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Darksider42's NPC Idea List


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Welcome! I get a lot of ideas for stuff. Too many in fact. Villains, NPCs and other beings that can help or hinder a players hero here on FCPBP. I gets so many ideas than I can actually make that at times I start to forget what I'm even doing or where I live. So rather than let my brain matter melt out of my ears and mess up my keyboard, I've decided to put them up somewhere here on the forums and let everyone have a play around with what I've though up.

Need a recurring villain but can't think one up? An Archenemy to torment your hero perhaps? Some sort of Hero from another city making a cameo just for the fun of it or do a solo thread in the style of "Batman: The Brave and The Bold"? Come on in and have a look. Sure you might find someone that interests you.

Feel free to add your own while you are at it. Can't be the only one with this problem Right?

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Here are some heading your way people.

Card Shark: Taking Inspiration from Gambit and Bullseye, Card shark is a Playing card themed Villain that commits crimes of robbery with a deck of magic razor sharp playing cards to break out of his very, very VERY deep debt with various mob bosses and fuel his gambling addiction. Possible abilities beyond stabbing cards of doom include teleporting (if you want).

Quizshow: A deathtrap villain with a Gameshow theme. Once a popular and beloved game show host, Quizshow had his program cancelled to pave way for the latest superhero reality TV show. He went mad! Now he desires nothing but revenge on the heroes of Freedom city by playing the his new, twisted game shows that put our heroes in the face of certain doom. The grand prize? Their lives! Good Silver age villain for those interested in trying to survive the Wheel! of! MisFortune!

Lord Steam: Time travel is a major pain sometimes. Whole new period to deal with. Culture shock and whatnot. But what if you were from an alternate timeline from the past? What then?! This is the problem of one mad scientist and Gentlemen Megalomaniac Lord Steam. Comming from a time that never was, this Steampunk Villain wants nothing more than to rule the present with his army of Clockwork soldiers and behemoths! Then, when that is all said and done, RULE TIME ITSELF! (Cue evil laugh here)

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