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Silhouette (PL 12/14) - Aoiroo (Gold)

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Character Name: Silhouette
Power Level: 14 (202/209PP)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent PP: 7
Progress To Platinum Status: 104/120
Bronze Reward: Equipment 4 for Silhouette, Equipment 3 & Minion 8 for Changeling
Silver Reward: 3rd PC, PL8/120PP (Catalyst)

In Brief: An ambush character and close ranger brawler with the ability to turn flat.

Alternate Identity: Caroline Wendle
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Athens, GA, USA
Occupation: Freelancer
Affiliations: None
Family: Demarco, Marilyn, Alison, Trent Wendle

Age: 27 (DoB: April 20th 1986)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasion/Hispanic
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown

The transition into superheroism has left an effect on Carrie's physique. She is no longer underweight, and far less skinny putting on a few pounds of muscle and training up. She's a lot more lean now, but her stance and figure is a lot more poise, and her posture and habits have improved. She looks a lot more healthy in that she has adjusted her sleep schedule to fit her new night job, and her eating habits have improved to compensate for her needing more energy.

Her costume a form fitting leather one piece biker suit she spray painted back with a baclava sewn into the collar. Over that is a specially made mask(curtiousy of Dragonfly) with a built in radio feed and lenses that helps her see in the dark. The black out assemble is completed with leather gloves and boots which gives her really the look of a modern ninja. She has several pockets which usually contain things like business and phone cards, some zip ties, bandages, and her car key.

Carrie's parents travelled a bit before they had her older brother Trent and her, but settled down into a college town when her sister was born. Her mother was ex military and just got off two six year terms to cover college expenses and put down the payments on a house as well as a lease on a coffee shop that she ran with her father who never managed to finish schooling. Growing up there, Carrie tended to hang out with an older crowd.

When she turned seventeen, her parents sold their coffee shop to a competing franchise named after a character in Moby Dick and used the money to move to the suburbs outside of Freedom City. It was about a year earlier after hitting puberty that Carrie noticed her slight difference to everybody else in the family. Seeing as it was somewhat limited as a whole but not at all dangerous with some prompting from her sister she kept it the ability to herself. She went through life at a relative normal pace, until her sophmore year of college.

While attending a field trip to a museum with her art history class the whole place was seized by some whack job and his minions as a way to call out some big time hero. The guy's mook promptly bound and blindfolded everyone present to chairs to use as hostages when whatever random hero he was trying to called. When said hero did show up, while everyone was distracted Carrie just slipped out of her restraints, hit the singular henchman who was suppose to watch the hostages on the head a chair and untied everyone else. By the time villian had tried to pull the hostage card after the hero had defeated him or whatever obstacle he had set up there were only empty chairs and a knocked out henchman.

After that she didn't immediately jumping into the hero ring, but she thought it might be a possibility. After she graduated she found a similar situation when a regular guy was trying to hold up a convinience store. After turning 2D to avoid gunfire and hit him on the back of a head with a six pack of guinesse she started to look into seriously trying to help people with her abilities and started to experiment.

What started as an experiment became a full on lifestyle, which Carrie adjusted too accordingly. It wasn't hard to change her sleep and work schedule to suit her going out at nights as she worked freelance anyway, and already had a penchant for sleeping in late. What really became hard was the fact that she had to effectly lie to everyone she met about that part of her life, which Fulcrum whom she befriended as a civilian and does custom tailoring for.

Personality & Motivation:
Carrie is a big believer in choice as the major decider of what happens to someone in life. Growing up in a college town she saw teenagers work hard and learn to do their dream jobs until they graduate, but she also saw the results of students who dropped out early because of pregnancy, accidents, arrest records, drug use, or just plain laziness. This makes her quite blunt and generally insensitive to most peoples situations when she sees a lot of self inflicted miseries throughout the city. She hates it when people complain about their situation and neither try to see what they can do to improve it or see how lucky they themselves are. She hates it even more when villians and sometimes even heros force their own plans on to innocent bystanders. This includes but isn't limited too, hostage situations, access property damage, and meaningless slaughter from either party.

