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Silence in the City - A Mystery Story


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"...But it is my solemn duty, dear listener, to remind you that you are not alright. Day after day, we see headlines of caped crusaders foiling scheme after baffling scheme of the next nutcase to crash through the bank doors, louder than life. It doesn't make us safe. It makes us numb. We believe we are safe because the loudest crimes - the truly spectacular and awe-inspiring alien invasion, or the highly publicized megalomaniac. But for every scream there is a whisper, Freedom City. The crimes that are dismissed because they're not high-profile enough to make it to the news are the dangerous crimes. The little signs that something sinister might be afoot are more dangerous than the largest robot army. What's more dangerous than the lethal disease with no early symptoms? Who can protect us from the quiet crimes? There isn..."

Break out your detectives and unstick your gumshoes, heroes! It's a mystery!

Something sinister is afoot when a late night radio DJ and talk show host goes off the air right in the middle of broadcasting. With no signs of a struggle and very little evidence to go on, only super-powered super-sleuths have a chance at cracking this enigma

This is a story for relatively low-powered characters. Please keep 'em less than PL 10 if possible.

Warning: While this story will have action and combat, there will most likely be less of it than average. It's hard to punch a mystery in the face, after all.

If this sounds interesting enough to give it a whirl, please post here.

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