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On the Flipside (IC)

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I'm starting to think I should invest in a shirt. Powerhouse thought to himself as he stood like a silent sentinel in the dark- yes, a silent sentinel wearing bright blue spandex, with blond hair, and sitting on the roof of a building in plain view, he was certainly a creature of the night-, on the roof of his apartment building, watching the cars go by. Why he hadn't left the Theatre District for a patrol tonight was a good question, even for him. But he sat, enjoying the cold breeze on his face and chest, and watching the people as they went from theater to restaurant, or from restaurant to theater, just living their lives. It always amazed him, in a way, that they could be so calm even when, just about every day, some new crazy with a mask and an inferiority complex tried to steal their life's savings. 'of course,' he mused 'that peace probably comes as much from the people who dress up in Spandex and stop those people.'

He was snapped out of his thoughts, however, when a screeching sound drew his look downwards. A black truck- a nice coat of paint, but dented and worn- tore through the streets, it's brake lights flashing as it turned sideways, then over on it's side. The truck skidded, passenger side down, for a few feet, then hit a small red car. By a Miracle, it didn't just roll over on top of the red car, but instead was knocked to the side and onto four wheels, where upon it- somehow- drove off again, even faster. The Red car was in far worse shape, as hitting the truck caused it to come to a flat halt, and the Truck's wheel, landing on the car's front, tipped the car onto it's roof, and it skidded into a Light pole while civilians ran for cover.

Powerhouse sat dumbly on the building for a time, no longer then a minute, just pondering what he had seen. It was both a thing of beauty and unfathomable terror. He had just watched someone do stunts he had only seen in movies, and then abandon someone they had probably hurt. He thought back on what he should do, and came to the conclusion- based on his Yellow Forest Training- that he should chase the ones who did this. Then he had thought back on what Ms. Fleur said, and decided that didn't work right. So, his muscles contracting, he leaped off his apartment building and towards the ground, hitting it with a thud and an impact on the concrete- as always, little specks flew up- and went to the car, not really sure of what he should do, but knowing he should help somehow.

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Carrie didn't drink coffee, but she enjoyed sitting in coffee shops. It might of been because they were always made to be warm and comfortable, maybe it was nostalgia, or maybe because they wouldn't throw her out simply because she wasn't likely to buy anything. Didn't matter terribly as she looked at her sketch pad she pondered over her goal. She had gone through several logos already, but she wasn't sure how she'd outfit them, it'd have to be something adaptable to various color change but still identifiable. She wanted to include elements of the character in the logo as well, but not something that looked to evil for her to add. So many decisions, so much work, and she was doing this all for free. She chewed absently on the end of her paper then let out a sigh as she closed her notebook. It was getting late anyway, and she had other concerns.

Shuffling to find a place in her purse she was nearly to the door when she saw it happen. Not a hundred feet from her did she see some black truck flip a small red car then just speed along the way. It was loud as heck and just about everyone in the store front was moving out to see.

Well f%&k,

Walking past the crowd and to the now empty bathroom she occupied the stall for a few minutes while she pulled on her costume. She contiplated several hiding places for her purse before deciding to open up a small door under the sink and shove it under there. Hopefully she'd be able to grab it later.

Garbed in black, Silhouette snuck against the walls quiet as a shadow as she moved through the store front past the people and finally outside. She made her way through the crowds mostly unnoticed for a couple of reasons, mainly because there was already someone else on the scene who had the street dwellers full attention. Blonde hair, blue eyed and in spandex stood someone who made one heck of entrance more or less falling from the sky. She didn't recognize him but that was less then important as she ran past and moved towards the car, glancing into the window she could already see blood on the interior on the drivers side as well as a paniked face on the passengers side. Her eyebrows were up as she glanced at the still standing topless guy and said,

"Hey falling man, what's your gimik?"

