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Valhalla Don't Serve Chicken Wings [IC]


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John had ended up getting changed in a car park somewhere to get changed, stowing his armour, cape and longbow in the trunk of the car. Unable to afford a fancy car rental out of his own somewhat limited means, he'd managed to convince Elena to help him out. The 1995 R129 Mercedes was, appropriately, black, and considering its age, in somewhat good shape.

He hadn't driven a car in some time, so it felt awkward. Thankfully, there was the fact he'd had to dress up for once to make him feel awkward about something else. He'd somehow found black trousers and shoes, and a light blue shirt. For once, he'd also washed his hair, now painfully aware of the grey streaks running wildly through it. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. Should've stayed out of Midtown.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on Vivian's door. Well, I assume it's her door. I can't recall entering a door.

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"Yea, Amy, I know." Vivian was saying into her cell phone as she got ready. She was pinching the phone between her cheek and her shoulder and fussing with hair pins for her extremely long hair with both of her hands. She was also somehow talking through the three other pins she was holding in the corner of her mouth. Her friend mumbled back at her through the phone. "Yea, I konw. Alright, listen he's going to b..."

*Knock, knock, knock*

"Crap, that's him. I'll call you back, bye." She hurriedly spoke into the phone. She shut the flip phone and let it clatter to the bathroom counter. "Just a minute!" She called out, hoping he would hear her.

Vivian hurriedly stuck the last two pins into her hair, grabbed a stick of lipstick from the counter and applied it, using the mirror on the wall. "Coming!" Vivian scurried out of the bathroom, tossing the lipstick into a small black purse, and zipping up her dress as she walked towards her door. In the small front hallway of her apartment, she practically skipped toward the door while squeezing her feet into a pair of four inch heels.

A moment later, the door to her apartment opened to reveal Vivian sporting a strapless little black dress split up the side to enable easier walking, revealing quite a bit of her right leg. Her long golden hair in a bun behind her head with the excess hanging straight down to her shoulders. A few inches of bangs hung down in front of the left side of her face. She leaned against the door as she held it open. "My hero," she sighed, and smiled at him.

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John's eyes widened before he could catch himself. Damn... Then he did catch himself and managed a smile. "Wow, you look... fantastic." However, when it came down to it, he was still Arrowhawk. And, of course, that necessitated a little bit of sarcasm. "'Course, I'm actually surprised you thought I'd turn up." He shrugged, and unconsciously shifted his weight onto his good leg.

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"Well now, you wouldn't be much of a hero if you made a habit of standing beautiful girls up on dates, now would you?" She asked, rhetorically. She exited her apartment, and locked it behind her. Then deposited the keys in her small bag. "So, Mr. Arrowhawk, where will you be taking me this fine evening? And am I really going to have to keep calling you that the whole time?" She stood next to him, and twined her arm through his.

To be honest, I don't really hate the hair. I'll bet he does, though. It makes him look so much more mature than the guys I usually go out with. Vivian whined silently to herself.

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Arrowhawk didn't resist as she twined her arm round his, and led her to the elevator. "Well," he said, suddenly filled with an unusual desire to show off. "I pulled some strings in a Theatre district..." He mentally filled in ... because I had a week's notice and am a very scary man. "And, with a little luck." And looking scary. "Got a reservation at this nice new place."

Dear God, am I really this petty?

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"Ooh la la." She held on to him as they waited for the elevator. "And what, may I ask, is this new place called? Or is that a surprise? Am I going to have to wear a blindfold, or anything scandalous like that?" She drew a line on his chest with her finger.

Maybe if you tell me, I'll let you keep your sanity. she joked to herself.

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"Well," he said, as the elevator arrived, and he escorted her inside, trying to not feel uncomofrtable as she drew her fingers across his chest. How do you respond to that? Well... snarkiness works, but now really at this point in time... "If you want to put a blindfold on at some point, I probably wouldn't stop you," he conceded. "But it's that place called Pietro's. I think it only opened last month." After I drove the old owners out of town... good times.

