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Just Another Class Trip (OOC)


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You currently have with you (I took some from the books, made others up):

Feline (who is currently jumping around playing, not really working on the 'assignment')

Kid Alchemy (who is NOT visible, did come up into the trees you know for sure)

Halo (teen with minor illusion and light generation powers; Personality: a happy go-lucky 'choir boy

Geode (minor earth/stone contro, can make self little stronger/tougher if touching earth as well; Personality: quiet, stoic, really not too social)

Pixie (short before shrinking down to 1"; some mental powers; Minor Mental power: Persuasion, gains winged flight when shrunk; Personality: joker and silly when in crowds but actually quite bright/intellectual)

Squall (minor weather control, flight lightning; spoiled rich girl)

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Initiative! 1d20+13=33

Erin's going to grab Trevor and jump over to the big concentration of baddies 100 feet away. He will use his midnight mist as a free action, so she will be using her accurate hearing to attack with.

She will power attack the first baddie, using her bat. She takes ten, gets a 19, lays him out. She repeats this six times, for a total of seven minions down. After that, she comes to a non-minion and must roll the dice! 1d20+9=25. DC 34 toughness save.

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Okay, confusion to our enemies! We'll leave Wolfman and Sluggo to fumble around in the Midnight Mist and go squish some more bad guys.

Erin grabs Trevor again, jumps 50 feet to the next platform. When he makes with the mist, she will take out the eight minions and power attack the first non-minion as well. 1d20+9=22. DC 34 Toughness save.

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ok, Giz: Brid/Liz guy isn't down just so you know. Simply has 1 bruised.

birdman to strike Midnight, roll for conceal first: 1 = miss (1d2=1)

never mind...

You may both make 2 reflex saves vs 19 (ie level 9 area attack Toughness rolls vs a DC 24 (w/ penetrating) attack) and the appropriate Toughness rolls if you fail.

bird/liz guy reflex (1d20+15=29)

so he's ok at least. (has evasion for 0 damage)

IC post coming shortly.

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