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Slick Vignette - Gruevasion 2010

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At the Fassbinder pharmaceutical research facitility, the army was preparing to dissiminate some blood testing kits. The latest weapon to stop the Grue invasion, they quickly analysed DNA and could (usually) weed out the Grue Drones, potentially even the more skilled alien metamorphs.


Efforts to fight back had been hampered by the infilitration by the Grue, disrupting command structures, co-ordination and organisation. When the armed forces and paramilitary agencies didn't know if they where talking to a trusted ally, or alien spy, things were slow at best, and dangerous at worst.


The kits were not 100% reliable, nor were they fast. But they were better than nothing.


Three soldiers were lifting the crates onto a forklift truck. They were being supervised by a stiff looking seargant.


The soliders bantered whilst they shifted the crates "Man, I hope we can fight these martians off. ", "I hope the Inceptors can pull us out of the fire this time!", "I come across one of 'dem Grue, I'm gonna Kick 'der ass!"


The seargant smiled "Soldiers! I am afraid we have no chance against the alien invaders. "


His smiled broadened as he brought his pistol to bear on them.


"No chance at all. They are superior to to you pathetic earthlings in every way. This planet..." his smiled changed along with his face into that of a Grue... "IS OURS!"


BAM BAM BAM! rang the shots, with horrible and deadly accuracy. And the war claimed three more brave lives.


Into the facility strode three identical soldiers. The Grue seargent, a Metamorph from the looks of things, started ordering the soldiers, who were presumably drones, to destroy the crates. They set to the task, starting to set incendiary devices throughout the storeroom.


The Seargent took one of the kits and sampled his own blood. The readings and data started to appear on the small LED screen. He took out his walkie talkie, and removed the front cover. It was Grue technology, and it appeared to interface with the testing kit. Valuable data streamed to and from the devices. It appeared the Grue wanted to know exactly what they were up against; and destroy it anyway, of course.


One of the Soldiers appeared by the Seargant's side. "The devices are all set, commander. " He intoned. "Is the blood testing kit functional? do we proceed with detonation?"


The Seargant cocked an eyebrow at the drone, unusually inquisitive, he throught, but probably just doing its job. "Yes we have the data. Proceed with detonation. I shall complete analaysis. "


The drone walked away as the Seargant proceeded to use the Grue device to work through the realms of data his own blood and the kit had provided. With this, they could develop a biological counter measure. Of course, the data would be dangerous if it ever got into the hands of the humans.


Two muffled cries wafted from behind a crate. Drawing his pistol, the Grue metamorph walked around to see two of the soldiers unconscious, and a Grue drone, in full alien form, standing over them.


"One of the soldiers was human! attacked us!" the third Grue intoned. "Fool!" shouted the Metamorph, bending over to examine the soldiers. What had happened, how had a human infilitrated the Grue? Impossible!


His thoughts came to a sudden end as a fist crashed into the back of his skull. Above him, the Grue form changed, with oily black secretions trickling down its body, into that of Felix F Fassbinder, the owner of Fassbinder pharmaceuticals. Who also happened to be the shapechanging superhero, Slick.


He took the Grue device and the linked blood testing kit from the slack hands of the seargent. "Neat trick, shapeshifting. You know, I think I'll try it myself!"


He couldn't resist a broad smile. "You get all sorts of useful information doing it, you know. Really disrupts the enemies plans. " He turned over the device, ripe with data, in his hands. Impossibly, his smile got even broader.

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