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A Sudden Arrival (IC)

Agent A

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A curious sight appeared for anyone who happened to be watching the for anyone who happened to be watching the front gate of the Claremont Academy. A ripple appeared in the air, not unlike the mirage that appears on a road on a hot day. After a second, the ripple exploded with a small sound and a puff of yellow smoke, revealing a figure in a suit and fedora. Whatever happened, it didn't even break his stride as he walked towards the gate, adjusting his hat to sit straight on his head as he stepped towards the door. He stopped in front of the security booth to look at the parts of the campus he could see, smiling broadly. "Simply beautiful campus." Walking up to the booth, he offered a smile to the man inside as well. "Hello, my name is Dimitri Papadakis. I'm a new student here?"

The security guard took a glance before nodding towards the young man, much less unfazed by Dimitri's little stunt than he had predicted. "Right. Head to the admin building." The man slid a map of the campus through the small slot in the glass towards Dimitri. Dimitri looked over the map for the admin building, smiling to the man. "Thanks. I'll make my way over now." Stepping forward, he disappeared into another flash of yellow smoke, appearing in much the same fashion in the building, in front of the receptionist's desk. Offering another winning smile to the woman as he leaned on the high counter slightly, he tipped his hat. "Hello, ma'am. I'm Dimitri Papadakis. I've registered as a student here?"

Tapping on her keyboard for a few moments, she returned his smile. Again, she seemed to not be too surprised about the student who had suddenly appeared before her. "Everything is already in order, Dimitri. Welcome to Claremont. There's a tour planned, but it's not mandatory. There's a assembly for new students tomorrow at 8. I understand you're commuting, but the dorms are open to you, of course. " Dimitri quirked an eyebrow, but continued to smile. "I think I'll show myself around, at first. I've got an...odd pace, I'm told."

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It was just before noon on a crisp sunny day that was a hallmark of summer. Tasha walked across the commons area between buildings, still trying to pace them out and get a good feel for where everything was. In the few days she had been on campus, she had settled in as much as possible and everything so far had far exceeded even her wildest expectations. So her walks occurred at various times in the day following what her class schedule would soon be.

"Fifty-five," she whispered to herself counting each step and trying to match that with the crazy visions which accompanied her waking moments. With any luck she would be able to guide herself by that vision alone, but having a backup plan in place was never a bad thing.

"Fifty-six... fifty-seven..."

Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. Something was going to happen, right in front of her. Possibilities unfurled like flags in a breeze as she tried to make sense of it all. In the end, she simply stepped back and with force of habit took one off her tally, "fifty-six."

No sooner had she said this then there was a small pop and her vision coalesced into the impression that someone appeared where she had just been standing, "hello?"

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"Hello!" A cheerful voice boomed from behind Dimitri! Turning around, he was confronted with shiny white teeth, bright blue eyes, and a tall, thin young man with a jovial look on his face. "You must be Dimitri. I'm Mark Lucas, I'm your tour guide today. I know you're just commuting, but it's still good to know where everything is." he said cheerfully. "I'm semi-commuting myself, though I don't have the advantages you do." He laughed. "I can still give you some ideas there, i guess. Or we can just hang out and see the place." Mark's cheerfulness wasn't quite overbearing, but he evidently had a very strong, very happy personality. "Hey there," he added to Tasha, giving her a friendly wink. "I don't think I've seen you around here before."

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Dimitri turned around in surprise at the feminine voice behind him, gasping slightly in surprise. In his small attempt to be flashy, he must have almost teleported right into her. There wasn't much danger, of course; he shunted out of the way of solid objects. Still, it was a rather rude foot to get off on at his new academy "Oh, sorry! I must have almost run right into you. I'm such a klutz sometimes." His hat was in his hand, and he gave a small bow before he realized that the girl probably couldn't see him anyway. He chuckled a bit awkwardly, running a hand through his hair.

Thankfully, another voice allowed him a chance to change the subject slightly. He turned to find a rather exuberant young man around his own age. With a smile of his own, Dimitri offered his free hand to shake. "Yes, Dimitri Papadakis. Nice to meet you, Mark." He chuckled at Mark's comment. It seemed that the small class size meant that news traveled fast. "It's rather handy, yes. Though I do fear I'll become...what's the phrase you Americans use? The class bicycle?" With a small wink to Mark, he turned back towards Tasha somewhat before continuing.

