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Potential Devices/Plot Hooks


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Right, so, if it's not obvious, Cobalt Templar is a pretty blatant Green Lantern expy (a merging of Kyle Rayner's general personality and such, with Alan Scott's Kingdom Come outfit, and the generally more mystical nature of his ring/powers), albeit with "blue holy fire" rather than "green hard light" as the core effect.

But I got to thinking: Why stop there? Why not have parallels for all the canon DC Corps, or at least the 7 Emotional Spectrum Corps.

Of course, I don't want to do straight copies. Plus, I wanted CT to be unique, to have only one such ring in existence. Which, in my mind, necessitates only one of any of the other rings. More than that, I needed a design ethos behind them. And then it occurred to me: What if all 7 were created by the same people, intended to be used by a single group of people for the same goal. Which was "protect our homeland". That group would have been a kind of elite squad in their day. Each would have a unique powerset to help them get a wider range of abilities on the field, without all of them overlapping totally with each other.

As well, I want to at least partly disconnect from them being defined solely by an Emotion, and instead also connect them to a Specialization. Each will have ways it can be used by heroes....and ways it can be used by villains. Because these are, ultimately, tools. And tools can be used by anyone.

At any rate...on to the magical devices! Which will be in separate posts, so that I can break this venture up a bit if need be. :P

Table of Contents:

Blue Ring

Green Ring

Red Ring

Yellow Ring

Orange? Ring

Violet? Ring

Indigo Ring

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Blue Ring

Color: Blue

Emotion/Mind-state: Determination, Willpower, Pride

Intended Role: Leader, Well-Rounded Combatant, Secondary Battlefield Controller.

Summary: The Blue Ring is the one originally given to the leader of the original Seven Ring-bearers (OOC: Best I've got right now). It has perhaps the most "basic" power-set, giving its wielder fairly straightforward attack options at both range and close up, as well as allow them to place barriers in the way of their enemy, move items from afar, basic protective measures, basic physical boosts, a keen sense for danger, and superior mobility. Often, the various abilities are limited more by the user than the ring itself; imagination is almost as important as determination in the usage of this ring.

Powerset: In this case, I've already got a powerset built for this ring.

Device 11 ('Power Ring', 55dp, Hard to Lose; PFs: Restricted 2 [Only You]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [must be recharged every 24 hours, uncommon, 1 point], Power Loss [failing will saves vs. fear, uncommon, 1 point]) [44PP]

Holy Fire Control 7 (14 points; PFs: Alternate Power x4) [14+4=18 pp]

BP: Blast 7 {14/14}

AP: Create Object 4 (Extra: Moveable) (PF: Progression (5 10 foot cubes), Stationary ) {14/14}

AP: Dazzle 7 (Visual Senses) {14/14}

AP: Strike 4 (PF: Mighty) {5/14}

AP: Telekinesis 7 (Str 35, Heavy Load: ~1.5 tons; Range: 70ft Increments; Maximum 700ft) {14/14}

Enhanced Attack 4 [8pp]

Enhanced Feat 1 [Quick Change] [1 pp]

Flight 5 (250 MPH / 2,500 feet per Move action) [10 pp]

Immunity 9 (life support) [9 pp]

Protection 2 Extras: Impervious 4 [6 pp]

Super-Senses 3 (Danger Sense [Radio], Darkvision) [3 pp]

As you can see, fairly straightforward. He can attack up close or at range, he has decent TK, and he has some skill with Create Object, though it's mainly intended for protecting civilians. The rest of the abilities are there just to make him mobile and tough, really.

Eventually, he'll gain Enhanced Strength, to make him even more of a beast in combat. Potentially, he'll get two separate arrays, so that he could, in theory, maintain his Create Object with one array, and still blow stuff up with the other array. That's a bit down the road, though.

Again, this ring/build/character is kind of the "Mario" of the rings; he lacks any of the more exotic abilities of his fellows, but he's just broad enough in capability to be useful in a lot of situations.

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Did they craft one more ring? To Rule Them All! perhaps?
Not quite. My idea is that there's just the 7. I might even change up the colors a bit, just to diversify even more from the source material. Trust me when I say that Cobalt Templar is the closest to the canon Lanterns, though my idea for the Red Ring won't be super far off.
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So there's only one of each of the seven rings?
Yes. The Kabbalah ritual that went into creating them was hideously complicated, and took a fair amount of precious metals and the like. That they had no written notes means that when the head ritualist died from heart failure (due to strain at his old age) a week after completing the ritual sealed their fate as a unique set of seven.

Theoretically, someone with enough ranks in Knowledge Arcane, and enough power, and the Ritualist feat, and probably one or two other things, could replicate them. If they somehow had access to one of the rings for, at minimum, decades of uninterrupted study.

But really, no replication. Just 7 rings.

If you don't want them tied to emotions, maybe something else that there's seven of? There's a lot to choose from.
It's not that I don't want them tied to emotions at all. Rather, I want to connect them to something more.

For instance.

The Leader is Determination/Pride.

