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Meet the New Guy!

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So. Cobalt Templar has been approved, and I'd like to get him a bit of "action".

Specifically, I'm hoping to get several people willing to do a social thread at Claremont. Corbin (CT's civvie name) is a fresh transfer, so we could even make the thread his "first day".

"Starting late in the school year!" you say? No worries! The circumstances around why he's coming to Claremont mean that it's easily explained away.

At any rate, I don't want to levy restrictions on this beyond "other Claremont students, or maybe people who would reasonably be at Claremont on a Monday".

That said, I'd like him to meet and greet with people closer to his PL, at least partly. So while Young Freedom's heavy hitters are more than welcome, I'd especially like to see people like Kid Cthulu and Ironclad involved. Several PL7-9-ish people would be cool.

I'll post a thread after a bit, once I've got some feedback.

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