"Well, I think I would be best served to see where the cafeteria is, first. I haven't eaten all day!" Turning towards Tasha fully, he continued. "If you haven't eaten yet, perhaps I can make up for my earlier rudeness by buying lunch? I certainly wouldn't mind more company."

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"Actually, a lot of us have personal teleporters," said Mark, cheerfully whipping his own out and tossing it from hand to hand. "They're pretty nifty, I've got to say! I got this from my friend Alex; she's a genius! It must be really handy to do it without needing a mechanical aid, though," he added. "They, uh, usually don't make us pay for lunch," he added with a wink. "We're already all on either scholarship or whatever our parents can afford to pay, right? We could go to that little cafe off-campus if you don't want to eat in the cafeteria. It's pretty nice."

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It took Tasha a moment to separate out the people and voices. She had been day dreaming a bit on her little walk and the arrival of two people in such a short time made her pause a moment as she tried to get the voices straight.

As Mark introduced himself she replied, "no, I'm pretty new and just trying to get my bearings. Makes everything a little easier."

Then trying to orient herself on Dmitri she said, "no, I'm sure it's my fault. I'm kind of bumping into people all the time. I just didn't realize you were there. It happens a lot... but I meet a lot of cool people that way."

She wasn't sure what he meant by the class bicycle, but smiled and nodded. Long ago, she had learned that going with the flow usually worked and she often figured out what people meant as the conversation flowed along. As the talk turned to food the thought of something did sound quite nice, and eating back in her room didn't sound nearly as appealing.

"I'd love to join you both, if you don't mind," she replied happy to have met more of the academies students.

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Dimitri chuckled, running another hand through his hair before putting his hat back on his head. "Well, I certainly can't make up for rudeness with a lunch I got for free. Especially if it was me cooking; I'm horrible at it, I'm told. So, this cafe will work well, I think." His eyes fell with interest on the small teleporter in Mark's hand. "Well now, that's quite high tech for a private school. You say your friend built this? Tell me, is this Alex looking for a job?" With a small chuckle, he adjusted his hat again. "Though I do pride myself on my own skills, of course."

He looked around for a second before speaking again. "Speaking of which, where is this cafe? I think I can save us a little commuting time. Hopefully I won't almost run into someone again." He turned towards Tasha with another small grin on his face. "Well, I hate to break your streak, but I'm really quite boring once you get to know me. Just to warn you now. So hopefully the food is distracting enough to make me look interesting, hmm?"

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"Actually," said Mark, "she's a millionaire! She runs the AEON Corporation, I dunno if you've heard of that." He smiled. "She's pretty fun, we're on Young Freedom together. That's one of the teams here at school," he added. "We're not supposed to go out and adventure in costume, so we only do it if we're needed. Or if we need to patrol," he added. "I mean we need to practice that kind of stuff. Now that you're here, we can patrol the whole world!" Not wanting to neglect Tasha, he added, "Have you met my friend Bankshot? She's visually impaired as well, but she's got this cool radio power that lets her be a really great shot! You should meet her sometime. In the meantime, I'll give you a tour too!" Back at Dimitri, he added, "Sure, I'll give you the GPS." He pulled it off his own teleporter and read it off to him.

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"Well I don't know. Someone who can go anywhere they please has to have some very interesting stories to tell," Tasha replied. "You'll have to tell me some of the things that you've seen."

As Mark described Bankshot she smiled, "there was a boy named Mike who granted me this kind of thing. It was a amazing. I've never really been able to see the world and for a short time I was able too. Although I have to admit, it was actually kind of overwhelming to tell the truth. I think sometimes it's better to be blissfully ignorant. But I think I would love to meet her. Someone told me about a you tube video of some kid who could click and actually see that way. I spent a month clicking and trying to see if it works... in the end, a good stick worked better for me. I guess I don't have enough bat in me."