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"Ooh, Italian food! That sounds nice. Maybe I should have worn that red dress after all... I hope they have some good wines. Do you know if it's...Hey, wait a minute." She stopped herself mid sentence. The elevator began to descend, and Vivian gave Arrowhawk a not-so-light push against his chest. "Stop changing the subject and answer my question," She gave him a mild scolding, "You still haven't told me what your name is. And here you know so much about me." She withdrew her arm from his, and put her hands on her hips. "A girl could start to feel vulnerable, you know?" The implication itself was demanding.

Fat chance of that happening. Vivian thought to herself as she waited on his answer.

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John stopped to consider for a second. If I refuse to tell her, would she actually whack me one? Looks like. "Fair enough. My name is John." Wait, hold on a tic.

Hurriedly, he added on a qualifier. "And I'm not making it up, I swear. That is my name." He mentally crossed his fingers, hoping she'd believe him. Well, I'm not lying, but it's one of those implausible truths.

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"Hmmm, okay." Vivian replied, "I can believe that. I won't ask you your last name. I just didn't want to have to call you Arrowhawk in public. Without the mask on, people would totally think I'm crazy."

Vivian returned to John's arm and smiled at him, "See, I'm pretty easy to please. And my requests aren't that unreasonable, are they?" She was giving him that look again.

The elevator came to a stop and a bell chimed, announcing their floor. "Lead the way, John."

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John raised an eyebrow as he led Vivian to the car. "Crazy? It's Freedom City, I doubt they'd think you were that crazy." Opening the passenger door of the Mercedes using the beeper on the keys, he held the door open to let his date get in.

"M'lady," he said dryly, bowing his head in mock reverence. Seriously, one minute without sarcasm, is it too much to ask?

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John raised an eyebrow as he led Vivian to the car. "Crazy? It's Freedom City, I doubt they'd think you were that crazy."

"Heh, now that you mention it, you're right. I mean, it's usually me that makes those kinds of observations though."

When John opened the door for her, Vivian sighed, "Aw, that's so sweet! No body ever does that anymore. Thanks!"

What's really sweet is the fact that you're STILL letting him think that you're some helpless blond girl that's just hot for the famous super hero that crashed through her window one night. She thought to herself as she sat in the passenger seat. Smiling up at John she silently argued with herself, Shut up. Can't a girl just have some fun once in a while? You don't get many dates when you carry around a huge hammer and smack anything that gives you lip.

Also, he called me 'M'lady', hehe.

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I think that went well, thought Arrowhawk as he took to the streets late on, after the date. He paused by a chimney stack for a second, blending into the shadows with flawless ease. Well, I hope so.

He went to leap off the roof, cape stiffening out behind him as he did, gliding between two rooftops on opposite sides of a wide main street. Thing is... I never did find out what that weird glow was about... He shook his head and gave a wry smile as he rolled to his feet on the slates. Perhaps I should just stop being so paranoid...

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Vivian hummed softly to herself as she undid the clasps in her hair. After a few hours on a date with a super hero, and a few glasses of wine, she was admittedly in a good mood. John, as he called himself, had been a perfect gentleman the entire evening. The date had ended well a few minutes ago; while the two had not been intimate afterward, Vivian had the feeling that it was for the best. After all, if we had just slept together on our first date, there wouldn't really be anywhere to go from there. Not that I haven't been there and done that. This time I feel like I really would rather not cheapen my relationship with him, she thought to herself.

The humming continued for a few minutes longer, and soon her long golden hair brushed the small of her back as it did whenever she let it down. As she unzipped the small black dress she had been wearing on her date, she was suddenly given pause. The small blue piece of jewelry that she always wore around her neck suddenly began pulsating, and glowing with a soft warm light. "Oh! Duty calls!" Vivian quickly stripped her dress the rest of the way off, and pulled a pair of black mesh shorts and a long white t-shirt out of a dresser drawer. Quickly slipping into the old clothes, she placed a hand over the orb that hung just below her throat. This night just keeps getting better and better! First a hot date, and now smashing!

Though the skies were clear, a blue-white streak of lightning lanced through the open window of Vivian's apartment. When the blinding flash cleared, she was gone.

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