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Powerhouse was still contemplating how to go best about helping the people inside the car when the black-suited person appeared behind him, knocking him out of his thoughts. He spent some distinct time looking at the woman, trying to memorize her look- no insignia made it odd, he'd never seen a Hero without an insignia-, but he turned away after a second, and his face was masked in contemplation for a few minutes as he thought about both the question and the problem in his usual way of planning it all out, then, he grabbed the driver's door with his left hand, the thick metal collar on his wrist shining like part of the car itself."I'm Powerhouse, because I'm a Powerhouse. As for gimmick, my gimmick is...uhhhh..." He shrugged, deciding to show instead of tell, and, with a pull that was a bit too heavy, the door pulled off the hinges and into the man's hand. He stumbled a bit as he put too much force on it, the handle bending under his hand."I can do that. That's a gimmick, right? I don't really have anything else I can do." he said, dropping the door next to him on the ground and bending over to look inside. "Uh...I don't know what to do now. I mean, I know I should help, but the books say don't move them or something, but I also know I should probably get them out before something happens to the car...so which one is it?" He said, in genuine confusion, looking into the car, then back to the woman. It wasn't a Childish confusion, like someone who didn't know how own strength, but it was the confusion of someone who wasn't necessarily trained to deal in situations like this, or was thinking in two different ways of how to help, and they didn't coincide."Do you have a Gimmick? Maybe?" He asked, somehow calm despite the car in front of him, with the the look and actions of someone not too concerned about a situation would have, because they knew they could handle it.

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Taking a step back as Powerhouse grabbed the door and pulled it off it's hinges, while a little awkward he rather effectively opened up a path for her to get in there. Though a bit confused it was certianly useful as she moved towards the driver side,

"I'm Silhouette, and my gimmick,"

She held up her two fingers that were flattened completely and pushed them together and appart like a pair of scissors and began to cut away the airbag,

"Is this. Anyway, I'll get this guy out, go tear off the door on the passenger's side."

Making fast work of the air bag she tore it out of her way, she pushed herself onto her back and under the driver so she could get access to the seat belt. With a quick snip against the fabric with her fingers the driver fell loose onto of her his nose and face bloody probably from the impact of the airbag that had knocked him into unconciousness. However, he was still breathing and she managed to cut loose the bottom strap of the belt and pull his form out of the wreckage.

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The man nodded as the woman told him what to do- just like old times, and it was more comfortable then thinking, usually- and was obviously impressed with the woman when she contorted her body into scissors. "That's awesome." he said, as he stepped around the car, carefully not touching it, and placed his hand on the other door of the car. He knew how much force to use this time, though, and with a wrenching sound, pulled the door free and placed it on the ground, just as Silhouette asked. "Is he okay?" the blond man asked, bending down to look inside the passenger side former door turned hole. "Is there something else I can do?" he questioned earnestly, sounding concerned.

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She glanced through the car and over at the passenger who was both concious and a bit confused about the manner of the man who had removed her side door. Sil let out a sigh,

"He'll live, you mind helping the lady you're looking over out of her seat, gently."

She emphasized the last word as she started to look over the man more thoroughly, he had whiplash from the seat belt jerking, and other bruising from the impact. From the looks of his face he was going to have a hell of a headache when he comes too but otherwise he didn't need much immediate attention. Turning back from him she moved back into the car and started to search the backseat for other passengers or maybe valuables stored back there the car owners might want.

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Nodding, the man grabbed the seat-belt- he wasn't *that* stupid, after all- and snapped it between his clenched fists slowly. Taking the woman under her back and legs, he- with some difficulty- managed to twist in such a way that he pulled her out without scraping against the car. The movements were odd for the big man, but he did them admirably, placing the woman on the other side of the car, near the man, and looking at them. Similar to the man, there were few major injuries, but she would be in pain for a while. "This is really lucky, Silhouette, they aren't dead, though they might be a bit hurt, but still!" he exclaimed, sounding glad his hesitation hadn't cost a life, while inside his head the gears turned slowly, but effectively, that he shouldn't wait again.

(In GM Mode:)In the back, under the seat, Sil would find a silver suitcase locked with a padlock- someone did not want what was in this briefcase looked at- and a purse. A quick glance through the purse would reveal that the woman on the Driver's license was not the woman that Powerhouse had pulled from the wreck.

