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Flare Knight

Sound Off (OOC)

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OOC for This Thread

The Cannon's Firing is a Hazard requiring a DC 15 Reflex save at the end of each player's turn, DC 15 Toughness if failed, inflicts Piercing so even though it does 0 effective damage, Impervious doesn't stop it. Otherwise, it's a standard, but there is No Sound, at all, though Sound Based Powers can still work, anything that needs Auditory (Such as Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)) wouldn't work

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Right, so.

Move Action, I'm pretty sure 500,000 feet will get me within range of blasting Mr. Light&Shadow. At which point, I switch my Array to Blast, and...Blast him.

Attack Roll: 10+10=20

Toughness Save DC is 26.

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Right then. I've got 2 HP, might as well use one.

Spending an HP to stunt a power off of Sonic Control. In this case, I'm stunting Drain Toughness, 11 ranks, with the Ranged extra. That's 22pp total, which fits fine in my array.

Move action: Float to the side via Flight 1 so I have a clear shot at the Big Ugly Yellow Guy.

Standard Action: Making an attack with my Ranged Toughness Drain.

Attack Roll: 7+10=17

Me no like, since that doesn't hit. I'm using my other HP to reroll!

Attack Roll: 14+10+10=34 (with HP effect added in)

Right, that'll be a DC 21 Fort Save against Toughness Drain up to 11.

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19+12= 31 He passes. T3 will Idle, because I'm not that Cruel, and PH will attack Terror

11+5=16 He misses. WU will play Blaster Master

1+12=13 Fails again. I think he might be cross-eyed. Terror will Respond and attempt to clobber PH

17+7=24 He hits. PH's DC 33 Toughness save

2+14=16 Ow. HP to Reroll.

13+14=27 so much better. Bruised and Stunned, but at least he isn't half KO'd.

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Misses. T3 Idles, PH is stunned, so Terror attacks PH

20+8=28 Ow. PH Toughness save against DC 38. I'll just use Ultimate Save (Toughness), which gives him 35, enough to Re-stun him and give him another Bruise.

WU will rush and attack Gabriel with his Darkness Hand thing, which is a Strike with Penetrating. 4+8=12 Misses.

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T3 Idles, PH stunts

Powerhouse will Power Stunt this:

Gravity Control 42(-Action, -Only Upwards)

then use it on Terror, considering it's an effective 210 Strength, he goes flying to PH's Maximum Range, which is 210 feet, and keep him there, as he can't drop him yet.

Terror being 210 feet in the air is unable to take a movement, so WU attack PH with a blast. 6+12=18 Hits. Save of 27 Toughness.

5+12=17 ouch. PH is Staggered and Stunned.

T3 will actually attack 12+10=22 Hits, Save of 25

Toughness Save; 15+12=27 PH is stunned, Terror is floating comfortably 200 feet in the air, so WU will attempt to stab PH again.

3+12=15 Hits, Toughness of 27

Toughness save 16+12=28 he passes. T3 attacks.

17+10=27 Hits. Save of 25

Toughness Save 11+12=23 Another bruise, but PH keeps moving. He'll throw WU into the air. The Tranquility Tyrant will attack.

2+10=12 He misses. Which means he flies into the air, then they all fall down against a DC 35 Toughness;

3+12=15 WU is OUT.

17+10=27 Stunned and Bruised for T3

16+17=33 Just a bruise for Terror

11+7=18 Hits. DC 33 Toughness and PH has a Bruise rank of 3.

8+11=19 Hits. PH gains another Staggered, which means he goes Unconscious. The Encounter is over on the side of The Tranquility Tyrant

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Looks like the duality siblings aren't happy. Time to convince them life is better for heroes!

Diplomacy: 16+20=36

According to the book, if his previous attitude was "hostile", he's now "friendly". If he was "unfriendly" or "indifferent", he's now "helpful".

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Right, so. I'm guessing our base Hero Point count has been "reset". With the addition of Luck 3, that means Gabriel has 4 Hero Points.

I'm going to use 1 HP to stunt a Shapeable Damage, Rank 11 off of Gabriel's Sonic Control Array. He's essentially going to make a cone, but he's going to make sure he doesn't hit Powerhouse, but still hits all the guys who haven't run off.

I believe that will be a DC 21 Reflex save, and a DC 26 Toughness Save on the damage. :D

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3+4=7 They fail the Reflex Save, and, as Minions, they take the worst result possible of saves, and they only have a +5 Toughness, so they all are KO'd by a single Blast

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with Gabriel at 23 and PH at 7, Terror rolls his Init

11+1=12 Sooo




is the order we are at now.

The bridge is one of those 'one person' types you see so often. It's a long metal bridge, suspended above the air and has the room for a Person and a half. There's a looooong fall down, and a loooong climb up.

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2+5=7 He's completely paralyzed and unable to attack, if I'm correct, judging from what I'm reading.

Next is PH's turn.

He will take this advantage to All-Out Power Attack.

13+5=18 He hittts. DC35 Toughness on the big man.

12+17=29 He fails! He is bruised and Stunned.

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2+17=19 Terror Fails his Roll! He loses 2 points of Toughness!

It's his turn, so he gets another Will Save to attempt to get over his Paralyze stuff with a +1 Mod due to first failed save.

6+6=12 He fails

Powerhouse will then attempt to Grapple him.

11+5=16 against a Defense of 5, it hits. And because of the Paralyzed, he's essentially an Inanimate object for Powerhouse to throw around. As much fun as it would be to throw him through the blimp or something, and given his 100,000 foot tossing, instead he'll just throw him down to the bottom of the blimp, where he can't hurt nobody, which...well...leaves Combat over on this little bridge.

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