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Crack is Whack Part II (OOC)


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Muhahaha. Poor guy doesn't even GET a save if he's a minion. Crits, oorah!

Picking as the crit effect (bless you, house rules):

Dimensional Pocket 3 (Extras: Duration 3 [Continuous]) [15/18pp]

Muaha. Muahahahaha! You get to stay in the void....forever. (Or until Dragonfly remembers you're in there.) This is awfully cheesy, but a normal attack would have one-hit KO'd him for the same impact on the plot.

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The sleepy man is a voodoo / hoodoo practitioner - not, from the looks of it, particularly proficient, but enough to put in place the necromantic wards.

Nick of course would no plenty about this so I am handwaving the theology roll. He would know most stuff about the religion bar any specific acadaemic trivia.

Disabling it would take a counter ritual - using ritualist feat. I will arbitary set this as if 10 PP, so 10 Rounds if you want to do a quicky.

Whilst in effect, necromantic descriptor powers function at 1/2 strength, and (at least minor) undead can't enter house.

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