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Grabbing the purse and the breif case she started to slide out of the car and with a side glance noticed that there were no keys in the ignition. She let out a breath as she pulled out and stretched after the awkward positioning crawling in an upside down car did to her back and slid the purse on her elbow with the brief case on her hand. She took a few seconds to look at both of them noting a lincense as well as a registration for the car. The registration matched the car as well as the liscinse. Looking at Powerhouse who sounded amazingly like Vance might of during the situation she half smiled at the similarity, looking however at the woman then back at the lincinse she smiled at the difference. Kneeling down next to the woman she said in a calm voice,

"It is good to hear that you are not to seriously injured, but I have a quick question. Who is it that owns this car?"

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The woman looked at Silhouette and sighed, turning to look at the man for a second before speaking again, her voice coming out tired- the way someone who was just in a car-crash would sound- and somewhat scratchy, it was obvious she was, hurt, not fatally, but enough that she was very uncomfortable being awake. "Alright alright, It ain't our car. It belongs to some lady in a fancy dress, we stole it from her at a restaurant a few blocks from here when her and her husband got in a different car. We didn't know this thing had Superhero GPS on it. Now that I think about it, that black truck was there too." she said, and after bothering to look at Silhouette's elbow and wrist, the woman seemed genuinely surprised at the items on it."Where'd you get those? I didn't seem them in the car." She sighed, again, and laid her head back on the pavement, and, after a few minutes of contemplating what to say, finally spoke again. "Don't take us to jail, that crazy friend of yours in the black truck already did enough damage for one night. To both of us." she muttered, turning to look at the wrecked car. "Can you just take us to the hospital or something?" she finished, finally falling quiet and just looking into the sky, looking a combination of depressed, upset, and worried, letting out one last sigh, because apparently this woman couldn't do anything without sighing.

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"I'm not taking you anywhere, that's the ambulences job. You have after all just been in a car accident."

She reached into the purse and fished out a pen on the bottom then reached into her one of her pockets and started to write the name on the ID onto it. She also took a second to ask and got a lincinse plate number of the van from one of the people who had been on the street. After she had finished with the pen she tossed it back into the purse and laid it on the ground by the car before walking over to Powerhouse, she was still looking at the paper,

"Hey, you got a phone, I need to call someone to see if I can't figure out where that van was headed."

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Powerhouse nodded, sparing a look down at the two before turning around and walking closer to her, bending down to meet her around face level, or where he thought it was, not that he could tell from the fact she seemed to be made of some type of ink, and the mask was not helping at all, and he spoke in a very quiet voice, like a wind through a forest- not necessarily a small wind, but a gentle one-."I have a phone in my bag...on the roof of this building. I do not think it would be wise for us to walk in the front door, however. I..prefer keeping myself hidden for...various reasons." He explained in a voice with tinges of worry and anxiety, though his face was mostly calm save for his glancing eyes. "Plus, my bag is actually way up there." He pointed into the sky, roughly where he had dropped from. "My suit doesn't have pockets. Spandex is horrible for keeping stuff, you get odd bulges." He explained, with a smile, and though he did not laugh, it was obvious he found it rather amusing to consider, then he crouched down and prepared to jump, his muscles bunching under his skin as he jumped into the air, only to come to a complete stop a few inches off the ground- in mid leap- for a few seconds, then fall back to it with a light thud, as if gravity had caught up to him and stopped him. "I forgot to ask, can you get up to the roof? If not, I can take you." He said, looking at the woman. The Cell he kept in his bag should be safe enough, it's not like it shouted his name out when he opened it.

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She shrugged,

"Beats taking the stairs."

She stood next to him for a second then looked him over then let him grab her and just leap up the side of a building in a single bound. It might of been weirder if this hadn't happened to her before by someone younger and infinitely more awkward. When they got to the top Sil took a quick glance at the view while she waited on the phone,

"Bit curious, what's the theme you were going with that outfit? I don't think I've ever seen a hero in actual spandex before, they stick more to this unstable molecule stuff that's supposedly durable as heck. Also aren't you cold going topless like that?"

