Push: 16+8=24p

Current Initiative:




Powered Armor 2-4, Powered Armor 1 (Staggered, Stunned, Bruised)

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Taunt check! Lets me use Bluff to Demoralize instead of Intimidate ;)

Kekeke. First though, a Covering action. Lets him let that hammer-shot off the chain at any moment, and he can cover the distance between them in a heartbeat ;)

Covering action - Hammer blow (1d20+8=26) Means he rolls, but doesn't strike yet, so don't roll that Toughness check.

Next, the Taunt check! 1d20+9=18 Not bad, could be worse. Use the normal rules for Demoralizing, but apply the Bluff check instead. Resist using Bluff, Sense Motive, or Will, whichever is best.

Either way, Push shall Taunt you!

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See, this is why attacking out of nowhere always works. Crooks never expect you to do it, and it gives such humorous results.

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Melee Attack Roll vs. Female Powersuit (spacial blade) (1d20 + 8=12)

....no. Dragonfly is not going to get shown up in the first round.

Spending one of her two HP to reroll.

Melee Attack REROLL vs. Female Powersuit (spacial blade) (1d20 + 8=20)

That's better.

DC23 Toughness save (darn still-pending edits), and it's Penetrating 8 so any impervious they have isn't gonna mean much.

IC post pending on attack results.

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16+12=28 Passes DF's Save

12+1=13 Push's Save by 14, so Staggered and Stunned, plus the same 10,000 Knockback

As the only one still standing, the remaining PA will make a full Move Action to get away from the group, and every last other one is Staggered and stunned.

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Ok, Push swoops in, Telekinesis...

And Tank's Running Low complication kicks in. Not a surprise considering all the high-octane stuff he's been doing. Flare's call if I get an HP or not, or how long I can hold up the building ;)

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Move action: Teleport in through one of the second-story windows.

Move action (in lieu of Standard): Run up a bit so civilians have to move as little as possible to get to her.

Future plans: Dragonfly's trying to get them all together and touchable (....) to hand-wave treating them as a single large person or object for Dimensional Pocket. And then plans to get the hell out of dodge. They're all (hopefully) willing, unresisting targets, so it should probably be okay...but let me know if it isn't, and I'll adjust her strategy. Probably stunt something ugly and have Dragonfly grump later about how she can't jury rig a good tracker for the escapee(s).

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Standard action: Dimensional Pocket, go!

Move Action: Max range teleport - as far from that building as she can get in 100ft.

Extra effort (on her) to surge a move action, running as far from the building as she can get.

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Jury-rig time!

Device 2 (10dp; Easy to Lose) [6pp]

A thrown-together detector made out of some spare parts and a police radio; how this mass of exposed metal and wires can do what it does is a bit of a mystery.

Super-Senses 1 (Detect Dragonfly-Constructed Battlesuits [radio (acute, ranged, radius); Accurate 2, Extended 4 (~20 miles), Penetrates Concealment 4], Flaws: Action [standard]) [10dp]

I hate putting flaws on senses. The math is a pain, but I'm assuming here that things like +accurate are technically extras. So this is a widget you carry around that can accurately find any Dragonfly-made powersuit within 20ish miles, with complete disregard for any material (stone, lead, whatever) that's in the way.

DC check to construct is 10 (base) + 5 (jury-rig) + 6 (invention cost) = DC21.

Craft (Electronic) Check for a 6pp device (Jury-Rigged); DC21 (1d20 + 15=29)

Forgot to add the -2 modifier for working without tools (but with a multi-tool). Still, 27 is more than enough. Dragonfly throws this thing together in about half a minute to a minute.

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PH takes it the old fashioned way, none of this newfangled Motorcycle or Flight crud. He's the Original! A Classic! And he crashes into the ground because he's just not that coordinated.

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Master Plan roll (1d20 + 6=12)

Appropriate. That's a meager +1 bonus, which makes sense. All she can do is relay some vague information on the suits themselves; she doesn't know the building and she can't really run the math. Assuming, of course, she gets the time to finish planning.

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A call for initiative if I've ever heard one, since we seem to be short on diplomats.

Initiative Roll (1d20 + 6=26)


I'm also assuming Dragonfly brought her force field up and readied her shield as they ran in, because she's smart like that.

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