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Bite The Hand That Feeds (OOC)


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As is suggested for his possible "Capers" in Freedom's Most Wanted, Black Anubis shows up at Pyramid Plaza, drawn to one of the mystic artifacts The Scarab has stored in her private collection under the plaza (see Freedom Atlas #2: The Scarab's Lair).

I'm using Nyrath's rebuild for BA.

His Notice and Search are nowhere near high enough to find The Scarab's Concealed HQ, and he has no Super-Senses to help him either. So, being the bloodthirsty jerk he is, BA just starts wrecking stuff until he gets his way.

Five security guards intercept and open fire on BA once he starts blasting. I'll be generous, since they're top of the line rent-a-cops, and use the PL3 Police Officer template from the core book. They'll use a Combined Attack with their Light Pistols.

Guard Attack rolls (DC24): No natural 20s, so no hits.

BA uses his Fearsome Presence. Everyone in the PP lobby needs to make a DC20 Will save.

Guards Will saves: All 5 fail, and as Minions, they suffer the worst possible result, Panicked.

Bystanders Will saves: 1 natural 20, everyone else fails.

Aside from one brave soul, everyone in the Pyramid Plaza lobby is Panicked. Everyone drops what they're doing or carrying, and flees from Black Anubis as fast as they can, in the most direct route possible. The people who can't get out of the lobby curl up into a ball on the ground, Dazed (unable to take actions, but defending normally).

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The Scarab gets 1HP for a Complication, seeing as how her home is getting attacked by a supervillain.

The Scarab takes a free action to open a portal above/outside the lobby, a move action to fly through and into the lobby, a free action to shut the portal behind her, and a Standard Action to hit Black Anubis with her Telekinesis.

Scarab's Attack roll (DC24): 11. Owch. Natural "1."

That's it for surprise rounds. Initiative!

Scarab's Initiative roll: 14.

Black Anubis' Initiative roll: 13.

Round 1

The Scarab: 14, 2HP

Black Anubis: 13, NPC

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The Scarab takes Free Actions to maintain Flight and Force Field, and to reconfigure her Psionics array. She takes a Full Action to hit Black Anubis with Mental Blast 13.

Black Anubis' Will save (DC28): 24. He fails by 4, taking a Bruised condition.

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Black Anubis takes a Free Action to activate Rage, followed by a Standard Action to activate Darkness Control at rank 8. The entire lobby of 1 Pyramid Plaza and the area immediately around the building outside goes completely dark. Since Black Anubis has Darkvision, he is unaffected. The Scarab's Mental sense is +Accurate, +Acute, and +Ranged, so she can perceive other minds, so she's fine (the Obscure is against Visual senses, not Mental senses), but Black Anubis doesn't know that (yet).

Black Anubis then Surges for another Standard Action, and fires a (Lethal) Disintegrate at The Scarab. Assuming she'll be flat-footed, he Power Attacks for -5 Attack / +5 Damage.

Black Anubis' attack roll (DC20): 20. He just barely makes it.

The Scarab will burn 1HP to double her dodge bonus for a round, rather than trying to make a DC21 Fortitude save against Drain Toughness followed by a DC26 Toughness save.

Round 1

The Scarab: 14, 1HP

Black Anubis: 13, NPC, Bruised

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The Scarab's Knowledge (Arcane Lore) check: 25.

Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

DC20: Those with an understanding of magic and the different dimensions have heard of Black Anubis and the Shadow

Pantheon. They know the displaced gods exist and that the Shadow Pantheon is seeking to enslave worlds. Black Anubis is the weakest member, but he makes up for it by being the most bloodthirsty. Black Anubis has been responsible for helping destroy a couple of worlds. Indications are he’s in Freedom City without the Shadow Pantheon’s knowledge.

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