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The Church of Swordology OOC

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Let us consider the teachings of Saint Jack the Stabpuncher, Patron of Your Ass Being Grass, who did say, "Hey there, pretty lady, how you doin'?"

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I'm cashing in on Erik's Responsibility and Secret complications, for having his mother present and being out of costume, and spending one of the HP to stunt Quick Change. Ellie already has that Feat, clever girl. I'm assuming Hayzel's Responsibility to the church itself and the undead Enemy net him a pair of HP as well.

Jack of all Blades: Initiative. (1d20+9=23)

Jill O'Cure: Initiative. (1d20+4=11)


  • 23 - Jack of all Blades - Uninjured - 6HP
    20 - Freedom Angel - Uninjured - 6HP
    16 - Deathstar - Uninjured
    11 - Jill O'Cure - Uninjured

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Jack of all Blades

Free Action: Borrow from Hayzel's spatha to form an Energy Sword with holy/blessed descriptors.

Move Action: DC 33 Taunt with Skill Mastery against Deathstar.

Standard Action: Energy Sword Flurry Power Attack 5. (1d20+14=26)

Against 22 Defense, that's DC 15 + 9 + 5 Power Attack + 4 Autofire = 33. The Taunt will probably confer a -2 penalty on that, as well.

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