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Terror Of MechaOtaku! (IC) (OPEN)

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It was a quiet day. A day like any other in the bustling metropolis of Freedom City, New Jersey, which is to say, not at all quiet and more bustling than most people liked. On this particular day, the cause of the excitement was the unexpected, seemingly random appearance of the by now infamous MechaOtaku, the giant robot piloted by the anime inspired anathema of anyone decent Takashi Solo, that Manga-themed master of mayhem, Doctor Otaku!

"Come on out and play, Super-idiots! I can't wait to see how my new improvements hold up, and I don't have all day!" Thrashing and stomping through the heart of Midtown, the menacing mechanism broadcasts a taunting message loudly, destroying everything around it and causing panic in the streets. "Come on! Normally I can't knock over a lousy bank without tripping over a dozen of you jerks, now that I'm looking for you it takes forever? What do I have to do... destroy the Millennium Mall? 'Cause ya know, I think I will!"

As the monstrous machine approaches the heavily populated shopping center, full of innocent people unable to escape in time, the question must be posed... can anyone stop it in time?

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Beacon flies low over the Midtown district, sweeping the city looking for anything out of the ordinary, his eagle eyes peeled, ever alert...

Okay, I can do this. I've got the powers, got the outfit, got the will to handle just about- is that a sixteen foot robot smashing the mall? Seriously? This is what I get on my first patrol EVER?

Light flares out from the golden mantle as the young hero swoops down, coming to a stop in front of his apparent foe, striking a dramatic pose.

"Alright, buddy. I'm pretty sure that's a clearly labeled No Giant Robot Parking zone. I'm going to have to ask you to get that thing out of here and down to the AEGIS center, where they can help you find a place to put it."

Doctor Otaku's robotic battle-suit turns, it's viewports fixing onto the alabaster avenger, and the disparaging voice issues forth from the loudspeaker once more, "You're kidding, right/ I'm going to be worried by some idiot dressed like a loser from sixty years ago? You and what army?"

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Guardian was casually flying through Downtown Freedom, being in the Midtown area at the time, when he heard in his head "All available units in Downtown Freedom, converge on the Millennium Mall. Doctor Otaku is threatening to destroy the mall with his mech." Since he was right by the area, he sped off towards the mall.

He arrived with little trouble, and noticed both Doc Otaku's giant robot, and The Beacon. What the... The Beacon? I could have sworn he retired several years ago! What's he doing here? Disregarding this train of thought for the moment, he flew up beside The Beacon, and said "Hey, need a hand?"

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Sparksmith was out running some errands for his parents. The last place on the list was the Millennium Mall. Sparky had been looking all over for the newly released Dragon Quest 9 video game, but it was sold out EVERYWHERE. the last place to possibly have it was in the Millennium Mall. Luckily, they had once copy left.

All right. I got mom's weights, dad's new fishing pole, Master Lee's incense, and my new Dragon Quest. Good day! I can't believe I got the final copy.

As he left the mall with shopping bag in hand, he looked up to see the giant robot saying something about destroying the mall. Who the heck is that? Well, looks like it's time to let the spa-

At that moment, he saw a man shining and striking a pose. A warrior stood in front of the robot with confidence, but Sparky figured he could lend a hand. New hero in town? Sounds good to me, but I don't think one guy can take a robot alone.

Kurt flew up into a tree, hanging the shopping back on the highest branch, then proceeded to fly over to the new hero. "How about this army?" Kurt struck a pose next to the new guy: his arms at his sides, slightly curled, with his fists closed. Two sparks (glowing orbs of energy) swirled around him. "Hey Newbie. The name's Sparksmith. Need some help?"

Looking past the glowing hero, Kurt noticed the Guardian on the other side. "Oh, hey Guard, didn't see you there. You ready to take this guy down?"

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The moment she'd heard Otaku was in town and up to his usual antics Aiko had dropped everything she'd been doing and set off at her top speed to try and intercept him. She rounded the nearest street corner behind the mecha just in time to see someone, a small part of her quickly threw up the name Luke Lafayette, grow to match Takashi in his latest giant attempt to compensate for a certain part of his anatomy. The gynoid wasn't interested in what the redheaded celebrity was named, or who he was in any way, though; that worm Solo had most of her attention. "" And at that point Karakuri's shouting, in her native japanese, went straight for the cussing. Fortunately those who'd understand the foul language, beyond the fact that whatever the blue clad and haired girl was shouting it was harsh, were few and far between even in this city.

