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Victory Vignette - Gruevasion 2010

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The Blue Gale

High above Freedom, the sight of the descending Grue invaders fills the sky. From their primary ship, hundreds, even thousands upon thousands of landing craft are descending to the city streets, the passengers inside ready, willing, and able to kill any and all humans they see. The waves upon waves of crafts break through the clouds, as the city’s heroes are already busy fighting the advance forces on the ground.

As one squadron drops down through the atmosphere, their formation is rocked by a sudden jolt. One of the ships had exploded! Quickly, the crews inside each of the squadron’s ships begin to try and analyze what could have happened. There was no sign of a shot fired, and any bogey surely would have been seen coming. Just as the commander is about to chalk it up to an odd equipment failure, another explosion shakes the formation! And another! One by one, each landing ship begins to explode! And one of the crew members finally seems to pick up on something.

“Something just flashed through landing boat #337! It was too fast to make out the shape, but there was definitely something there!†Beginning to panic at the rapid loss of ships, the crew commander begins to bark out orders to the pilots. “Evasive action! Now! Whatever that thing is, don’t let it touch us!â€

Or at least, that was what he was trying to say. In the middle of his order, a huge crash is heard, and a streak of blue-and-silver light speeds its way through the bridge of the landing ship, so quickly that the captain barely had time to see it before he found himself rushed out of the ship, and looked down, the distant city below him.

When he tries to look up, he finds himself face to face with a human face covered in a silverfish metal helmet, the blue visor over his eyes reflecting the Grue’s stunned reflection. “Can I see your passport?†The disoriented invader simply lets out a little “buh..?†sound in answer. The mouth of the human, the only part visible beneath the helmet, smirks. “Didn’t think so.†And with a blow so quick to be almost considered instant, the Grue captain is rocketed back into his seat, just as the ship goes up in a great explosion.

Taking a moment to hover and admire his handiwork, with the crafts in this particular landing squadron dealt with, the metal soldier puts his hand to his ear, picking up a message “Good work, agent. Now move on to bogey squadron 6†With a grin, he responds. “Roger.†And he bolts, out of sight once more, leaving behind only a streak of light as a glowing V: The Sign of Victory.

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