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Dr Archeville

Unbalanced: Phalanx/Psyche Oct 2010 Vignette

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October 31st, 2010. 7:00 PM

As on many a chill October evening over the years a particularly remote yet cozy overlook was clustered with assorted station wagons, SUVs and the occasional minivan with windows in varying states of steaming. Slightly removed from the bulk of the vehicles is a late model volvo wagon, within a familiar scene.

"Alex!" Mike scolded lightly though he didn't draw back, "Maybe we should head back?" He suggested nervously. "I mean before things get out of hand." his tone consolatory and clearly waring with himself on the subject.

"Oh, Mike..." Alex pulled back since he didn't and dropped back into her seat. "Why? I mean, we're not going to do 'it' in the station wagon. It's perfectly safe and I know you wanna. I mean, I can tell."

Alex didn't do this with the usual pointed glance downwards. Instead she meant she could read his passion fogged thoughts as easily as she could sense her own. She scooted towards him on the seat and cuddled against him. "We're already engaged and everything. I mean, it isn't wrong."

Mike did glance down though more from not wanting to meet her all too knowing gaze than to draw attention to the obvious. "I know Alex." he admitted and looped an arm around her. "I just don't want things to ..." he paused perking up slightly as he heard something.

"Did you hear that?" he asked cautiously, "It sounded like some kind of groaning." Mike blushed furiously as he realized the likely source.

"Uhm... nevermind." he said regretting his enhanced hearing for the moment.

"Uhm, no, you know I can't hear the same registers that you can. Do you want me to tell you what everyone around us is thinking, because I think you can guess... Oh, no. You probably wouldn't be able to guess." Alex said straightening up from his arms, the glow around her flaring as she focused, "They're scared. Someone's frightened outside the car."

Mike's eyes went wide for a moment and then took on the odd unfocused look of looking through the side of the cars.

"What the heck?" Mike murmured in shock as he caught sight of what was going on out there. He started fumbling the the fastenings on his pants which moments ago would have had entirely differing meaning but he rapidly accelerated and in the blink of an eye had adopted the blue and gold of his Phalanx persona.

"This had better not be some juvenile prank." He intoned as he poped the door open to step out.

Alex shrieked despite herself as a zombie lurched into the side of her door, mashing its rotten face up against the glass. "Some sort of construct made from human flesh and animated by forces unseen, so, yes. Zombie. It has no discernible brain waves. And... is really, very, very gross." She pushed her fingers against the glass as it gnashed its teeth against the glass.

"Honey, there's very little I can do to stop these things, except for brute force. Just, so you know. I hope they're not the infection kind. I mean, you're safe because there's no germ that we can think of that will affect you but my telekinetic bubble only stops so much. I really need to work on that."

Phalanx was already in motion and with far les grace than he would ever admit to Erin he wrenched the cratures head from its shoulders and hurtled the rotting mass away. "Uhm ... Yea," he said uncertainly peering into the darkness as others began to pop free of thier cars and run from the smattering of undead shambling into the lot. Looking into the darkness beyond Mike was unable to see much but there was motion enough to assure that this was but the beginning. He charged forward to tear one of the zombies from its intended target hutleing it far into the distance. "More are coming we have to get everyone out of here!"

Alex followed him, more slowly and carefully but with the same urgency fueling her movements. She stumbled a bit as she was ESPing out to see the range of the problem and couldn't see where she was stepping. Her fingers found her YF belt buckle and memory told her which buttons to press quickly. In a few seconds, she was dressed for work as well, floating up over the car.

"Okay, incoming is the map of the area. Brace yourself." Images battered Mike's psyche as fast as his brain could process them. "I'll build a safe area, you bring me the, uhm, living... Hey, Mike?"

Even prepared by her warning Mike stumbled slightly under the sudden influx of information. He steadied himself on the car he was next to as he reoriented with what she had given him.

"Good plan." he said with a nod needlessly. It was Alex; when did she not have a good plan. He floated just above the cars as he gazed out prepared to help those most in need. He glanced over his shoulder at Alex's questioning tone. "Uh yea?"

Alex smiled at him, her red hair floating around her face, lifted by the same power that carried her aloft. She flew to him and pressed a kiss against his warm cheek, 'Nothing, I just wanted to say, I love you. Happy Halloween, honey.'

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