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rpgronin - Momentum - PL8 Hero

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Power Level: 8 (112/116PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 4

Gold Status: 11/30

In Brief: The new Canadian super-kid on the block with a lot to prove as an up-and-coming hero-to-be.

Character Name: Momentum

Alternate Identities: Ashley Noah Childers

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Bancroft, Ontario

Occupation: High-School Student/Fledgling Hero

Affiliations: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School

Family: Dr. Daniel Childers (Father; Age 41), Sarah Childers (Mother; Age 39), Peter Childers (Younger Brother; Age 3 Months), Katelyn Childers (Older Sister; Age 18)

Age: 16 (DoB: September 3rd, 1994)

Apparent Age: 15 – 17ish

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian/French-Canadian

Height: 5’6†(1.5m)

Weight: 135 Lbs. (61kg)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Physical Description:

Always having been a bit on the short end of the stick, Ashley has always been the quintessential little guy, lean and wiry in build; the latter likely due to his parentally-enforced vegan diet coupled with frequent but less-than-extreme physical activity. Suffice it to say that the French-Canadian isn’t exactly an intimidating figure, barely heavy enough to avoid being confused with a chronic bulimic. His young visage bears a smattering of slight freckles on the cheeks of his lightly sun-kissed face inset with muddy brown eyes, a full-head of short but forever-messy hair of a greasy, tussled persuasion crowning Noah’s precious little head in a style reminiscent of a traditional Caesar cut. While operating out-of-costume, Noah typically sports a very casual style of dress: practical tee-shirts of various styles, slacks or jeans, so on and so forth.

When out and about as Momentum, he becomes quite the spectacle. Lacking the actual talent to craft a truly befitting costume of a heroic nature on his own, the young Canadian hero-in-training simply opts for donning an outfit derived from pre-made garments: a hoodie adorned with thick red and white stripes over a white t-shirt, worn black jeans, and his red-and-white high-tops. He looks completely ridiculous, though to be fair he’s still fairly new to this whole superhero nonsense. His actual disguise isn’t much better, simply donning a pair of cheap steampunk-esque goggles from a Halloween now years passed and pulling the hood on his sweatshirt over his head.

History (Abridged):

Ashley Noah Childers lived the prototypical suburban teen life growing up in Ontario: his loving parents were outrageously lame, his older sister Katelyn was a self-centered raging prima donna, school was that strangely distinct amalgam of both suck and awesome, and all of his friends were just as awkward and immature as he was. It was a simple life for the Bancroft-born Canadian, and a good one that Noah reveled in. Things might not have always gone his way, but in the end they always worked themselves out. More importantly though was the fact that Noah was content with what he’d been given, taking both the good and bad aspects in stride with his go-getter, up-beat attitude.

Things got a little weirder when Noah was fourteen, and not in that classic teenage sort of way. Strange things began to happen around him; it was minor at first, occasionally having objects move just a few inches from his fingertips as Noah grasped for them, or having an unusual pep in his step during his morning trips to the bus stop, all of which Noah dismissed as little more than coincidence or flukes. It wasn’t long after these minor incidents, however, that these coincidences revealed they were anything but. After accidentally blasting a kitchen shelf full of canned goods in a gross display of raw kinetic energy at home, it became painfully obvious that Noah was no longer just a normal, boring, every-day teenager. In a flash, his life had gone from ordinary to extraordinary with the sudden emergence of latent powers, instilling an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty in the young man.

It was a gradual inundation over the next year, one which Noah took great pains to keep squirreled away from his loving parents and dearest friends, terrified of what they might think of him lest his powers manifest in front of them. As time passed and the young mutant discovered more and more of his abilities through random happenstance and earnest interest, they gradually became easier to obfuscated and control, affording him a sense of modest certainty at the least with which to keep his secret from flaring up and alarming the community. Beyond that though, it instilled in the boy thoughts of grandeur and dreams of being more than just an abnormal boy trying to feign normalcy. He’d seen them on the news numerous times; those dashing heroes and heroines who always saved the day, their altruistic sensibilities and desire to do the right thing resounding with conviction for each speech made. Using their unique abilities and talents, these individuals took it upon themselves to do more with what they’d been given or achieved for the community-at-large.

