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Unlikely Allies: Pt 2 OOC


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Untrained skill check time! Eidetic Memory, gooooo!

Untrained Knowledge (Streetwise) checks (1d20 + 6=19, 1d20 + 6=12)

Bah, should have taken 10. Ah well.

Also, Dragonfly's gonna start doing her Master Plan thing right now, so I'm rolling that while I'm rolling other things:

Master Plan roll (1d20 + 6=25)

Not bad! Though, obviously, it'll only apply if nothing interrupts within the next few minutes.

Post pending knowledge check results.

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Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 10: This looks just like the Conqueror Worm, a villain from the 1960s. They say the Raven killed him, but the cops hushed it up.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hm. Tried to give it something nice-ish and unusual, without breaking Worm's caps or making the fight truly terrible. Feel free to confirm or veto:

Device ? (Weaponized Armor: Arm Mount, ??pp Device)

Need a little heavy lifting? An extra kick for that next job? Hero got you down? Try our new line of weaponized power armor! Custom-designed with the very latest science, guaranteed to satisfy.

Not all functions available if individual pieces are worn alone. Estimated functions of a single arm mount:

Damage 5 (Extras: Penetrating, Range [Ranged], Feats: Alternate Power 1) (spacial)

AP: Paralyze 4 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Range [Ranged]) (spacial)

The former's much like Dragonfly's own blast, if a little more crude (but still dangerous). The second screws with your local reality to slow you down or freeze you entirely. Frozen targets are mildly distorted-looking and glow softly.

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The glow hurts you. Grande, Fox.

EDIT: I'm calling it. A series of adventures pairing Dragonfly with various PC heroes from across the boards. At the end of it she has Well-Informed and Contacts, as well as her battle suit.

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EDIT: I'm calling it. A series of adventures pairing Dragonfly with various PC heroes from across the boards.

At this rate, probably.

At the end of it she has Well-Informed and Contacts,

Huh. Hadn't thought of that. Maybe!

as well as her battle suit.

A battlesuit is indeed in her future, but not from this stuff. It's old (to her), and bulky. At best it's a battlesuit prototype. But it at least establishes that she's made them before!

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Well. Being air-dropped into the middle of a bunch of hobos and villains is a call for initiative if I ever heard one.

Initiative Roll (1d20 + 6=19)

Also, Master Plan goes into effect immediately, for the first round of combat. +3 to attack and skill rolls, use it well! They didn't really have much time to discuss, but with metal quickness and the datalink they established I guess I'll just handwave that she's feeding helpful, unspecified data to Ironclad.

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Force field and shield go, since I don't think she already had them up.

Stunt time, I think. Spending an HP to get an AP in her spacial array:

Damage 7 (Extras: Area [burst, Targeted], Range [Ranged], Flaws: Action [Full]) [14/14pp] (spacial)

That's an area attack placed to cover as many people as she can without hitting 'clad. It's 70 feet wide and 35 feet tall, so it should only rain hurt on the intended targets (which is most of the room). The description is just fluff - it originates from her and cover would prevent the targeting system from...well, targeting, so it's not really indirect. Just more fun to describe.

Targetted Area Attack Roll vs. ....everybody (1d20 + 7 + 3=23)

DC22 toughness saves for anyone that hits!

EDIT: for posterity I guess I should note that the attack roll has that last +3 because of Master Plan. I keep forgetting to add modifiers like that into the attack roll's description.

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Worm Toughness


Suit Toughness



Luna Moth Toughness.


Holy crap. Epic fail.

Mooks collective Toughness

1d20+3=10, 1d20+3=6, 1d20+3=23, 1d20+3=9, 1d20+3=8

Worm -- Bruised -- GM

Suit -- Uninjured -- GM

Dragonfly -- Uninjured -- HP x2

Luna Moth -- Bruised -- GM

Ironclad -- Uninjured -- HP x1

Mooks -- All but 5, down -- GM

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Minus Luna Worm and the Suit.

Clad's attack.


Miss. Would need to roll a 16 to hit her, actually. I guess Accurate Attack next round!

4 mooks using Aid Another against Dragonfly. 2 try to lower her Def, 2 try to raise Worm's attack.

