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Faith and Liberty (OOC)

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Right, I've got a name and overall costume now. Time for me to use Well-Informed!

Obviously, Gather Info is my check, but I'll be targeting the Knowledge: Streetwise chart, to represent Gabriel hearing rumors on the streets and so on.

Gather Information: 13+20=33.

Looks like I know all of the below:

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC: 10 The Southside and Fens have a new protector. The Patriotically themed Partisan has targeted many Gangs in the area.

DC: 15 When the Partisan catches minor criminals he gives them a choice to face arrest or a promise to go clean and help out their neighborhood.

DC: 20 Those who go back on their promise to go clean and legit aren't given a second chance, he takes them in usually in front of a crowd to shame them.

DC: 25 The Partisan seems to have some connection to the Southside Youth Center. Anyone who tries anything around there gets taken down hard.

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