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Dimitri perked up slightly when Mark explained who his friend was. "Ah, you mean Alexandra Albright? I only know her by reputation, I'm afraid. I hear she is quite something in person." He quirked an eyebrow slightly at Mark's continuing explanation, as if realizing something before chuckling, slipping back into his native Greek to talk to himself. "

He turned towards Tasha, chuckling a bit. "Well, it may be for the best. Bats are all wings and fangs and angry screeching. It might not be pleasant. And I suppose I have a story or two to tell. But first, lunch." Clapping his hands and rubbing them together quickly he looked between the two standing with him. "Alright, Mark, if you'll hold on to my shoulder. And...my god, more rudeness on my part, I don't believe I've caught your name, miss? I'll take your arm here." Dimitri placed a hand lightly on Tasha's arm. "You might want to close your eyes. It's a bit disorienting at first."

Once both had taking his arm, he closed his own eyes, focusing on the coordinates and direction Mark had given them. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes, and the three of them vanished from the foyer they were in, appearing in a narrow alley across the street from the small cafe Mark had mentioned. Dimitri adjusted his hat with a small grin. "Nothing to it."

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Tasha was about to both state her name as well commenting that closing her eyes wouldn't really have all that much effect when everything shifted. If she had time, she would have guessed that it wasn't all that disorienting, however, she would have been wrong. Suddenly all of the background noise changed as well the smells. Instead of grass they were standing on concrete and with rising concern she realized that her step count was going to be horribly off. What was worst of all was the sudden shift in her visions. Past and future suddenly battled for attention as she struggled to sort them out or just ignore them.

Tapping her staff around her feet she began to try and reorient herself. The smell from the cafe told her they were somehow very near their destination and the buzz of human activity said they were in a far more busy area of town.

"How did you do that?" She started to say then amended it too, "What did you do?"

As the confusion and uncertainty began to recede she realized she hadn't answered his question, "...sorry... that was just quite a ride. I'm Tasha, nice to meet you."

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"Wow! That was amazing!" Mark exulted, his enthusiasm entirely unfeigned as he clasped his two new buddies around the shoulders. "That was great, Dimitri! You've got cool powers. Hey, let's go this way," he said, acting as a bon vivant tour guide as he steered everyone towards the cafe. It was a generic sort of collegy place, one where Mark was evidently well-known enough that the staff greeted him by name. "We come here a lot," he said, "some of my friends and I. This one time there was a girl who...well, that's a different story. You should order the burgers."

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Dimitri kept a hand on Tasha's arm, helping to steady her. "Careful now. We're near the cafe that Mark here had mentioned. I can help guide you, if you like." He was trying to strike a balance between his desire to help and his wish not to offend the girl. He had a small chuckle at Mark's enthusiasm, as the younger man started to lead the way across the street towards the cafe itself. "He's quite energetic, isn't he?" He turned back towards Tasha, allowing her to use his arm to steady herself to her new surroundings. "It's very nice to meet you, Tasha."

Straightening his hat again with his free hand, Dimitri walked after Mark, keeping a slow pace to allow Tasha to use him as a guide if she wished. "I'll answer your second question first, it's the simpler one to handle. I have...a gift, if you will. I'm starting to see that this might be a trend here. Myself, I can go...anywhere, really. Anywhere not specifically warded against teleportation, anyway. I'm not quite sure of my maximum range, but I'm fairly certain I can get anywhere on Earth from here. Hasn't failed yet, at least."

He continued towards the cafe, looking towards Mark. "You'll have to invite me next time. I should begin to get to know everyone, the class sizes here being what they are, right?" He turned back towards Tasha. "As for the first question, that's a bit harder. It's not a mutation; not in the normal way, anyway. The explanation the doctor gave me was way over my head, but...my father has a means of teleportation himself. He wasn't around much for me or my mother to exactly know what it was, but there you go. Whatever it is, his use of it changed him enough that I am able to psionically tap into it myself. It saves me a bundle on travel, let me tell you."

When they reached their table, Dimitri pulled out a chair for Tasha before taking one himself, hanging his coat over the back and loosening his tie. He took up one of the menus, looking over it for a second before looking over it at the two of them and the cafe in particular. "This reminds me of a little taverna back in Athens that my mother and I would go to; fish fresh out of the Mediterranean. We'll have to go sometime."

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While the shift had been very disorienting, Mark and Dimitri did a good job of grounding her and the quick moment of panic subsided. One of her greatest fears was to be left somewhere without any idea of where that was. It was a silly fear, but like many silly fears, it was quite overwhelming at times. With Marks arm over her shoulder, and latching on to Dimitri's elbow, she was able to just listen and try to experience this new place without having to worry about how and where she was.