The Illusionist is Cunning/Fear.

The Healer is Love/Obsession

The Brawler is Battle Focus/Rage

The Shield-Maker is Protectiveness/Greed

The Mind-Scout is Compassion/Removal of Free Will

The Buffer is Hope/Recklessness

That's a rough draft of "Roles" and "Emotions", mind. But you get the idea. Each has a good and bad way to be implemented. Two sides of the coin, if you will.

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This one goes up next due to JackgarPrime's interest in the idea.

Red Ring

Color: Red

Emotion/Mind-state: Courage, Rage, Tenacity

Intended Role: Brawler, Blaster

Summary: Unlike the Blue Ring, the Red ring is much more focused. No walls, no TK. Just general boosts to how tough and strong the user is, enough Enhanced Strength to meet caps for melee attacks, and several direct attack powers. This ring is meant for the wielder to wade into the middle of a fight, and start hurting enemies, taking them out of the fight quickly and directly.

Powerset: When "x" is used, it denotes a number that can be adjusted by the player, to best fit it to the individual character (especially their PL)

Device x ('Power Ring', xdp, Hard to Lose; Descriptors: Magic, Holy/Unholy PFs: Restricted 2 [Only You]) [xPP]

Acid Control x (x points; PFs: Alternate Power xx) [x+x=x pp]

BP: Drain Toughness x (Extras: Area (General, Cone), Selective Attack) {x/x}

AP: Drain Toughness x (Extras: Area (General, Cone), Selective Attack, Affects Objects, Flaw: Objects Only) {x/x}

AP: Blast x (Extras: Area (General, Shapeable)) {x/x}

AP: Drain Constitution x (Extras: Range: Ranged) {x/x}

Enhanced Attack x [xpp]

Enhanced Constitution x [xpp]

Enhanced Feat 1 [Quick Change] [1 pp]

Enhanced Strength x [xpp]

Flight x (x MPH / x feet per Move action) [x pp]

Immunity 9 (life support) [9 pp]

Impervious Toughness x [x pp]

Super-Senses 1 (Darkvision) [1 pp]

Notes: Really, there's a bit more here even than in the Blue Ring. But by the same token, it's a bit more flexible. Starved for points? Drop some of the Acid Control APs, and simplify the powers a bit. You'll have room to grow.

As well, Enhanced Con should be used to bring the character up to the desired level of Toughness save. Impervious is separate to denote the literally supernatural protection the character has; it can be cut down or trimmed to save points.

Now, as for the whole "Red Lantern" bit. While some would choose to model this with Flaws and Drawbacks, I'd suggest instead using primarily Complications. Tone it down a bit, and just have the character be one that's utterly reckless, and ruled almost entirely by their anger when they make any choice at all. Uncontrollable rage is hard to play as a PC. As an NPC, it's a bit of a moot point.

If you're flush with points, maybe throw in Immovable (Unstoppable if you can manage it), and at least partial immunity to mental effects. You're so angry you won't listen to the puny voice in your head!

Edit: I removed the Penetrating and Autofire Blasts. They seem redundant with having a Toughness-lowering mechanic, and the player can always plop them back in there. It does leave the array a bit sparse, but then this build is really one that's heavier on static powers anyways.

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(Most likely reserved for an NPC I'm planning on.)

Yellow Ring

Color: Yellow

Emotion/Mind-state: Cunning, Sadism

Intended Role: Illusionist, Confuser of Enemies.

Summary: The Yellow Ring is a weapon that clearly shows the intentional group focus of these artifacts; while only average on its own, paired with one or more other ring-users, it becomes truly deadly. Illusions to distract, Confusion and Fear to disorient, and Blast to help finish them off. Teleportation means he stays mobile and unpredictable.

Powerset: When "x" is used, it denotes a number that can be adjusted by the player, to best fit it to the individual character (especially their PL)

Device x ('Power Ring', xdp, Hard to Lose; Descriptors: Magic, Holy/Unholy PFs: Restricted 2 [Only You]) [xPP]

"The Light of the Mind"; Custom Array x (x points; Descriptors: Light PFs: Alternate Power xx) [x+x=x pp]

BP: Illusion x (All Senses; PFs: Progression 2/25-ft. radius; Flaw: Phantasms) {x/x}

AP: Blast x {x/x}

AP: Confuse x (Extras: Area [shapeable]) {x/x}

AP: Drain Fearless Feat 1 (Extras: Alt Save/Will, 25-ft. Burst Area, No Save, Range 2/Perception; PFs: Progression 2/25-ft. increment, Slow Fade/returns after 1 minute)

AP: Emotion Control x (Extras: Area [burst]; Flaws: One Emotion (Fear)) {x/x}

Enhanced Attack x [xpp]

Enhanced Feat 1 [Quick Change] [1 pp]

Immunity 9 (life support) [9 pp]

Protection x [x pp]

Super-Senses 5 (Darkvision; Acute Analytical Ranged Detect Person's Fear [mental]) [5 pp]

Teleport x (x ft./x feet) [x pp]

Notes: This one's interesting. He's meant to mess up opponents on the battlefield, but he's not the best at fighting alone. He's going to be physically less resilient than most of the other ring-users; on the flip side, he has to fight smart. Luckily, his powers let him do that pretty easily. Also, he needs to try staying mobile when possible; Teleport's handy like that.

