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Mad Max (OOC)

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You know, if she isn't wearing her visor she get's a hero point.

Let's see, she has one for luck already. But yeah, Gather Info check with Well Informed feat, And fail, 6

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Pocket Dimension + Quick Change -> Henshin as a free action.

Using Online Research and Datalink to look up Silhouette:

Gather Information check on Silhouette (Online Research; substituting Computers for G.I.) (1d20 + 15=22)

Horray! Normal time is an hour, but it's a mental task; Mental Quickness (x100) drops 60 minutes (3600 seconds) to 36 seconds. So much hax...but only if she happens to be near enough to a computer to pull it off, alas. Home field advantage, woo.

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Five guys, all of which have ingested Zombie powder, the guy on the couch is already in a coma. Anyway, stealth check 18 If none of them notice her, then she'll walk out and just grab Dragonfly with the all clear.

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Dragonfly rounds the corner and starts a surprise round! Roll initiative, though, 'cos we'll need it on the next.

Standard action to Blast the nearest thug.

Attack Roll vs. Thug 1 (1d20 + 7=14)

That's a hit. He's a minion and actually incapable of making that toughness save, so he's immediately knocked out. Horray!

And because we're gonna need it soon (though probably not for very long):

Initiative Roll (1d20 + 6=24)

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Round One Status:

24 Dragonfly 3HP

23 Silhouette 1HP

- Thug 1 (Unconscious)

- Thug 2 (Unconscious)

- Thug 3 (Coma)

- Thug 4 (Coma)

12 Thug Leader

Dragonfly intimidates:

Intimidate vs. Thug Leader (1d20 + 1=18)

No intimidation bonus for taking down his friends because a 5'4" blonde girl isn't awfully scary at first impression, even if she just KO'd your buddy.

Thug Leader (basically the Gang Leader archetype from the core book, with a shotgun):

Thug Leader's Will Save vs. Dragonfly's Intimidate (Zombie Powder bonus) (1d20 + 2 + 5=21)

Curses. Zombie powder saved him.

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None of those can make it through her defense. Revenge time!

May as well use one of those 3 HP. Burning a hero point to get an AP off her gauntlets' array:

Damage 8 (Extras: Area [Targetted; Cone], Flaws: Action [Full], Power Feats: Selective) (spacial) [9/16pp]

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Thugs (Targetted Area Attack) (1d20 + 7=24)

Hm. Not a crit, but I'll take it! Assuming they don't have +14 defense, that's a DC23 save for each of them.

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Well, let's see, you definitely hit them, and probably scared the heck out of them,toughness roll, twelve, eighteen, four So one out, two bruised and stunned.

Let's see, Sil has the initiative so she attacks the minion who punches her, 22. Cooker toughness roll, 6, yep he's out.

Intimidate roll by Sil, Natural twenty, whoo.

Will roll by thugs, it seems they're going to be pretty helpful. 5, 6

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Would normally probably frame it as an aid action to Sil's intimidate, but she clearly doesn't need the help, haha.

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Sil never thinks she'll get lucky even if she does. Anyway, sweeps the area, Notice check, twenty five, spots two store bought security camera mounted on the sides of the warehouse.

I think Dragon can make a tech roll to figure out which type, but can she disable them with the technolink?

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GM's call on whether or not a couple store-bought security cameras qualify as computers for Datalink's use. If they're just dumb cameras (that is, they're not 'smart' - all they do is take in what they see and send it somewhere, so they're about as smart as an eyeball) then maybe not. If they're higher-end or have a decent amount of electronics in them, then yeah, Datalink might work.

Regardless, Knowledge (Technology): taking 10 for a roll of 25 to identify the cameras.

Post pending on whether or not the cameras are Datalink-worthy. If they're not, she can try to use Datalink to scan for the controlling computer....

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Well, second try, knowing that - Datalink scan, goooo!

It's an extended Search action, trying to locate the computer controlling the cameras, if the computer's within 100 feet. Taking advantage of her mental quickness to Take 20; takes about half a minute if my math is right (normal time 2 minutes; 2 minutes * 60 seconds * 20 / 100).

So, a Search roll of 26 to locate the computer in question, but she'll only 'find' it if it's within that 100-foot range. Post pending on the result.

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Taking 20 on the computers check (because I can! I love you, Quickness) for a Computers roll of 35. That's enough to shut down even maximum security cameras.

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Here's the archetype


Str 14 Dex 12 Con 15 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8

Skills: Craft (mechanical) 4 (+4), Drive 4 (+5), Intimidate 4 (+3), Knowledge

(popular culture) 2 (+2), Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+4), Profession 4 (+4),

Swim 2 (+4)

Feats: Equipment 2

Equipment: Leather jacket (+1 Toughness), pistol (+3 damage), cell phone.

Combat: Attack +2, Damage +2 (punch), +3 (pistol), Defense +2, Initiative +1

Saving Throws: Toughness +2, Fortitude +4(+9 with Zombie Powder), Reflex +1, Will +0(+5 for Zombie Powder)

Abilities 9 + Skills

+4 Str, Dex, Con on Max

Huh, how should we proceed?

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