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Turning his head upon hearing a familiar voice, Guardian saw Sparksmith. "Hey, Sparks, I'm glad there's a familiar face here! Let's take this mechanized monstrosity down, shall we?" Looking around, Guardian saw civilians, but thankfully, they were doing what they could to get away. He also noticed a new hero around.

"Huh. I wonder who that is? Well, the blue hair and ponytail are interesting, and we can always use more help. And thankfully, it seems like I can concentrate on the fight."

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"All right. Let's start this up."

The two swirling sparks spin faster and faster around Sparksmith, until colliding into him, reshaping his force field into what appears to be a karate gi with gloves and a headband. The gloves glow brightly as Sparky flies up to the Doctor's Mecha's head.

He shouts, "Try this one on for size!" loudly and collides a single glowing fist against the bottom of the robot's face.

"SHIN!..." His second fist glows even brighter, coming up quickly, smashing against the metallic jaw. As he follows through with the punch, "...SHORYUKEN!" Sparksmith spins slowly 180 degrees, then floats back down to the ground, turning around to face the pompous villain.

As soon as he turns, he outstretches his hands, each releasing 5 parks (10 total). The sparks collide between MechOtaku and the heroes, then expand quickly, creating a 50ft cube, making a battle arena for the participants in an attempt to ensure the safety of the civilians in the area.

"Game on."

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Even as Aiko kept up the scorching vocal barrage while dashing forwards she remained quite aware of what everyone else was doing. The imprompto cosplay from one of the other heroes would have had her smirking, but that would have meant she'd need to pause in throwing insults at the slimy bastard that was Doctor Otaku. Said insults ranged from deriding the young genius' taste in soft drinks to questioning his mothers fidelity, but markedly never questioned the japanese villains skills when it came to robotics, doing so would have been kinda hypocritical coming from the gynoid. Just after the energy based assault had sent the giant mecha reeling Karakuri launched herself off the ground at what she simultaneously derided as a "<-overcompensating, oversized, ego boosting waste of effort!>" As she screamed out the last few words the blue haired gynoid struck out with a powerful kick to the side of the tin can, using the motion to flip her backwards and landing gracefully on the ground.

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Wow, when Doctor Otaku asked 'me and what army', I wasn't really expecting an army to show up and help. I guess that's what happens you attack Midtown in broad daylight.

As the faster reacting heroes perform a flawless True Rising Dragon Punch followed by an effortless Rider Kick, Beacon finds himself strangely compelled to follow suit in the battle against the Anime inspired evil-doer, charging up one of his most powerful light-blasts with two fingers, then supporting the arm with his off-hand.

"I guess that leaves it to me to try a..." As the energy bursts forth from his hand, he bellows loudly, clearly enjoying himself, "Exploding Demon Wave!"

The shamelessly ripped off attack slams into Doctor Otaku's mighty machine with a vengeance, slamming it into the ground and pulverizing the chest, rending the metal open to reveal... an empty chair where the underaged overachieving offender should sit!

"Aw, you spoiled my surprise, you do-gooding dweebs. I guess the remote control system test can be called a failure... which, if you think about it, leaves you with one important question... Where's the REAL Doctor Otaku now?" The Doctor lets out a villainous laugh as the radio sparks, fizzles, and ultimately fails...

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Guardian watched The Beacon's blast had hit the mech, and sighed to himself as the dust settled around the impact zone. "While I am glad that this wasn't anything very serious, I do wish that I had had a chance to actually do something." As soon as the train of thought had finished, the station it pulled into exploded, as the compartment which should have held Doctor Otaku was oddly empty. The radio piped in some sound, which Guardian could hear anyways, and knew where the source of the message is.

As soon as the radio fizzled, Guardian yelled "Hey, everyone! I know where Doctor Otaku is! Follow me!", and immediately took off in the direction of the Freedom City Historical Center, moving slow enough so that everyone could follow him.