Inspired by the heroes he’d grown up watching from afar, Noah took the moniker Momentum for himself, even going so far as to hash together an impromptu costume to hide his identity as he took up the mantle of a hero. His initial success was denoted as bumbling at best; barely able to thwart lesser criminals though frequently failed to bring them fully to justice. With practice, however, Momentum steadily grew into his role as a vigilante for good. Through a careful balancing act of friends, family, school, and his newfound heroic antics, Noah had finally found himself in a nice niche, his life far more exciting and purposeful while still retaining some sense of normalcy in his day-to-day routine. It wasn’t perfect, but the fledgling superhero was content with how things had turned out for him so far, and wanted for nothing.

It was no secret to neither Noah nor his sister that their mother was pregnant with her third child, a fact quickly announced by their father when it was discovered. What Noah failed to notice, however, was how little space there was in his modest home to accommodate another person, let alone raise a child. As luck would have it, Noah’s father had been offered a job at ASTRO Labs in Freedom City, with an ample supplement for his currently modest salary. It was soon settled upon that accepting this offer was a necessary decision, and that the family would soon be relocating from their comfortable home on the tip of the Canadian Shield for the hustle-and-bustle of New Jersey.

Just like that, Noah’s life as he knew it came to a close. A month after Noah’s mother gave birth to Peter; the family began preparations to leave Bancroft behind for greener fields. Once Noah said his solemn good-byes to his closest comrades, he bade farewell to his home near the York River and its quaint charm with his parents, departing by plane for the superhero-flooded city of Freedom City.

Like every dark cloud, there’s always a silver lining, and this one was no exception. It’s only been a few weeks since the family arrived in Freedom City, taking up residency in the Midtown area, but the fledgling would-be hero has already taken a liking to what he’s seen thus far of what was once the center of the Terminus Invasion, not to mention the current home of the Freedom League. With his arrival in such a hero-centric locale, the opportunity to really put what little he’d learned dealing with minor criminals back home and put his mettle to the test.

A new school, a new city, and a whole new world from the one the young Canadian left behind: nothing Momentum can’t handle! Or so he hopes.

Personality & Motivation:

An optimistic and extroverted individual, Noah’s all for living in ‘the now’: trying new things, meeting new people and making friends. Neither particularly interested in nor dissuaded from academic pursuits, the young teenager much rather prefers to spend his free time doing what most kids his age do: trying to socialize, fit in, and indulging in his own personal hobbies, particularly in relation to the ever popular trends in social media such as music and film. Noah's also still got a lot of growing up to do, and with that comes its own problems; such as determining who he really is and what direction he wants his life to go in once he's out on his own. Immature and impatient, there's a lot in life that Ashley isn't emotionally or psychologically prepared for. Of note, Noah openly admits that he's not ready for an "intimate" relationship of any kind, the subject of which makes him highly uncomfortable if brought up in conversation.

On the heroic front, having been one of only a few ‘capes’ back home by comparison to Freedom City and dealing with equally as few members of the criminal element, Momentum didn’t exactly have a prime cut in the vigilante business; an occupation he’s taken a liking to ever since he discovered his unique powers about a year prior. Freedom City – being a proverbial hive of scum and villainy – now serves as the ultimate in training exercises, no doubt rife with potential experience for someone who’s eager to join the heroic scene. While Momentum might not fully comprehend the magnitude of what a ‘hero’ truly is beyond bashing criminals in the face for the greater good, he’s at least optimistic and makes an effort towards trying to discover what that means on his own whilst attempting at the very least to do his part, fighting the good fight out of a sense of personal obligation brought on with the manifestation of his powers. But there's always that fine degree of uncertainty: is this really a lifestyle Momentum wants to lead for the rest of his life, or simply a passing phase triggered by teenage dreams of grandeur?