"Oh I don't have the money to go to Athens..." then it hit her. He could go anywhere, with apparently anyone. "...really? Well yeah, I mean that's like one of the cradles of modern civilization. That has to be something, bam, just like that you are in one place and then the other."

Getting through the crowded cafe was a little bit of a challenge, but they soon were at their table and Tasha let the ambient noise of the cafe wash over her. There was clink of plates and dinnerware, the hum of conversation, noises from the street, which were muffled buy the walls and what she assumed was some kind of large street front window. Yet if the sounds were pleasant and welcoming enough, the smells of good food, strong coffee, and the the scent of a college crowd felt like a warm quilt on a cold winter's night.

"Burgers," she said. "That sounds great! Do they have a special one? My dad knows this place that makes them with blue cheese and grilled onions. It's really really good. Everyone here seems to know you Mark, is it kind of like that everywhere, or do you just come here a lot."

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Dimitri chuckled a bit. "Really. I could take us, our lunch, and our table all the way to Mumbai, and probably have enough left in me to take a small car with us for good measure. Like I said, it saves me a bundle on travel expenses. I'm actually from Athens, though, so if you would like a tour guide, I could probably serve passably well. You need simply ask." He looked between the two. "But I can jaw all day about myself. What about you two?"

He looked to Mark at Tasha's question. "I have to ask the same question; can't say I know much about what makes a good burger. I'm not a picky eater, so I'll go with whatever you suggest." He chuckled softly. "I'm just glad to not be cooking, really. I can barely pour cereal without doing something ridiculous. I'll have to find out the good restaurants in this town."

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Tasha wondered what it would be like to have that kind of freedom, to be able to come and go where one pleased, whenever one wished. He had to have stories of all sorts of exotic places and things. She was still happily in her small day dream as she replied.

For a moment, she considered just telling them that she was blind. Certainly in the past, any comments on her visions were usually handled in two ways: the first laughter and derision, the second was some kind of money making betting scheme. It had been far easier just to keep things under wraps as much as possible. However, she had a feeling that in this school, her abilities might be of the more mundane variety and that speaking of them would not only be accepted, but encouraged.

"Well," she started a little hesitant still, "I have visions, of like the past and the future. They're not all that accurate and they happen all the time. Some of them are quite vivid, but mostly it's a jumbled mess. Oh, and people have a hard time noticing me... it's kind of a problem at times. Doesn't really compare to traveling to Athens, but it's who I am."

She nodded, actually relieved to get that out of the way and for once not be 'that weird girl'.

Turning to Mark, she continued talking having not even bothered to pick up the menu, "actually, I'll take what you recommend as well. Menu's really aren't my thing."

She gave them both a disarming smile to let them know that this was par for the course. Which in fact, it was. What it had done, was give her a very broad appreciation for food as more often than not, she was eating something that was someone's favorite dish other than her own. It was a bit of a game really, to see what people would recommend for her and she enjoyed trying to guess what they would choose.

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"That's cool," Mark said to Dimitri. Without losing anything of his bubbly personality, he added, "Are you a psychokinetic like that guy on the Indian super-team, the Maharajah, or do you warp space like Mr. Dark Star? That's one of our faculty members," he added in a murmur, shooting a glance around to make sure no one was paying attention. "He can take people to like other galaxies and stuff. Some of my friends went on field trips with him and fought space pirates!" he added jovially. "I've been to space a couple of times, but mostly just to the Moon. It's pretty cool there, you can see the whole Earth! And once to Rigel IX."

To Tasha, he went on, "Well, it sounds like you're in the right place," he said seriously, his voice dropping a little. "We have a lot of kids with psychic powers at our school and they get some really good education. My friend Alex," he added, "she studies with the Scarab, and she says she's really gotten a lot of good stuff out of working with her. Used to be a him, by the way, but not anymore! My dad was a friend of the old Scarab's," he murmured. "But he died way before I was born. Not my dad; the Scarab, duh. He died back in the 70s."