Though she tries to pass herself off as standoffish, she's a bit shy and tries very hard to avoid direct attention in any way possible. This being said, it's really just a self defense mechanism because she herself is very insecure about her own lack of power and is almost constantly comparing herself to others. However insecure she is about whether she is in fact a hero or not, it still doesn't stop her from working hard, and maintaining her own set of morals and ideals about how heroes should act, and about how people should act. This makes her especially hard on herself if she doesn't live up to it herself.

Carrie outside of costume is a nerd, plain and simple. She loves works of fiction, any fiction, comics, movies, novels, she has shelves of these just lined up and well bent from rereading them. She also has a taste for the older styles, loving old cars, and older designs and cuts of clothing, as well as steampunk things and clothing (some of which she owns is geniune because of a visit to an actual steampunk alternate universe). If she had the choice she'd be driving some full on classic American muscle cars instead of her mini cooper, or a really nice old chopper, but the car was a gift, and it was better than what she had before, which was nothing.

Powers & Tactics:
Silhouette can turn flat, which sounds like a rather lame power, but she ultilizes it quite well. Her fingers and limbs are incredibly sharp, and she does not have to assume full form to use them making her able to brawl effectively both in and out of costume with little(or really less) suspect to her idenity. Her black costume allows her to masquerade as a shadow as she moves along walls, and her now more refined use of acrobatics makes her able to run circles around opponents easily before sneaking in for a hit. When alone, she usually relies on divide and conquer methods of attack, while in battle she'll both act as a distraction, and use the distraction of others while trying to maintain the safety of civilians or to catch the villians off guard.

Bad Cravings: Carrie used to smoke in college, and quit afterwards because she couldn't afford to keep up the habit. As a result she gets very, very irratable near bars or clubs or anywhere else filled with cigerette smoke as it gives her cravings.
Family: She is very much a family person and since they all live within or near the city limits she will almost always try to attend family gatherings and events. With the recent discovery (well recent to their parents) that her niece and nephew Emilia and Emmanuel are both magnetic metahumans, Carrie has gotten very involved in managing them.
PTSD: A lot of really bad days has given Carrie some rather bad memories that can invoke anxiety attacks and incredibly violent flight or fight behavior (usually the later), the triggers being hospitals and mentioning of the Gorgon.
No Weapons: She can't actively carry weapons with her because she can't carry make anything that isn't already naturally flat with her when she goes 2D. This has lead to her to improvise a lot.
Secret: She does try her best to keep her identity secret by avoiding some of the hazards like her mask falling off(by sewing it to the rest of her suit) or distorting her features with her ability if she's ever caught without it.
Struggling: Working freelance her general income is far from stable, coupled with student loans she has had to learned very quickly to live with the very bare minimum. She lives in the Fens near the border of the theatre district and will often take up jobs there painting sets and running theatre tech to help supplement her income.
Weak Stomach: Carrie gets nausea very easy, and as such has to take ginger pills before getting in cars or on boats (unless she's driving). The same goes for teleportation, even by friendly parties.

Abilities: 6 + 10 + 8 + 4 + 4 - 0 = 32PP
Strength: 16 (+3)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 8 + 24 = 32PP
Initiative: +13
Attack: +4, +12 Melee
Grapple: +17
Defense: +12, +6 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -5, -2 Flat-Footed

Saving Throws: 6 + 9 + 5 = 20PP
Toughness: +12, +4 Flat-Footed (+4 Con, +8 Defensive Roll)
Fortitude: +10 (+4 Con, +6)
Reflex: +14 (+5 Dex, +9)
Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5)