Powers & Tactics:

While a proper wordsmith could probably elaborate more effectively in regards to the formulated tactics involved in using raw, kinetic force to thwart evil-doers, miscreants and ne’er-do-wells, the simplest form of explanation is to summarize Momentum as such: a one-trick pony with an easy to perform trick. With a variety of kinetic powers at his disposal, the most basic form of defeating evil in any of its incarnations is to – as Noah would so adequately state it – “… punch them from really far away until they stop getting up.†Granted, there’re more tricks up his sleeve and abilities at his disposal therein, but that’s about the basics of it. With only a smattering of experience in the (recently self-employed) field of crime-fighting, Noah lacks the distinct time in the field (and overall patience) necessary to truly formulate overarching, complex schemas in terms of his current power set, and thus rarely plans ahead, preferring to charge-in like some sort of semi-deranged action hero, slugging it out till’ either he’s down for the count or they are.


What Do You Mean I’m Not Old Enough?! (Age): Being underage means that certain freedoms afforded to the general populace are, for all intents and purposes, barred to Noah due to his status as a minor. This makes it particularly daunting to enter certain facilities such as bars and clubs that have a minimum age requirement as well as other more mundane things such as admittance into certain venues, not to mention impossible to vote.

Homeroom at Eight O’Clock Sharp (Responsibility): As a teenager, Noah has a lot on his plate, not even counting his shenanigans as a superhero. Being a full-time student trying to fit in at Franklin D. Roosevelt High and generating some form of social life is hard enough as it is in a new town, and Noah has little time during the daylight hours to do much in the way of heroics. This isn’t to say he doesn’t try, but eventually his ‘sudden absences’ and ‘missed classes’ are no doubt eventually going to catch up with him.

You’re Grounded, Mister! (Responsibility): Being a teenager living with his parents is hard enough, but multiply that with Momentum’s own responsibilities as a hero and now you’ve got a real situation. While showing up late for dinner now and then is generally acceptable, sneaking out at night (even if it’s for the greater good!), breaking curfew and blatantly lying about where he’s been all day treads upon a dangerous line, especially when it paints him in a bad light. Getting caught could be problematic for numerous reasons, such as his parents discovering his double-life, or losing faith and trust in him if they discovered Noah was a mutant and had been keeping it a secret from them. With this in mind, Noah must frequently find ways to make time for not only school and heroics, but for his family as well, attending functions if necessary, lending a hand when it’s asked of him, so on and so forth lest he face the consequences of grumpy parental units... and potentially put them all in grave danger.

It’s a Secret To Everyone (Secret): As a superhero (in quintessential training), Momentum has certain obligations he has to attend to. Chief amongst these is maintaining his secret identity as Noah Childers, lest his enemies take advantage of his various vulnerabilities: friends, family, so on and so forth. Failure to do so could have disastrous consequences, though he’s thus far managed to hide his super-powers from both his aforementioned former friends and family at home.

Abilities: 0 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 6pp

Str 10 (+0)

Dex 10 (+0)

Con 12 (+1)

Int 10 (+0)

Wis 10 (+0)

Cha 14 (+2)

Combat: 14 + 8 = 22pp

Initiative: +8 (+0 Dexterity + 8 Improved Initiative)

Attack: +7

Grapple: +7, +21 Move Object

Defense: +6 (+4 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -5 / -4 flat-footed / -1 without Force Field / -0 flt-footed without Force Field

Saving Throws: 4 + 7 + 4 = 15pp

Toughness: +7 [imp 4] / +5 [imp 4] flat-footed / +3 without Force Field / +1 flat-footed without force field (+1 Con, +4 Force Field [imp 4], +2 Defensive Roll)

Fortitude: +5 (+1 Con, +4)

Reflex: +7 (+0 Dex, +7)

Will: +4 (+0 Wis, +4)

