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It Came From the Sewer!(OOC)


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On advice from refs, posting gators' stat block. Might work these up into full NPC's at some point, though you can feel free to comment on the uberness/crappyness of the gators

PL 9(130/135)

tradeoffs:-5 attack/+5 damage -5 defense/ +5 toughness




Con:24(+7 )





Attack:+0(+2 base, +2 Attack Focus(melee),-4 gargantuan)

Defense:+0(3 base, +1 Dodge focus, -4 Gargantuan), Flatfooted 0

Grapple:+25( +4 attack, +9 str, +12 Gargantuan)




Toughness:+14(+7 con, +7 innate Protection)

Fortitude:+15(+14 base, +1 con)

Reflex:+3(+3 base, +0 Dex

Will:+5(+3base, +2 will)


Concentration 14 (+15)

Intimidate 14 (+17)

Notice 8 (+10)

Feats: 5pp

Attack Focus(melee) 2

Dodge Focus 1

Improved Initiative



Dimensional Pocket 4+ Linked Corrosion 5(flaws, limited(target has to be helpless); Feats, Innate)[20pp]-STOMACH!

Protection 7(feats, innate)[8pp]-gator hide

Growth 12(extras, continuous; flaws, permanent; feats, innate)[36pp]-HUGENESS!

Strike 2(feats, mighty, innate)[7pp]-Om Nom Nom

Snare 8(extras, Engulfing(+0); feats, Innate, Obscures Senses(visual and auditory))[19pp]-GULP!!!


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Ok, Gator's turn:

Gator A:Stunned!

Gator B:Move Action, Move toward civilians!

Standard Action: Grapple with Engulfing Snare; Snares a child!!!!!!!!

Gator C:Startle Robin as a Move Action! Startle Roll (1d20+17=18) (note, i forgot -5 for doing it as a move action, so that's a result of 13)

Regardless of results, gator C attacks Robin! Attack Roll (1d20=13)

I'll need an opposed roll(intimidate or sense motive, whichever you prefer) from Robin, though I'm pretty sure the gator still misses either way...

Also, everyone gets a hero point for the complication of a gator chowing down on a little girl! Next round, she moves into the gator's stomach(noted as Dimensional Pocket on the stat block), where she has to survive the gator's stomach juices! Any result of stun on the gator automatically frees the girl at any point.

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Imma let you finish, but...

I hate to nitpick, but I have a few notes. Just know that I'm NOT trying to rules lawyer you, and I do feel bad about pointing out mistakes.

Round 1:

Breschau (1 HP)

Gator A

Gator B

Gator C

Valkyrie (1 HP)(not joining till round 2)

Robin (2 HP)

Victory (2 HP)

Valkyrie has Luck 3 as an Enhanced Feat. She should have 4HP at the start of the thread, and 5HP once you give out for the small child being in danger.

AAAAND Gator A's stunned staggered, and bruised! Looks like Breschau found the soft spot behind their eyes...(or, he just completely blew his toughness save!)

Failing by 14 gets him Stunned and Staggered, but no Bruise.

I'll need an opposed roll(intimidate or sense motive, whichever you prefer) from Robin, though I'm pretty sure the gator still misses either way...

A Will save may also oppose any Interaction skill, I believe.

Sorry once again for nit picking. They're just tiny things that I'm sure won't have much affect anyway (Except for the Luck), but I just thought I would point them out.

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*looks for a third time, notices luck as an enhanced feat*....whoops, though I can see the reasoning for it being an enhanced instead of regular feat! Sorry about that, and it's good to know about the bruise thing. I am wanting to do this right...

Note:HP corrected

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