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A Shadow In the Crowds


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Hi, if you haven't met me yet, I'm Aoiroo, and I have a character called Silhuoette who is pretty low leveled character who can turn 2D. Anyway, I work on a couple of introduction campaigns to introduce my character to superheroes in general. She's sort of shy, she never went to the superhero school and only recently started the entire act of being a superhero. She's also not registered with any ledges and doesn't wear any noticable symbols, so for the first couple of instances of her acts she might be mistaken for something other then just a lowkey hero.

Anyway, if you've got the time or am actually interested in my character post here and we can plot from there before starting an actual thread. I've always got a few ideas for a couple of plots one can try in the short term, though for anything major a GM would be nice to lead some (some lighthearted freeform would be fun to do as an introduction campaign).

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