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Lead Us Not Into Temptation (OOC)

Sandman XI

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Does it seem like we're treading water here? If so, we can adjourn the meeting and either have some freetime to talk amongst each other or just skip to the next scene. If not we can continue on this train of thought
Unless anyone objects, I vote we go ahead and scene skip. But I'm open to have them talk a bit more.

One way or another, we've covered what needs officially covered.

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She's in your head, readin your brains! She's looking for what you like to see in a woman, better to lie tu you with.

Bluff check (1d20+20=26)

Physically speaking, Gabriel's "ideal woman" is about the same height (between 5'10" and 6'2", with him square at 6') and body mass/type (fit, lean without being skinny); she'd have more of a "girl next door" and less of a "super-model" type face and figure, with dark auburn hair around shoulder length, blue eyes, and about the same skin tone as him (fairly light/not quite "pale", with perhaps a very light dusting of freckles). Irish accent optional.

Counter Bluff Check: 20+24=44. Critical! :o

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Does Sparky need a notice check to see that she's controlling Jermaine/how she's controlling him?
Isn't he still in the alley with everyone besides Muse and Gabriel? I mean, he might be able to tell by what Gabriel's saying, but..

At any rate, Sand basically said (via IM) that after about the next post, stuff will go down, and I think we shall have the "enter the cavalry" moment.

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