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Temporal Impact (IC)

Agent A

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The Japanese countryside: 16th Century

"Foolish samurai! You will never defeat me! This is not over!"

The sorcerer turned, chanting in a strange language. His remaining golem henchmen filed in front of the altar, intending to protect him to the last. Shiroikaze, injured and exhausted from the fight didn't know what he was planning to do, but he suspected he didn't want to know. Raising his blade high, he waded into the crowd, slashing left and right as he tried to wade through. They began to press in, threatening to crush the swordsman with their bulk. As this continued, the sorcerer continued chanting, and a portal, sickening green in color, began to open in the air.

Finally, with a mighty leap, Katashi cleared the crowd just before he could be smashed, landing on the altar. But he was too late. The portal was open, and his foe fleeing through it. There was no other option now. Sheathing his blade, he charged ahead, running through the portal. As soon as his feet left the ground, he could feel himself falling, and falling, seemingly into nothingness. He attempted to hold on, but eventually, the force was too much for him. He felt himself fade into nothingness as he blacked out...

Freedom City: Present day

Katashi was no stranger to rough awakenings, but impacting into the ground onto stone was up there on the list. He rolled a good 30 feet before skidding to a stop face down on the ground. He groaned softly, his hand groping across the ground for his sword. "" His hand fell onto the hilt, and he gripped it tightly, using it to prop himself up. Feeling more certain that he would keep his consciousness, he opened his eyes.

What he saw was a shock, to say the least. Buildings stretched into the sky, large metal...things lined roads paved with what looked like some kind of stone, and so much noise! He looked around in shock at the people who surrounded him. This must be some kind of illusion, created to throw him off the trail. "" The people looked about themselves, fear on their face. It seemed that none of them understood his words.

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Sarah Prescott, having finished with some business at City Hall, was just exiting when a bright flash of light and the sounds of a body hitting the asphalt attracted her attention. There in the middle of the street a man dressed like he had just stepped out of an Akira Kurosawa film, waving a sword and yelling in what she assumed was Japanese.

Hoping that this was just a lost temporal traveler and not some random crazy (Ah! Freedom City!), Sarah approached with her hands slightly raised in a non-threatening manner hoping to diffuse the situation before any violence broke out.

"Ah, hello? Do you speak any English?" she asked, making an effort to enunciate properly just in case.

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"Corruption in City Hall, eh? Tell me more..." Joan looked out the window of the office she'd been snooping in and saw a samurai warrior appear in a flash of light. "Actually, you know what? Why don't we get together tonight at the usual spot?" she suggested, her black costume pouring out over her body as she watched the young woman down below engage the warrior in combat. "I've got a meeting I need to attend."

Springing out of her office window, Fusion popped into visibility as she swung down from the flank of the building, tentacles whipping in the air around her as she easily caught her landing. She faced the samurai and tried in fluent, though accented Japanese: "

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Katashi was beginning to panic slightly, and he raised his sword into a guard position when the woman began to approach him. However, he stopped himself right after. If this was some kind of illusion meant to trick him, anger and rashness wasn't the way to pierce it. He had to clear his mind. Taking a deep breath, he willed his mind to calm, though confusion continued to gnaw at his thoughts. With a deliberately slow motion, he sheathed his blade, standing up as straight as his injuries would allow. "English?" He remembered, that was the language the traders who visited his father's estate had spoken. Katashi had learned some basics of the language, but that had been years ago. It seemed that the sorcerer had escaped to their lands, though the descriptions they had given did it little justice, it seemed. "Little."

At the sound of a person landing behind him, his hand fell to the hilt of his blade again, though when he turned, he did not see what he expected. He couldn't help but to gape at the tentacled woman wearing an even more ridiculous get-up than every one else he had seen swung down from one of the buildings. It took him a moment before he realized something. "" Forgetting to be weirded out for a second, Shiroikaze turned, imploring the woman. ""

A particularly loud horn caused Katashi to wince. He looked a little sheepish as he continued. "" Turning and limping towards the sidewalk, the crowd parted to allow him to pass. Now that there was someone who could speak his tongue, perhaps he could get some answers.

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Sarah, though relaxed slightly that hostilities seemed to have been diffused, looked on with a slightly lost expression as the samurai and the tentacle woman jabbered at each other in moonspeak. When the man stumbled though, she quickly reached out to steady him.

"Did he say England?" Sarah asked, turning towards Fusion. "What exactly's going on here?"

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"It's OK," said Fusion reassuringly to Sarah, her face invisible behind the huge octopus eye silhouettes on her full-face mask. "I think this man has been displaced in time or dimension. I'm going to take him to a hero I know who'll be able to deal with this."

She kept a close eye on both the woman and the swordsman, careful to make sure neither of them were about to do anything rash.

"" she reassured Shiro. ""

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Shiroikaze looked between the two women as they spoke in their own language. He caught a work here and there, but not enough to get the whole meaning. Still, he could tell that the smaller of the two women was confused. When the woman addressed him again in Japanese, he straightened up, bowing to her. "" He turned to the other woman. "I am Maeda Katashi. Shiroikaze." He looked around for a second, before continuing. ""

He remembered what the traders had told him, doing a quick calculation in his head. "" He nodded to Fusion when she offered him a ride. ""

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