1d20+2=10, 1d20+2=6, 1d20+2=6, 1d20+2=20

Huh. Okay, so the Worm gets +2 on her next Att.

Which, by the way, is a big-ass revolver.


Geez. I'm not sure there's any way for her to miss. DC 19 Toughness

Worm -- Bruised -- GM

Dragonfly -- Bruised -- HP x1

Ironclad -- Uninjured -- HP x1

Mooks -- All but 4, down -- GM

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Toughness Save vs. Worm's Revolver, DC19 (Bruised, Force Field 4) (1d20 + 3=17)

Could be worse. One more bruise, and the force field's down to 2.

Keep forgetting to track things. Blagh. Last attack roll was missing the Master Plan bonus, but it wouldn't have helped anyway. Dice! :argh:

Master Plan started at +3. Assuming for simplicity that it was activated on Dragonfly's turn and ticks down every time it's her turn again, it was +3 for the huge area attack, +3 for the complete miss after being set on fire, and +3 for this one:

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Worm (Blast, Master Plan) (1d20 + 7 + 3=16)

Don't think that hits, though.

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Ironclad's going full Accurate Attack, makes her Att +10/Dam +4


With the plus 3 from Master Plan that I forgot to factor in. :P Oh well, like I'm gonna let a roll of 1 stand. HP! Reroll that one!


Exactly what is needed for the HP to count, and more than enough to hit the bit-- er, hit the Worm.

Worm's Toughness


Bruise and stunned. Do something with that, Fly!

Mooks attack.

1d20+2=9, 1d20+2=10, 1d20+2=3, 1d20+2=8

Wiff horribly.

Worm is stunned until Clad's turn.

Worm -- Bruised x2, Stunned -- GM

Dragonfly -- Bruised x2 -- HP x1

Ironclad -- Uninjured -- HP x1

Mooks -- All but 4, down -- GM

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....I don't trust my dice. Playing it relatively safe, here.

Per the house rules, taking a -2 Attack / +2 Damage tradeoff. Master Plan is now +2.

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Worm (Blast, Master Plan) (1d20 + 7 + 2=23)

And having JUST typed that, I go and forget to put the -2 in the roll itself. I'm an idiot, and swear I decided before making that roll. This is what I get for using Chrome's field completion things too much.

At a -2 on top of that, it's 21, which still hits nicely. If she's prone (wasn't sure) it's 17, which is still a hit. DC25 Toughness save for Worm.

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Worm's Toughness save.


Yeah, that's enough to make her unconscious.

Clad tries to Intimidate! (And probably fails, since the minions are Fanatical)


Yup! Still a fail.

Minions attack the Toughness shifted suit.

1d20+2=7, 1d20+2=10, 1d20+2=7, 1d20+2=6

And even with her horrid Def, they don't hit her. Muwahaha.

Quick Fly, while she's out of it!

Worm -- Bruised x3, Unconscious -- GM

Dragonfly -- Bruised x2 -- HP x1

Ironclad -- Uninjured -- HP x0

Mooks -- All but 4, down -- GM

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Master Plan's down to +1.

Dragonfly's dropping the force field so it can build back up while they're trying to beat the snot out of Ironclad.

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Vagrant (Blast, Master Plan) (1d20 + 7 + 1=27)

SLDKGHASG another freaking 19. I swear she gets so many of these I need to get Improved Critical on that blast, or just her gauntlets in general.

DC23 Toughness for the vagrant.

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Clad goes back to default Att + Master Plan.


And manages to miss a freaking Minion. Gorammit.

Minion's Toughness... Cannot possibly beat Fly's attack. So it's down.

Worm -- Bruised x3, Unconscious -- GM

Dragonfly -- Bruised x2 -- HP x1

Ironclad -- Uninjured -- HP x0

Mooks -- All but 3, down -- GM

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Mook down. Clad Attacking.


A crit on a mook. For the love of Murphy. He's down at least.

Mook attacks.


AND EFFING CRITS! :evil: Confirm.


This does not make me happy.

Clad's Toughness.


Oh, gawd.

Worm -- Bruised x3, Unconscious -- GM

Dragonfly -- Bruised x2 -- HP x1

Ironclad -- Bruised -- HP x0

Mooks -- All but 1, down -- GM

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