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Is it a sheet? Is it a tarpaulin? No! Its Supercape!


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Hello everybody, me and my hero (Supercape) have arrived in Freedom City!

Having glided in, I would like to shamelessly advertise for some heroic action, if any is going?

I am a bit of a newbie at all of this, by which I mean, complete newbie. Familiar enough with the system but not PBM.

However, I can offer an extremely spiffy cape, and totally unrealistic green radiation effects all in the spirit of superheroic fun. If someone can offer me some action, I will do my best to contribute (im ignorant but I do listen!) - would love to have Supercape debut!

Cheers for any help! :D

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I'll give you the same offer I gave Roo. If you're interested in a meet and greet with one of my characters, let me know.

Usually our threads come in two types. Either a roleplay thread or a Combat thread (with RP thrown in). To further clarify, begin with the end in mind. Is the point of the thread just to post and have a chat with another hero? Or is it a Good guys vs. Bad guys no holds barred kind of thing? Think about that before you begin a thread, and make sure everyone is on the same level.

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Thanks Quote... A meet and greet sounds good: Please bear in my mind I'm cutting my teeth on this! However, it would be a great chance to get to learn the ropes.

I need to learn both the RP and the combat ways of doing things, so either/or/and would be fantastic.


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"Cutting my teeth?"

It's up to you then. Why don't you read over my characters, and see which one you might want to do a thread with. The easiest way to get started is probably a meet and greet. Maybe a follow up with some combat. Reading over my characters should also give you some ideas for threading with them, even if it's just "let's go out for coffee" or something. But as learning to come up with ideas for threads is half the fun, i won't ruin it for you ;) Take a look at my sheets (you can use the links in my signature) and get back to me. Either here or through PM.

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Thanks again, Quote, sounds very helpful.

Breakdown or Colt may be the easiest to conceptually meet I guess.

Either Colt introducing him to the world of superheroics; SC being such a novice he may actually seek out Colt who is so much more experienced, for advice. Or, his secret ID Quentin may be interested in the physics of Colts "strange new worlds", and seek to interview him.

As for Breakdown, SC or Quentin may be interested in the odd features of his DJ set, and wish to investigate, perhaps in disguise.

Do either of those appeal or sound good to go?

Perhaps something RP with some mechanics (not necessarily combat) thrown in so I get to grips with the OOC threads to.


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If you want to tackle some of the mechanics as well, the Breakdown idea with the investigation might be easier to pull off. Unfortunately because of recent events, I'm not sure where Breakdown stands in terms of starting new threads.

How about this: Supercape might seek out Colt for some advice. Since Colt is on the Interceptors, he may suggest that Supercape show him some of what he can do, possibly in the Underground's training room?


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