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Ok to start with we'll need the background much better explained. She may not know what her past and the origin of her powers is but you as the writer and the staff needs to know.

I'll reserve any further judgments on the back ground until that's fleshed out.

right now she doesn't meet combat caps/ Which is fine but will likely be frustrating in play. We're not all about combat but it does happen and being significantly under caps would likely impede your enjoyment of such threads.

Powers need to be finished. The Drain as you described it makes sense as a Drain toughness effect not drain strength. Making things fragile not making people weaker.

I'm not certain how the building of Phi would best work but most likely it would be equipment of some kind possibly with a mighty strike effect (Due to its mass) and restricted to strength over a certain amount. But normally that is outside hte scope of equipment, as its not really possessed of powers though I don't think its worth device points. It really depends on what exactly you want it to do. If its just a toy that she freaks out about losing then it can be a complication as you have it but it won't really be able to benefit you outside of how your powers normally work.

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Well that's sort of how I wanted the rabbit to be, it's not exactly something that is special beyond being abnormally heavy after all. Anyway, I'll need some help with the powers in general, I understand how the first two go, but don't understand if I have to add an additional power for her to increase somethings density or if I add it as a cliff note to the other thing. I'll also need some help adding the stat modifiers the powers bring.

Also, I added a small blurb furthering her origins a bit at the end of the exposition.

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Yeah, see, this is the main reason the Ref team has developed a prejudice against anime/manga fans. Not only do they submit squicktastic character ideas like this, but then we actually need to explain to them why those concepts were rejected, because it honestly doesn't occur to them how incredibly inappropriate they are.

No, a traumatized and emotionally-stunted gradeschooler who's spent her formative years held captive in a box is not a suitable concept for an FCPBP player character. And no, I shouldn't have to say that.

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That's a bit mean, but I get what you're saying, I knew it was a bit of a leap when I made it. Anyway, I wasn't trying to recreate an idea in anime, I just wanted to make a character who had a stark contrast to my original one in context, mainly someone, my original character is a mature and generally well adjusted individual with a normal past, so I wanted to make something different then that.

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When a Ref explicitly tells you that the minimum age for PCs here is 16, that does not mean "Propose a character who's physically 16, but emotionally (supposedly) 12 and talks like she's 7 as she wields her teddy-bear as a weapon, while expressing Stockholm sentiments for the sick perv who's been holding her captive in a box." That's about as far as it's physically possible to miss the point by without actually breaking Earth-orbit.

"Immature," "psychologically disturbed or unstable," and "traumatic past" are all elements you can include into a PC here without making everyone who reads your character sheet feel like they need to take a very hot shower with a steel wool washcloth afterward. Which has been the near-universal sentiment from Refs and players alike who read your original idea.

So Yeah, I was mean. We lost all patience for this crap after the 100th time someone tried to slip it by us.

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Well I edited and revamped the personality according, I understand the irritation, but next time simply saying that type of character is unacceptable and so on is all you need. I know a lot of the time what I think if isn't very original and I probably should of discussed this aspect of my character beforehand in the shoutbox to clarify. I know I'm new here, but understand that I'm willing to bend my characters into whatever you think is acceptable, and that I'm not just some crazed fangirl trying to recreate overused anime cliches.

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