Going back to the question of his powers, he said, "Well, uh, we usually don't go talking about being empowered in public, but this is usually a safe place for that kind of thing. Remember, anywhere else, there's nothing super-special about our school. It's just a really exclusive, really nice prep school." He grinned sheepishly and added, "When people ask how someone like me got into Claremont, I usually just tell them it's because my dad knew...knows the headmaster. And he does," he said with a sad little grin, "so that part's all true. As for my powers, they're, uh-"

Their waitress came by and patted Mark gently on the shoulder, the lovely blonde asking him "How are you doing today, Mark? Are these friends of yours from your 'special' school?"

"Yeah!" Mark exclaimed. "They're new students. This is Dimitri, and that's Tasha. This is April, she's my usual waitress here."

"It's nice to meet friends of Mark," said April, still smiling really big, like a kindergarten teacher with a special needs child. "He's always so peppy and full of life, and he makes everyone here smile with his stories. I'm glad they treat him nicely at that 'school.' " When Mark was busy filling his soda cup at the dispenser nearby, April looked after him and murmured for Dimitri and Tasha's benefit. "My little brother is on haloperidol, so I understand. It's too bad they can't help him more, though. So what can I get you guys?"

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Dimitri shrugged at Mark's question. "I don't much understand it myself, and I've put some money towards trying. Like I said, without my father's cooperation, all I know is that I can tap into some power that allows me to teleport. For all intents and purposes, it's a psionic thing; things that block psionic abilities also prevent me from teleporting." He listened with interest at Mark's story. He would have to speak to this Dark Star; perhaps he could help develop his powers. "I believe I can't quite get someone to the moon. I think my range tops out at about...32,000 kilometers, If I had to make my guess. Enough to get anywhere on earth, but nowhere near getting someone to another planet. Yet."

He turned to Tasha again. "Ah, I thought you seemed very adept at moving around on your own, and I suppose I know why now. I'm of the opposite opinion, though. A peek into the past, or a possible future, would be extremely handy, I think. I promise not to pester you for stock tips; I'm sure you get enough of that kind of thing already, hmm?"

Dimitri ran a hand nervously through his green hair at Mark's mention of the Academy's secret, which he had only just cottoned on to himself. "Well, I can't really hide my powers, anyway..."

His explanation was interrupted by the waitress. Dimitri looked over to Tasha for a moment, for all the good it would do he supposed, before putting on his own smile for the woman. He supposed that was as effective a cover story as anything. "I'll just have a water for right now, thank you. We'll just need a few more moments to look at the menu."

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Before Mark left her head was left spinning with the possibilities. Psychic powers, other galaxies, it was all too amazing. While she wasn't to sure about the whole concept of gender swapping, each day at the academy was seemingly more fantastic and amazing than the last. It was as if her whole life was a series of incidents which had conspired to bring her to this place. She was still shaking her head as Mark went to fill his soda.

After Dimitri spoke she replied, "No, I can't give you stock tips... it's mostly a mess unless something important is going to happen. Sadly it doesn't think much of lottery numbers either. I think life would have been very different if it had," she said smiling. Her useless menu was still sitting in front of her. "Thankfully, I can hide my powers pretty easily. I mean, most people think I'm kind of a loon..."

Pausing she looked at the waitress with very some insight into what the lady had said to her and Dimitri. She'd been called a nutter enough to guess that people made the same assumption about him. Suddenly she wondered again if she was going to need to come up with some kind of secret identity. It was an odd thought for a girl who had spent most of her life trying to be noticed.

She was still thinking about it when the waitress came back, "oh, I'll have tea if you have it. Any brand is fine if it's warm."

As she walked away she turned to the two of them, "soooo... perhaps one of you can recommend something for me. Burgers are great, I'm not too keen on odd combinations, however, I'll try anything really."

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"The burgers are good," said a jovial Mark as he came back to his seat. "And the chili fries." There were no further weird incidents as they ordered, and the three teens relaxed for a little while. "I've dealt with pretercognitives before, but I've always thought that would be a high-stress job," he said, a little tactlessly to Tasha. "I mean, what if something really bad happens and you miss it?" He coughed, looked a little abashed, and added, "Dimitri, you've mentioned inheriting your powers from your dad a couple of times. I...I sort of did the same thing," he admitted. "Well, not from your dad, obviously, but you know what I mean. Is he someone I'd have heard of?" he asked. "I'm pretty up to date with superhero stuff, that kind of thing. Or is he a private contractor?" he speculated. "People who don't want to do hero work can make a lot of money doing that kind of thing, I've heard."

