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Dog Fight (OOC)

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Gabriel isn't winged. ;)

However, his long coat could give the impression of wings, if you want to play off of that. Especially since it's bright white.

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Well, at least everyone was consistently lousy on those init rolls. Now we'll begin!

Geckoman (2 HP)

Power Corps

Gabriel (1 HP)

Miss A (5 HP) (That's a lotta Luck!)

Victory (2 HP)

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OK, it's time for some Gecko fu!

Using Skill Mastery on Pilot, I can get 30, so:

Standard action: Using the One Hand on the Wheel challenge alongside evasive maneuvers to give the Pitchoo defence 23 (30 - 5 for one hand on wheel, -2 for size). This makes it Defence +13, Toughness +12. Hurrah.

Now, One Hand on the Wheel lets me also take a normal Standard Action. As I'm still not exceeding PL13, I think that's A-OK :lol: I'll take a shot at #4, who you told me was a minion.

Extra Standard Action: Take 10 with the Pitchoo's cannons. Defaults to 20 to hit, DC 25 to save.

Move Action: Fly upwards a good 500'!

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That's quite a bit you got there. They're all still flat-footed (in the sky...take that as you will), so 20 is enough to hit. Alright, rolling Toughness for 4:

Toughness Save (1d20+11=18)

And being a Minion, he's blasted out of the sky! One down, 7 to go. And now time for their moves....

Number 1: Charges the Pitchoo. He rolls like crap and whiffs. Charge (1d20+13=19)

Number 2 and 5: Both Charge+Power Attack Miss A to do a Combined Attack at +8 to-hit. Number 2 gets real lucky and crits Number 2 PA+Charge (1d20+8=28) While Number 5 barely gets it due to Miss A being flat-footed. Number 5 Charge + PA (1d20+8=14). So that's a +2. And with the +5 for the crit, that's a +16 Damage, so Miss A's got a DC 31 Toughness check to make.

Number 3 and 6 try the same trick on Victory, with Charge + PA Combined: Number 3 rolls like poopy against the flat-footed-but-Uncanny-Dodge-having Victory Number 3 Charge + PA (1d20+8=12). And 6 doesn't do any better. Number 6 Charge+PA (1d20+8=11)

7 and 8 (both minions) also do the same maneuver to Gabriel, who is still flat-footed: 7 continues the crappy rolling from 3 and 6: Number 7 Charge + Power Attack (1d20+8=12) , and Number 8 does even worse than any of his comrades: Number 8 Charge + Power Attack (1d20+8=9)

Alright, so Miss A's the only one to get hit. Roll DC 31 toughness and then the baddies will post IC.

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Move Action: Put space between Gabriel and the Power Corps guys.

Standard Action: Blast attack. Take 10 against...8.

20 to Hit.

DC 26 Toughness.

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Miss A is going to blast Number 2 with her lasers! Pew-pew!

She rolls a 21!

DC 27 toughness save!

In fact, that went so well, she's going to spend an HP and take out 5 as well.

Taking ten actually gives her a better result than rolling did, a 22.

DC 27 toughness save!

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Victory's gonna switch his attay to Flight 5/Strike 9, and All-Out Attack Number 6, putting his Attack at +11, and bringing his Defense down to 6, and he's gonna take 10 to hit him. That's a DC 31 Toughness for him.

Toughness save for Number 6 (1d20+11=25)

He rolls okay for them so far, but it's still not enough, and he goes down, as well. They were close together from their attack, so Victory can Takedown Attack to Number 3 with the same stats (+11 Attack, +16 Toughness, with 5 less Defense

All-Out Attack (1d20+11=18)

Darn my luck today! Well he's gonna burn an HP to Improve Roll

Improve Roll (1d20+11=28)

Well that's more like it! DC 31 save for Number 3:

Number 3 Toughness save (1d20+11=14)

And that's a KO! They each have a Knockback result of 13, so they go flying off roughly 2 miles each.

And here's where we stand at the end of this turn:

Geckoman (2HP)

Number 1 and 8: Fresh

Number 2: staggered and knocked away 100 ft

All others KO'd (Number 5 knocked away 100 feet, 3 and 6 smashed 10,000 feet away!)

Gabriel (1HP)

Miss A (4HP)

Victory (1HP)

Nasty, nasty, nasty. Geckoman's turn.

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Unfortunately, that's still not enough and Number 1 shows why he's the leader by being the only to get attacked but not hit!

And he also shows he's smart enough to not continue an assault when it's 4-on-2(and a half, if you count the staggered Number 2)

As such, he and 8 are going to move straight towards the truck, and Number 1's gonna force his way inside it, while Number 8 guards the hole he made. Number 2, poor condition she's in, is stunned, and does a whole lot of nothing. She did happen to fall near the truck, though.

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Screw Number 2. I hate her now. She is the focus of all my rage for the idiotic rules of this system, and tonight that rage knows no bounds. She's lucky Miss A is too good for lethal damage, or she'd be a fine red mist.

Laser blast! 1d20+12=19 It hits, that's a DC 27 toughness save for her.

Spending an HP to surge, same attack.

Second laser blast! 1d20+12=20 It hits, that's another DC 27 toughness save.

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Alright, well, the first thing to do is get that hole unclogged. So Victory's going to take a move action to get to the hole (excusing himself as he goes in front of Gabriel, naturally), and he's gonna drag the body out and look in. And even though it's dark inside, his infravision sees Number 1 picking up a briefcase inside.

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