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Get The Wrecking-Ball Rolling (OOC)

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Clad is going full All-Out Attack and +3 to Power Attack. So Def drops to +2, Att is +9, and Dam on the Blast is +12. Speaking of which, attack roll!


:cry: I'm definitely using a HP to reroll that.



Gaaaaaaaah. Still, Toughness DC 27 if it hits.

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Initiative Check (1d20+22=36)

Free Action: Allocate Super-Speed Power Reserve to Speed 10/ Quickness 10

Move Action: Run as many civilians out of the area as possible; can cover a total of a little less than 20 miles, as I still need a token amount of movement.

Standard Action: Punch in the face. Attack Roll w/ Autofire Speed Punch, Power Attack 5, DC 28 + Autofire 1:1, max +4 (1d20+13=16) Or at least try too.

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Toughness Roll, DC 27: 1d20+12=15

GM Fiat! +1 HP to Ironclad!

Toughness Reroll, DC 27: 1d20+12=26

Failed by 1. Wrecking-Ball is Bruised!

Wreck Initiative: 1d20+0= 6 I'm going to assume that Ironclad rolled a 10 on initiative, but I'd like a roll for next round.

Standard Action: Wreck's Blast 13, at Ironclad: 1d20+7=13

Toughness DC 28, with Knockback 5!

Move Action: Reload Blast.

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Actually, you just give a HP to whoever's roll you're Faiting for. So Dynamo doesn't get a HP for the reroll on the Toughness because his attack didn't provoke a save.

In addition, neither Dynamo nor IronClad attacked from surprise, in fact they announced their presence before attacking, so Wrecking Ball wouldn't have been flat footed. Unless there's some other flaw at work here that I'm unaware of.

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Clad's Toughness


Well, I knew I was gonna burn a HP on that, anyway.

HP re-roll.


So, total of 24. Clad's just Bruised!

.. Not sure how to work the Knockback. Geez, some help?

And Ini.



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Free Action: Switch Weapon Array to Disruptor Field.

Move Action: Land next to Wrecking Ball.

Standard Action: Attack.

Clad's Attack.


Hahaha! Auto-hit and crit! Nice first Strike with the new power! DC 29 Toughness from the Strike, and DC 29 Fortitude for Drain Toughness.

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Toughness Save DC 29 1d20+11=30

Made it!

Fortitude Save DC 29 1d20+7=17

Failed! With half-immunity to Fortitude, Toughness decreased by 4!

Standard Action: Grapple attempt vs Ironclad, using full All-Out Attack!

Attack roll! 1d20+11=26!


Grapple check, opposed roll! 1d20+26=39

Grapple check, Ironclad. Roll to beat is 39!

Failed by more than five! Ironclad is bound!

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36 Dynamo

17 Ironclad (Bruised [-1], Bound)

6 Wrecking-Ball (Bruised [-1], Toughness Drained [-4], Grappling, All-Out Attack [+/-5])

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Alright. Gloves are coming off now.

Free Action: Allocate Full Points to Speed, now Rank 18

Free Action: Switch back to Vibro Punch.

Move: Close to melee range; really, really quickly

Standard: Vibro Punch Atk Roll, Power Attack 5, DC 28 + Autofire (1:1, +4) (1d20+13=26) So that'll be a DC 32 save if they have less than a 22 Defense (or +12).

Extra Effort to SURGE:

Standard: MOAR Vibro Punch Atk Roll, Power Attack 5, DC 28 + Autofire (1:1, +4) (1d20+13=14) BOO!

HP to reroll MOAR Vibro Punch Atk Roll, Power Attack 5, DC 28 + Autofire (1:1, +4), HP reroll (1d20+13=29) better.

So that's 2 DC 32 Toughness saves for Mr. Wrecking Ball.

EDIT: Also, totally doing knockback, because no matter how far he flies, with max speed, Dynamo can catch back up to him and be there to pummel him.

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Clad is taking 20 on a Notice check, which she can as a Free Action. Result of 27.

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Going over the area, taking 10 to do so. By the rules in the book (pg 53) it should take 1 hour to Search an area 100 ft in radius. If the cops want to help, they can use Aid Another to boost Clad's ability. If her mental Quickness comes into play, the elapsed time is 36 minutes instead of an hour.

Search check of 15 to find clues.

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Searching the city takes 1 day, which at rank 18 Quickness drops to 0.0864 seconds and taking a 20 on that takes 1.728 seconds, which can be performed in a round.

Dynamo will case the city looking for clues, taking a 20 on Search and Notice checks, for a 23 and 37 respectively.

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