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Ironclad v 3.0


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Rebuilding Ironclad's suit for the final time. Honest. At least until 3E hits, anyway. Some notes to begin with.

:arrow: Toughness and Damage shifted

Device 12 (Battlesuit; Technology; Hard to Lose; Feat: Accurate; 59 PP) [49 PP]

Feature 4 (Technology, computer; Library, communications, computers, holo-projector) [4 PP]

Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9 PP]

Super-Senses 5 (Technology magnetic; Radius all vision, darkvision, communication link [with Malcolm Dawes]) [5 PP]

Super-Movement 1 (Technology, magnetic; Slow fall) [2 PP]

Protection 9 (Technology, armor) [9 PP]

Flight 5 (Technology, magnetic; 250 MPH; Feats: Subtle) [11 PP]

BE: Blast 9 (Particle Beams; Feats: Ranged Disarm, Alternate Power) [20 PP]

AP: Enhanced Strength 19 [19 PP]

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Flight AP Swimming is redundant. As of Ultimate Power, Flight works in water by default.

Does it now? I was under the impression that it was a recommended house rule, only. Well, that allows some interesting variation.

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Communication the power allows a person to, well, communicate with either a single person or a whole group, through some medium. Communication the Feature is identical to the HQ ability; it means that, through the suit, she's tapped into most official communication channels, i.e. police radio, citizen band, et cetera.

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