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Landing on the roof with a light thud and letting the woman go, Powerhouse walked over to the brown door from the roof, and to the left. The third panel down from it, he stopped, reached down, and pulled it up. Reaching into the new crevice, he pulled out a worn brown backpack, and unzipped it. From it's depths, he pulled out a dull blue cellphone with a clinking pair of medals and a pen strap. Flipping it open, he checked his messages and saw none, meaning no one would send him something, hopefully, then closed it and walked back to the girl, presenting it in his left hand. "Its...For my past. The Centurion wore blue, right? So It's only fair if I honor someone like that by wearing blue too." he explained slowly, with measured words, as if he was honestly confused about the question itself, not that he was figuring the new person stupid. "I can't take off the collars, but it's not right to hide them, So I just put on Spandex. I don't know about any 'Unstable Molecules' though, I just figure spandex is easiest." He said, slowly, as he considered the question about the cold. It was one he didn't really think about often, as so many people do when something just comes naturally to them, so he had to really ponder it "I...don't really feel cold in that way. I know it's cold...but it's not cold to me. I could survive in a blizzard so long as I had food and water, dressed like this. I could do the same in a desert too. It's just something that comes natural, I can't really explain it." He finished, scratching his head and smiling, as if he couldn't really explain it."What about you? What is your theme? Aren't you cold? I mean, your uniform is more covering then mine, but it's still you know, not like winter clothing." He explained, opening the bag again, rummaging through it before shrugging- he had forgotten his book tonight, which meant no drawings- and dropping it to the ground, while he stood around looking up at the sky.

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Looking at the collars for a second and listening to the explaination about the outfit she took the phone absently and started to press the buttons,

"I know someone who could probably get those off for you. My outfit theme is well nondiscript, sort of like a shadow, anyway I'm not cold because it's leather, though it's a bit worn down it's plenty warm enough."

She spent a few minutes on the phone talking to someone she didn't name, walking back she pressed the phone into her side,

"You up to do some van chasing, nondescript black vans tend to disappear before cops can usually catch them?"

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At the mention of removing the collars, Powerhouse's hand shot up to his throat, grasping the cold steel reflexively and shielding it from the other Hero's eyes. "No, it's fine. I...I don't want them removed until I can be the one to remove them." he said, for the first time appearing both worried, and flustered at the same time, though his voice was certain. When she talked about Van Chasing, he nodded, happy to get to deal with the people who had done this. "Yeah, I'd be glad to help." He said, looking down the area the van went off- though it was hard to tell if it followed that line, he had definitely left that way- and nodding. 'It would be bad if someone like that got away, not good at all' He thought to himself as he tossed his bag back into his crevice and shut it, smiling widely."So where to?"

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She took a few seconds to press her ear against the phone then hung up before tossing it back to him.

"A junk yard maybe fifteen miles away. I don't have a car, so you'll probably be carrying me again."

That last words made her reflect on the fact that she was willing to let someone she had just met carry her over a very high and long distance. This might of concerned her more if this wasn't one of the more normal forms of transportation she has taken since donning a mask.

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Catching the phone in his grasp with a clenched fist, he slipped it open and typed a few numbers. It was obviously 9-1-1, even though someone had probably called on the road below, the Blue-eyed hero still put the phone to his ear and spoke into it. Giving the information about the accident, he swiftly shut the phone, then stomped his foot on the roof. The stomp kicked open the hatch and he threw the phone into it- training was so useful- as the masked woman spoke about the junkyard. "Sorry, I just wanted to call the Police myself. I'm a little selfish like that. That's a little over three jumps for me. We'll be there in a few minutes." he said, scratching his head. "I don't mind carrying you, you don't weigh near as much as I could lift, you know? But we should hurry before they get away, it wouldn't be right for them to get away with a Hit and Run accident." He said, happily ignorant about anything else, but knowing that it was the right thing to do, so he offered his hand politely as he bent down. "All aboard, and hang on tight." he said with a grin at his own joke.

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Watching as he called the cops she sort of smiled as she waited then came over to start the trip especially about the hang on tight part,

"Well that's a give."

She kept a good grip on his shoulder as they went off and as promise maybe three leaps and they were almost there. When they landed she opted to take a block between them and the actual location to be a bit less conspicious since it might serve to find out why they were cut off in the first place. Approaching the junk yard they just caught sight of the truck as it was being moved deeper into the yard.

