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Herald Heroes Converge! (OOC)


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Are we still going with the thing where the villains run away when the heroes show up? If so, I've decided Vivian's going to be in a foul mood, and ready to hit something, then be really disappointed when she doesn't get to. :P
I believe we are, and that sounds fine. I'm sure Gabriel can calm her down with words! :D
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(OOC: Trying to figure out how to represent his 30 Cha when he's not specifically trying to apply the full force of it.)

Try and keep the OOC stuff here. It's pretty immersion breaking to anyone that is trying to read the thread like a story when you post that sort of thing IC. And this is why we HAVE OOC threads even for threads that are mainly non-combat.

But I'd say you're doing a pretty good job. Remember that saying, "turn on the charm." Charisma is something that you can use, or not use as situation demands. But then again, it's also something that can be latent and come out even if you're not trying. Bottom line, I think, "He's just so nice," nailed it ;)

Oh, and I left out the description of the coffee shop on purpose. Feel free to describe it. I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, and I didn't want to just write something lame.

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First, that backpack does, in fact, have Carson's costume, buried under other stuff in a sort of "false bottom" (though it's not very fancy).

Second...Hm. I'm trying to figure out how Carson will catch word. He has a card for the Freedom League, but he's not a member or anything yet. I guess we'll play it by ear or something.

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Sounds good to me. Just remember that by default, as long as you have secret Identity, it's impossible for me to actually make the connection, unless you WANT me to. I can pick up on clues and think things are strange / uncanny, but as far as 1+1=2 goes, that's something you will have to actually come out and do yourself.

That said, I pass:

Notice DC 15 vs Carson/Gabriel (1d20+7=24)

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