Skills: 116R = 29PP
Acrobatics 15 (+20)
Computers 8 (+10)
Crafts Artisitic 8 (+10)
Disable Device 8 (+10)
Gather Information 10 (+10)
Knowledge (Art) 8 (+10)
Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 4 (+6)
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 6 (+8)
Knowledge (Popular Culture) 3 (+5)
Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+6)
Language 1 (English [Native], Spanish)
Notice 8 (+10)
Search 8 (+10)
Sleight of Hand 10 (+15)
Stealth 15 (+20)

Feats: 45PP
Accurate Attack
Acrobatic Bluff
Agile Climber
All-Out Attack
Attack Focus (Melee) 8
Challenge (Fast Acrobatic Bluff)
Dazzling Attack
Defensive Roll 4 (+8 Toughness)
Equipment 3 (+4 Veteran Reward = 7 [35EP])
Grapple Finesse
Improved Critical (Strike) 2
Improved Disarm
Improved Initiative 2
Improved Grapple
Improvised Tools
Luck 2
Move-By Action
Ninja Run
Paralyzing Attack
Power Attack
Set Up
Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Disable Device, Notice, Stealth)
Stunning Attack
Takedown Attack 2
Ultimate Save (Reflex)
Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)

Equipment: 7PP = 35EP
2008 Mini Cooper [28EP]
Stats: Size: Large [1EP]; Strength: 30 [2EP]; Defense: 9 [0EP]; Toughness: 11 [7 + 4EP]
Features: Disguise, Navigation System, Remote Control [3EP]
Concealment 6 (All Auditory & Visual; Flaws: Blending) [6EP]
Immunity 5 (Falling Damage) [5EP]
Speed 6 (500 mph) [6EP]
Super-Movement 1 (Wall Crawling; Flaw: Only While Moving) [1EP]
HQ (Underground Under Closed Down Video Store) [7EP]
Stats: Size: Medium [1EP]; Toughness: 5 [0EP]
Features: Computer, Concealed, Defense System (Blast 10), Garage, Living Space, Power System [6EP]

Powers: 4 + 18 + 22 = 44PP

Device 1 (5PP Container, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [4PP] (Armor, Mask)

Immunity 2 (Dazzle [Visual]) [2PP]

Super-Senses 3 (Darkvision, Radio) [3PP]

Dimensional Control (2-D Form) 3 (15PP Container [sustained Duration], Extras: Action [Reaction]) [18PP]

Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses, Flaws: Limited [side View]) [4PP]

Enhanced Feats 7 (Defensive Attack, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Hide In Plain Sight, Improved Defense 2) [7PP]

Insubstantial 1 (Flaws: Limited [Width]) [4PP]

Strike 9 (Extras: Linked [Drain Toughness], Penetrating 2 [DMG 14], Feats: Mighty) + Drain Toughness 5 (Extras: Affects Objects) [22PP] (Mutation, Training, Ultrasharp Fingers & Feet)

DC Block
Unarmed Touch DC 18 Toughness Bruised (Staged)
Strike Touch DC 15 Fortitude Drain Toughness (Staged)
DC 27 Toughness [Penetrating 2] Bruised (Staged)

Abilities (32) + Combat (32) + Saves (20) + Skills (29) + Feats (45) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (0) = 202/209 Power Points Edited by Supercape
+2 PP March 2014
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Description: Carrie is a bit underweight for her age, and as such lacks noticable hips. She has a classy bust, but her fondness of rather frumpy comfortable clothing so that doesn't help. Her hair is cut just above her collar, and is usually tied back whenever she's working or going around. She lives on a budget, and as such can't afford anything but basic grooming. Her habits as a night owl tends to make her have perpetual bags under her eyes.

Her costume per say isn't actually really a costume as it was a second hand biker one piece suit spray-painted black with a cloth full face mask. It's more form fitting them most of her regular clothing and has several pockets, though she can't actually carry anything in those pockets except cloth and paper since items none flat items won't change shape with her. She doesn't have any logos or contrast in her outfit since the point of it is to black out her body so when she goes flat against walls she can more effectively masquerade as a shadow. Because of this, on more then one occasion she has been accused of being a ninja.

