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Terror of MechaOtaku! (OOC)

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All right. Standard Action: Strike 5 (Energy Weapon; Extras: Autofire 3, Penetrating 6; Power Feats: Mighty, Improved Critical 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Precise) [32/32PP] Base DC:25 + Accurate Attack = Base DC:20

1d20+15=30 Which means the DC goes up from Autofire by a full 10 if I'm correct.

Next, Surge

Standard Action: Create Object 10 (Energy; Extras: Moveable; Power Feats: Selective, Tether ) [32PP] Make a 50ft Cube around us good guys and the bad guy, so that he can't touch any civilians or the mall right away if he wanted to.

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Right, so it's my turn.

Aiko is going to run up and leap at the big bastard and throw a full on Power Attack Kick; still throwing out profane language of course.

Round 1: Power Attack [-5 Attack & +5 DC] vs Otaku (stunned), DC 30 it hit (1d20+5=22) I'd wager that's a hit.

And that's it I think, no spending those shiny HP. If the ----er falls down at this point Aiko is going to dig him out of that thing and berate him for being such a wimp. Mind you, she's already pretty much doing that, but she'll feel better about doing in his face.

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Finally got that post up (had storms moving around over here. The rain is welcome, the thunder and blinding lightning less so.)

And regarding the mecha being remote controlled; must have missed that. Not that Aiko would know it right now if it is so; one more thing for her to be pissed about when she finds out.

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At the request of Nyrath, I'm posting the Initiative List:

Sparksmith: 23 Currently Uninjured, 1 HP

Nyrath: 21 Currently Uninjured, has 3 HP

Beacon: 20 Currently Uninjured, has 3 HP

Doctor Otaku: 11 Stunned, Staggered, and Bruised

Guardian: 6 Currently Uninjured, 1 HP

Beacon, not wanting to risk blinding his erstwhile allies or the civilians below, decides to go the uncreative path on this particular fight, and blasts the giant robot as hard as he can, Power Attack +/- 5 1d20+3=9 which does not work out for him. Spending one of his HPs to Reroll gives him Power Attack +5 (1d20+3=18) a hit against the flat-footed MechOtaku.

DC: 29 for a +12 Blast with +5 power attack applied

The good Doctor Whiffs (1d20+10=16) his saving throw, which upgrades a second Staggered result to unconcious, demonstrating the two-fold point that Straight-out-of-the-book villains suck and that being heavily outnumbered is really nasty.

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You rolled a six on initative, VC, so you came after Doctor Otaku, who didn't get a turn, and Beacon, who had a 20 and took his turn.

Taking 10 on the untrained Knowledge: Pop Culture checks on Doc Otaku and Scraper.

Inititave: 1d20=6

Guardian's also nearby, and heard a police radio transmission.

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