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Powerhouse loved the exhilaration of jumping through the air- it was the most fun he ever had, all the time, and he felt bad for people who didn't get to do it-, but to have a person on his back was strange. It wasn't bad, in fact, it felt kind of nice to have someone hanging onto him, it made him feel important. After letting her down, he walked as calmly as possible with her to the yard, and As the two reached the Junkyard and watched the car, he looked at her, then explained. "So, uh, in this situation, I'd usually just go in there and beat them up, but I don't know if that's what you'd prefer...I mean, I can go in and start throwing Cars and TVs, but it seems horribly unsubtle, and I think against the law." He said slowly, mulling over each word as they came out.

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"Yes, murder is both unsubtle and illegal, given you could probably plee manslaughter."

She looked at the man as he started to pay off the yard owner,

"I'll get a bit closer, I'm rather sneaky that way. You can look around for whatever car he's taking out of here and wreck it. Tearing off the tires should do. After that just wait for him to come around and cut him off when he realizes he's screwed."

Turning flat pressed against the walls mimiking a shadow as she so often did as she crept closer and tried to listen into the hit and runner and the yard owner.

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Powerhouse nodded as the woman explained his idea was bad- though it wasn't that he was going to kill them, his idea had been throw things until they gave up, though the advice was good anyway- and headed in the other direction, being as sneaky as a man like him could be- which meant the only sneaking he was doing was avoiding walking through a car-, looking for the car, but not knowing who, or what, he was looking for, meant he basically wandered around for a long time, looking for someone who wasn't Sil, and hoping there was a car near them that he could wreck. It was in this way that he wandered his way back to the entrance of the yard and saw a man. Assuming it was the right car, but not wanting to draw attention to what was going on, he exited the junk yard and instead positioned himself outside the gates, for when they drove out, he'd be there to 'catch' them. At his new position, he squatted down, and waited.

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Sneaking closer, Silhouette is utterly silent and the men don't seem to notice anything wrong. One wore a three piece suit and hat, and smoked a cigarette. This man was not the fat, chunky, look of someone who lived too nice, he was bulky, muscled, and stood with his arms behind his back and his feet shoulder width apart, standing a head above the other. He looked almost like a professional athlete, while the other- obviously the Junkyard man, possibly owner- wore old yellow overalls undone on the left shoulder and was chewing something.

"I want the car destroyed, not a bit of it left." the man in the suit said, counting out the money. "Just like last time. I can't have the 'accident' tonight put on my head, goodness knows the fact the briefcase was stolen is bad enough." The man in the overalls nodded.

"I always do just like you ask Sir, crush it up, then burn it, then a dip in acid." the man said with a slight Jersey accent, his mouth missing a handful of teeth. "No one will ever know the car existed, much less that you drove it." He said, as he turned back to his little shack and radioed in for a crusher to be brought over. The two's conversation drifted away to less important matters, such as their children or other topics, blissfully unaware of Silhouette

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She thought back to the scene, she did pull one out. Did she leave down, she didn't think she did maybe it was still on her arm. It wasn't now, which meant it was most likely still on the roof. Well no one was going to get it there, plus she had to go back to grab her purse anyway. This would require more investigation later, now though, she would save the truck because the truck was evidence. As soon as the guy was out of ear shoot she stalked up from behind the junkyard owner and stuck out her two dimensional foot into his path.

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As the man in the Yellow was coutning his money, he didn't even seem to notice that he was in a junkyard, and the 2D girl's foot caused him to trip and lose his balance, sending him tumbling to the ground and his money flying into the air. His first instinct was to collect it, and he grabbed several of the bills before realizing that he should probably check what caused him to trip, and turned around. His face went pale, and he held up his arms between him and Silhouette, blubbering almost incoherently between apologies.

"Don't hurt me, Don't hurt me! Please please! I don't know what you want, but I didn't do it, I swear!"

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That was a refreshing reaction, kneeling down she got to his eye level,

"It's not what you did, it's about what your not going to do."

Turning around she started to gather the money involve,

"That truck you were going to crush up, burn and dip in acid was involved in a hit and run, and that's a nice piece of evidence there. Now, why don't you get out your phone and call the police over so they may collect it? I'm sure if you keep your nose clean there won't be any charges."

Taking the money she turned it quietly and in a neat stack and started to thumb through it.

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