This guy steals a fair bit from Blozan; adding Drain Wisdom to his Array is possible, but not necessarily the best choice. However, the Drain Fearless is kind of integral to a character who operates off of fear.

Fearsome Presence has potential, but does kind of overlap with some of the other abilities.

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You thought I'd forgotten about this? Haha, you were wrong! :D


Indigo Ring

Color: Indigo

Emotion/Mind-state: Compassion, Tyranny

Intended Role: Mind-Spy, Mental Combatant.

Summary: The Ring of the Mind-Spy was created as yet another "support" ring; while it has some potent ability to attack, either directly or indirectly, its greatest strength is in its ability to gather and disseminate information. Its wielder can read minds, or simply extend their senses to cover huge areas. And then, in a short amount of time, they can turn around and send that information to their comrades.

Add to it their ability to strike at an opponent's mind directly, and they're formidable indeed. Whether the ring-user attacks their mind and will directly, fires a concentrated bolt of mind-stuff, takes control of their mind, or simply overwhelms them with fear, despair, or even love, they are a foe not to be underestimated.

Though they work best in a group, an experienced user of this ring could set themselves up as a ruler, due to the depth of their mental powers. Such would be the slippery slope they may face if they adopt an "ends justify the means" attitude with their abilities.

Powerset: When "x" is used, it denotes a number that can be adjusted by the player, to best fit it to the individual character (especially their PL)

Device x ('Power Ring', xdp, Hard to Lose; Descriptors: Magic, Holy/Unholy PFs: Restricted 2 [Only You]) [xPP]

Mental Powers; Custom Array x (x points; Descriptors: Mental/Psychic PFs: Alternate Power xx) [x+x=x pp]

BP: Blast x (Extra: Alternate Save (Will), Mental) (Mental Bolts) [x/xPP]

BP: Blast x (Mental/Psychic) (Psionic Bolts) [x/xPP]

AP: Mind Reading x (Area, Mental, Selective) [x/xPP]

AP: Mind Control x (Extras: Conscious, Instant Command, Flaws: Action [Full], Feats: Mental Link, Subtle) [x/xPP]

AP: Emotion Control x (Extra: Area, Mental, Selective; PF: Subtle) [x/xPP]

AP: ESP x (Visual + Auditory Senses, *insert distance*, Extras: Action [Free], Duration [sustained], No Conduit, Feats: Fast Task [search] 4 [Full Action to search *insert distance* area], Subtle [DC2x Notice]) (Farseeing) [x/xPP]

AP: Communication 6 (Mental, 20 miles, Extras: Linked [Comprehend, Mind Reading], Feats: Subtle) [8PP] + Comprehend 1 (Languages 1 [speak Any Language], Extras: Linked [Communication, Mind Reading]) [2PP] + Mind Reading 1 (Extras: Action 2 [Free], Effortless, Linked [Communication, Comprehend], Flaws: Duration [instant/Lasting], Limited [surface Thoughts]) [2PP] (Psionic Link) [11PP]

Enhanced Attack x [xpp]

Enhanced Feat 1 [Quick Change] [1 pp]

Immunity 9 (life support) [9 pp]

Protection x [x pp]

Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision; ) [2 pp]

Flight x (xMPH / xft per Move Action) [x pp]

Notes: Honestly, the mental array here pilfers a lot from Psyche and Scarab. Since this design is intended as a "framework", rather than a hard and fast sheet, I'm not too worried over that. Feel free to add or drop powers, power feats, etc.

Beyond that, higher-level versions of people who use this should look into social skills, and possibly boosts in the ring (either via Cha, or straight skill boosts). This person has a handle on people skills due to mind reading and thoughtful approach.

The non-will-save blast is standard because it would suck to be useless against mind-immune enemies, and this isn't someone for fisticuffs. So I'd fluff it as something almost like a "TK Blast". But no TK for this build; it's focused on the mind itself, not the world around it.

The idea for a villain-build version of this is that compassion could run to tyranny. After all, you want to help all those people, and how better to do that than running everything for them? Perhaps a powerful enough version could have two arrays, one of them with a wide-area Mind Control the ring-user could keep almost constantly active. All are equal in the Indigo land...

On the other hand, a hero with this is a shaper of fights, working to impede enemies so the more martial-focused characters can take opponents down in smaller numbers. Yellow and Indigo together would be pretty potent, leaving you with the ability to manage groups much larger than your own (between powerful illusions and powerful mind control). So be careful.

As always, feel free to generally tweak and adjust the array and other powers. The big things are 1.)No TK/Create Object, 2.)No Teleport, 3.)Majority of "active" powers focused on mental effects in some way or another.

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