Skills: 28r = 7pp

Bluff 4 (+6/+11 Cool)

Concentration 4 (+4)

Gather Information 5 (+7)

Knowledge [Popular Culture] 6 (+6)

Language 1 (English [Native], French)

Notice 4 (+4)

Perform [Percussion] 4 (+6/+11 Cool)

Feats: 17PP

Challenge (Fast Bluff Trick) 1 – Mastermind’s Manual, pg. 43

Cool 2 (Bluff, Perform) – Hero High, pg. 20

Defensive Roll 1

Diehard (Free)

Distract (Bluff) 1

Dodge Focus 2

Evasion 2

Improved Initiative 2

Move-By Attack

Takedown Attack 2

Teamwork 3

Powers: 19 + 8 + 22 = 49PP

Kinetic Control 7 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Power Feats: Alternate Power 5) [19pp]

  • Alternate Power: Boost [Movement] 7 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Extras: Total Fade [+1]; Flaws: Affects Others Only [-1])

    Alternate Power: Deflect [slow & Fast Projectiles] 7 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant)

    Alternate Power: Move Object 14 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Str 70, Maximum Load: 25,000 Tons; Flaws: Distracting [-1])

    Alternate Power: Nullify [Movement Powers] 7 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant)

    Alternate Power: Strike 7 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Extras: Penetrating [+1])

Force Field 4 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Extras: Impervious [+1]; Flaws: None; Power Feats: None; Drawbacks: None) [8pp]

Speed 10 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Maximum Speed: 10,000 MPH, 100,000’/Round; Extras: Affects Others & Self [+1]; Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [22pp]

  • Alternate Power: Leaping 20 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Maximum Distance: 12,000 Miles Running Long Jump/6,000 Miles Standing Long Jump/3,000 Miles High Jump)

    Alternate Power: Quickness 20 (Descriptors: Kinetic, Mutant; Extras: Affects Others & Self [+1]; Flaws: Physical Tasks Only [-1])

Drawbacks: Frequency 3 + Intensity 1 = 4pp*

Impatient (Taking 10/20 is treated as Taking 6/16 respectively; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate) [-3pp]

*This calculation includes the Power Drawback "Full Power" associated with Momentum's Kinetic Control (M&M2E Rulebook, pg. 126).

DC Block:

DC Block:

ATTACK                        RANGE    SAVE                       EFFECT

Unarmed                       Touch    DC15 Toughness    Damage (Staged)

Kinetic Control               Ranged   DC22 Toughness    Damage (Staged)

Nullify [Movement Powers]     Ranged   DC17 Will                  Nullify

Strike                        Touch    DC22 Toughness    Damage (Staged)

Abilities (6) + Combat (22) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (7) + Feats (17) + Powers (49) - Drawbacks (4) = 112/116pp



@9/2/2010: As per suggestion, I've trimmed most of the excess verbatim from Momentum's History section. Will likely do the same for the rest of the non-mechanical descriptive bits soon, just because I've never been very good at the act of pre-game generation. Also, since I based the entirety of the background around the HellQ I answered before, I've also included that just for reference below.

@9/3/2010: More excess verbatim cut. Done with edits until sheet reviewed.

@9/3/2010: Removed "Full Power" from list of Drawbacks, since it cannot be a Character Drawback. Also switched out Drain [Movement] for Boost [Movement], which seemed to make more sense in retrospect.

@9/5/2010: Minor grammar corrections. Also switched out "Perform [Keyboard]" for "Perform [Percussion]". Beyond that, no changes.

@9/8/2010: Corrected Nullify [Movement] DC to 10 + Rank instead of 15 + Rank.

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Removed "Full Power" from Drawback list at the bottom of my submission, since it cannot be a Character Drawback; the Power Drawback is still listed within Momentum's Kinetic Control array however, and calculated with the rest of the Drawbacks still in the list purely for the sake of numeric consistency. Also switched out Drain [Movement] for Boost [Movement], which seemed to make more sense in retrospect.

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