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Freedom Male Pinup Calendar


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Regarding This Picture Post.

So, I suggested that if people make this canon, it should probably be done with different threads otherwise there are fourteen or so PCs alone just in the calendar and I know a lot of them have characters attached that want to heckle... I mean SUPPORT their friends through this. So that y'all are not waiting on me to get every shot done, here's a brief description of what the crazed photographer is going to be putting you in:

January: Doctor Archeville - wearing: Slacks, his labcoat, no shirt, a 10-11 banner and a party hat, holding a beaker of martini mix in one hand the martini in the other.

February: Young Freedom - No shirts for the boys of YF although they get to keep most of the rest of their costumes (no trench coat for Trev), each with a heart from their powers (Steel bars, whatever edge wants to make and midnight mist)

March: Ace Danger - Pants, a leprichaun hat, a rainbow ribbon and a pot of gold. And a smile!

April: Avenger - Leather pants, masks, gloves, an umbrella. No shirt with a April showers backdrop

May: Dark Star - Not getting it at all. Floating, with flowers!

June: Colt - Low slung gun belt, pants and pulling his hat off and wiping his brow

July: Victory - As much of the armor pried off as I can manage to not draw. Keeping the V-boosters, mask and random pieces to keep Victory decent and from showing just how much is actual cybernetics.

August: Atlas - Itty bitty speedo and beach ball!

September: Kid Cthulhu - Bottoms of his costume, face mostly in shadows cuz... well. Its KC

October: Nick Cemetire - leather jacket, pants, no shirt, skull face. Sitting on a tombstone

November: Ouroborous - Leaning back against a desk in true romance novel hero stylings, the most dressed with his pants and poets shirt open tot he waist

December: Jack of All Blades - Boots, red thong, black gloves, mask, santa hat, holding a candy cane and a stocking. And making that work for him!

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