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Meanwhile at the Hall of Ju- strike that. At the Freedom City Historical Museum, located a mere block away from the Millenium Mall, open during regular business hours and free for children under the age of eight, the real Doctor Otaku, aided by a trio of attractive scantily-clad females, quickly stuffs the remnants of some important historical exhibit, alternatively known valuable old junk, into specially prepared receptacles, alternatively known as large sacks.

"Hurry, hurry. The remote says the MechOtaku Remote Pilot Drone Mark I has gone down, and if our luck runs the way it usually does, one of them will have some kind of x-ray vision or a special computer in a cave somewhere to let them figure out where we are with as few clues as I left."

"Hai, Takashi-sama." The three Angel Androids respond in unison, and redouble their efforts to fill the bags, knowing their wise and brilliant master is correct, and it's only a matter of time before the heroes are upon them...

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"Hey, everyone! I know where Doctor Otaku is! Follow me!"

"Guardian, where are we going? Where is he?"

Sparksmith follows close, surfing on an circular energy platform. His force field reverts back to normal as he turns around, now flying backwards while following Guardian.

"And can someone also tell me who the 'he' is?" The bot wasn't hard, but do we need a plan for the loudmouth who built it?..." Sparky looked at everyone's faces, expecting an answer, but realized he had no idea who any of these people were. He shook his head and turned a bit pink, feeling foolish for demanding things from people he didn't know.

"...Oh, crap, sorry. I didn't even introduce myself. The name's Kurt. You can call me Sparksmith."

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Turning towards Sparksmith, but still flying in the proper direction, Guardian responded He's in the Freedom City Historical Museum! It's not far from here, but we have to hurry! The longer we dilly-dally, the larger the chance is that he won't be there when we get there. Pausing for a moment, Guardian took a quick glance forward to make sure he wasn't about to hit anything, then turned around again. Now that I think about it, I haven't introduced myself either. The name's Guardian.

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"<-and now you're getting sloppy in your builds too! Would it have hurt so much to stay away from the ero-games for another few hours to add some actually decent armour you ->" Aiko clearly wasn't relenting in berating any and all flaws she could find with Doctor Otaku and his work, only when the radio quite visibly gave up the ghost did she stop. When Guardian announced that he knew where the little bastard was hiding the blue haired girl didn't waste any time in dashing off to follow him.

"And can someone also tell me who the 'he' is?" The bot wasn't hard, but do we need a plan for the loudmouth who built it?..."

"He's Doctor Otaku, real name of Takashi Solo." Karakuri replied to the energy user's query, no sign of strain in her voice. Beyond a smouldering anger that is. "A genius when it comes to robotics, I'll give the slimy git that much. He's good enough at it that other villains contract out to him with some regularity. This was probably just a disposable drone; he'd skimped on the armour among other things. He will have three gynoid bodyguards with him; the bastard knows well enough that he is eminently squishy on his own. They're likely to be a lot more dangerous than the big tincan we just smashed. Still, I suggest smashing in before he gets away."

As everyone started passing around introductions the gynoid figured she should probably chime in. "Karakuri Aiko, as you can probably work out I've got history with the *Bleep*-ing bastard." Aiko seems genuinely surprised at the bleep censuring part of what she said. "That's new."

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I suggest smashing in before he gets away.

"You want to smash in? Aren't you a ninja? Wouldn't you want to sneak in, deactivate the bots, then knock him out? I mean, I learned some ninjitsu, but not enough to execute a stealth plan efficiently. I might not be able to be very stealthy, but...

Sparksmith trailed off as he looked around at the other heroes. He was in the presence of the embodiment of light, a muscle man, and one ninja.

"Heh, you know what? Forget I said that. Smashing is fine. We just have to get the civilians out of their first. The museum is usually crowded at this hour."

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"Those 'bots' can be pretty hard to deactivate. And we don't have time for a stealthy entry, we're at the 'chase escaping villain' stage and not the 'infiltrate nefarious hideout' one." Aiko anwers Sparksmith's question. "Besides, I'm hardly a focused shadow warrior. If we don't spot him right away when we get there I'll tap into the security network and try and find him that way, if he's tampered with that then we'll at least know that much. If he hasn't it could save us a bit of time."

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