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"Well I seem to be behind the 8 ball more often than not. It'd be nice for a change to get somewhere before the bad stuff happens. However, all I can say is that I do my best. Still, traveling by bus is hardly the way to get around the city if you are going to bust criminals."

Burgers and chili fries, well she supposed that messy could be tolerable. She had long ago given up the notion that she could be prim, proper, or even clean all the time. Still, chili fries might even be pushing that notion. She actually laughed at herself in her minds eye as she saw what might become if she ordered them. No, regular fries would have to do.

"As for what happens? I guess I try to figure out what I can and help whomever is left that needs helping."

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Dimitri had another laugh at Tasha's serious response to his joke. "My god, people have actually asked you to do something like that, haven't they? Actually, I believe using pre-cogs to play the stock market might be illegal. I'd have to ask my lawyer. But rest assured, I'm not going to be bothering you for answers. I'm the kind of man who likes to make his own luck."

Dimitri's smile faded slightly when the mention of going out and fighting crime came up. "Well, I don't know about...super-heroics. I know a thing or two about a fight, I suppose, but I don't know if I can take on monsters, aliens, and what have you. I'm volunteering at a local hospital, and they're having me work as a bit of a fast ambulance. But that's another story." He looked to the menu again. "Well, I'm not quite that hungry, so I'll just go for the burger then."

When the question of his parentage came up, however, Dimitri had another smile on his face, though it was more strained. "'Private contractor.' I suppose that's one way to put it." He sighed slightly; honesty was probably the best policy here, before rumors could begin to circulate. Besides, he couldn't quite hide much, anyway. "You may have heard of him, yes. You've heard of The Magpie? He's had a few...run-ins with the locals, I'm told."

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"Oh." Mark had heard of the Magpie, all right. He thought of his own father, so far away, somewhere where he might never see him again. Somewhere where he'd gone and left the family behind. "My father is a superhero. But he's gone now. I didn't know the Magpie had any children," he said, doing his best to stay polite as he felt a surge of unfamiliar emotion. "If he's as old as Raven II, he must have been a young man when you were born." Sounds like his father isn't around either. Repressing a surge of really nasty feelings, he turned to Tasha and said, "That sounds pretty cool. Pretercognition must be a pretty useful skill. My friends say I'm lucky to know what's going on half the time."

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Tasha smiled as Dmitri joked, but her tone said that she was quite serious "all the time. If people fine out, they want to know about sports events, horse races, lottery numbers, when their loved ones are going to die, and all sorts of things. I don't really advertise it... which is why I didn't say much right away. I like to help, but I really can't see stuff like that at all. Sometimes it's kind of frustrating. Oh and why can't it tell me which shift to grab in the morning, seriously, that's the most critical decision I face most days... yet nothing."

As Mark spoke the waitress came up behind him, "ok so you ready to order?"

Tasha waited to see if anyone was speaking. When they didn't she said, "I think I'd like the burger. Put whatever toppings on it and if I could have some fries and if you have a chocolate malt, that would be great!"

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"I don't know if he knows he has a son, actually. We don't talk much. I've no proof, obviously. But I trust my mother, and there's the obvious connection between us. But yes, he and my mother were quite young when I was born." Dimitri stopped talking as the waitress returned to the table. He smiled as Tasha ordered his meal, before looking towards the waitress himself. "I'll just have a cheeseburger, please. Hold the ketchup."

He turned back towards Mark, offering a smile. If his discomfort was any indication, his uncomfortableness was not solely from sympathy, but he figured he should clear that up now. He waited until Mark placed his order and the waitress left before continuing. "Don't worry about offending me or anything, Mark. I can't say I'm fond of the man, but I've dealt with those issues fairly well." Which wasn't particularly true, he supposed, but he could hide it well, if nothing else.

"Considering I'm in the presence of a...well, super-hero, I suppose I should get this out of the way now. It'll be best to get it aired before rumors can start, anyway." Dimitri pursed his fingers for a second before continuing. "Until recently, I've used my gifts for...less than honorable means. I suppose that teleportation isn't the only trait that I inherited from my father. I didn't steal, per se, but...I did enjoy a bit of breaking and entering, I suppose." He looked between the two. "Perhaps you heard of a attempted break-in at the local art museum, perhaps a few months ago? The Raven broke it up?"

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