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Diamond in the Rough

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Okay, here's the preliminary rough-sketch build for my Diamond character. The idea is that the Sidekick here is really the PC character. She's a clumsy, out-of-shape, antisocial basement dweller type who is also a cyberkinetic and genius inventor. She still sort-of lives in the basement, but it's of her own nice house. Tired of the anonymity and boredom of white-hat hacking as heroism, she decides to build herself a robot to go out heroing in.

The main build here is the robot she built to inhabit for heroism purposes. It has its own physical stats and saves, but uses her mind to operate. I'm thinking about trying to put an int penalty on it to represent the distraction operating the robot creates, but I'm not sure how it would work. In the robot, she is beautiful and strong, and thus far more confident, hence the enhanced charisma.

Basically what I'm looking for as an end product is a very intelligent brain with a body that is pretty much a total liability except that it is not actually physically handicapped. I want her to be able to hack into just about anything and have the knowledge skills and feats to back that up. She should be able to take maybe one hit at her PL on a good day in her own body, but also be able to handle the fact that damage done to the robot can reflect back and hurt her (to avoid the Bathroom Mentalist problem.) She doesn't have a good formal education, so while she is very clever, she is not well-rounded and will not get a lot of references.

For the robot, I'm looking for a basic paragon build, though I'm thinking about adding a weapon or some kind of special attack, mostly to avoid another character whose only attack is "hit it!" Basically the robot is a large piece of machinery operated by mental remote control, that the sidekick can pretty much inhabit to the point where she can ignore the input from her own body in favor of the sensory input from the robot. I would like for the robot to be able to fool most people into thinking that it is both human and self-motivating, though I'm not totally sure how to do that.

Not all of the stuff I want is currently reflected in the build. I need to find a way to move some points around to get the things I want and lose some things I don't need.

The Robot:

Abilities: 32

STR: 34 (+12),

DEX: 18 (+4),

CON: -,

INT: -, (Maybe a neg int modifier on the robot?)

WIS: -,

CHA: -


Feats: 14

All-Out Attack,

Attack Focus 7 (Melee),


Improved Initiative,


Power Attack,

Sidekick 28

Takedown Attack,

Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Powers: (Some kind of weapon, now or later?)

Enhanced Charisma 18 (Extra: Affects Others) (Flaw: Others Only) (18 pp)

Enhanced Feats 5 (Dodge Focus 5) (5 pp)

Flight 4 (100 MPH) (11 pp)

DAP: Super-Strength 4 (~45 tons)

Immunity 30 (Fortitude saves) (30 pp)

Protection 12 (12 pp)

Super-Senses 2 (Communications Link [Gina], Radio]


Attack +5 (+12 melee)

[unarmed 12 dmg],

Defense 22 (14 flat-footed),

Initiative +8,

Grapple +24 (not counting DAP Super-Strength), Knockback -6


Toughness +12,

Fortitude -,

Reflex +7,

Will -

Abilities 32 + Skills - + Feats 42 + Powers 78 + Combat 24 + Saves 4= 180

The Sidekick

Abilities: 30

STR: 8 (-1)

DEX: 12 (+1) (This can be lower)

CON: 12 (+1)

INT: 34 (+12)

WIS 16 (+3)

CHA: 8 (-1)

Saves: 12

TOU: +8*

FORT: +5

REF: +5 (Maybe lower this one even more)

WILL: +7

Skills: 13 pp= 52 r

Computers 8 (+19),

Concentration 4 (+6)

Craft (electronic) 8 (+19),

Craft (mechanical) 8 (+19),

Disable Device 8 (+19),

Knowledge (technology) 8 (+19)

Notice 8 (+10)

Search 8 (+19)

Needs Gather Info

Feats: 9

Eidetic Memory



Luck (3)

Online Research

Second Chance (Concentration checks to maintain powers)

Skill Mastery (Craft (elec), Craft (mech), Disable Device, Knowledge (technology))

Needs Well-Informed

Powers: 60

Machine Animation 12 (Extras: Range [Perception], Sensory Link, Simultaneous, Flaws: Duration [Concentration], Feedback) [36 pp]

Datalink 10 (200,000 miles "Earth To The Moon") [10PP]

Force Field 8 (Flaw: Ablative) [4 pp]

Quickness 12 (x50000) (Flaw: Mental Tasks Only) [6 pp]

Strike 2 [2 pp]

Super-Senses 1 (Radio) [1 pp]

Combat: 16

Attack +4,

Grapple +4,

Damage -1 (unarmed), +2 (strike), or by object/invention

Defense +4,

Knockback -4,

Initiative +2

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