That's a reasonable costume for a low-rent superheroine. I am not sure what a 'classy bust' is, but we generally try to downplay our discussion of anatomy in the character description.


Nice! I like it.

Personality & Motivation:

You want to be careful with the personality stuff. Everyone likes reading about snarky lone wolf characters, but they can get annoying real fast in a play by post setting where everyone's working as a team. And we are all working as a team, even the solo characters. Think about ways you can have her be sociable, and make sure she's actually along well with others.

I like the various complications.

Abilities: 2+6+2+4+2-2=16PP

Strength: 12 (+1)

Dexterity: 16 (+3)

Constitution: 12 (+1)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 12 (+2)

Charisma: 8 (-2)

Looks like you've spent 14 pp here rather than 16.

Combat: 4+16=20PP

Initiative: 0 (+4 w/ Improved Initiative)

Attack: +2 (+4 w/ Improved Disarm)

Grapple: -3

Defense: +10 (+6 flat-footed)

Knockback: +5

You can just say Initiative: +4. That is her initiative, after all. And as I'll mention later, you want to drop the Improved Disarm. It counts against PL caps, and you _really_ want to be able to meet your caps doing more than just one thing, especially with such a low-level character.

Saving Throws: 3+7+4=114PP

Toughness: +4 (+1 Con, +3 Saving Roll)

Fortitude: +4 (+1 Con, +3)

Reflex: +12 (+5 Dex, +7)

Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +4)

Your math is off here: you need to make sure you're using your corrected ability score modifiers.

Skills: 84R = 21PP

(Skill) (# of Ranks) (+Total Bonus)

Acrobatics 6 (+5)

Crafts Artisitic 10 (+9)

Escape Artist 4 (+3)

Disable Device 4 (+3)

Knowledge (Physics) 6 (+5)

Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 6 (+5)

Knowledge (Popular Culture) 4 (+3)

Knowledge (Art) 8 (+7)

Computers 8 (+7)

Disguise 6 (+5)

Notice 4 (+3)

Gather Information 8 (+7)

Search 4 (+3)

Stealth 6 (+5)

Same here. Make sure you alphabetize skills, please.

Feats: 15PP



Defensive Roll 3

Dodge Focus 2

Improved Disarm 2

Improved Initiative

Improved Trip

Improvised Tools


Weapon Bind


Yeah, you'll want to drop some of these combat feats: Improved Disarm is a waste of time. And being that reliant on Sneak Attack is going to work against you.

Powers: 19PP

Dimensional Control (2-D Form) [19 PP]

Insubstantial 1 (Flaw: Limited [To width]) [4 PP]

Concealment 4 (All visual senses; Flaw: Limited [To one side]) [4 PP]

Enhanced Feat 11 (Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Block, Improved Defense 2, Sneak Attack 4] [11 PP]

Please bold your powers and indicate them in the same way it's done on other sheets.

DC Block

Sneak Attack --- 21 / Toughness --- Bruised (Staged)

Unarmed --- 16 / Toughness --- Bruised (Staged)

Well, let the torture compense.

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Fixed up the stat problems you mentioned and thank you so much for the praise on the story elements, it'd be a bit embarrassing if those weren't up to snuff since those are the only thing on this forum I have a real experience crafting for a character.

You want to be careful with the personality stuff. Everyone likes reading about snarky lone wolf characters, but they can get annoying real fast in a play by post setting where everyone's working as a team. And we are all working as a team, even the solo characters. Think about ways you can have her be sociable, and make sure she's actually along well with others.

Well, she's shy, she not stupid. She's well aware that simply because of how limited her abilities are that she'll have to work with other heros. Whether she makes them immediately aware of her presense or her help goes on a case by case basis especially if there's a lot of other people around.

Yeah, you'll want to drop some of these combat feats: Improved Disarm is a waste of time. And being that reliant on Sneak Attack is going to work against you.

I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

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If you scrounge off enough points (maybe from skills), you can buy this:

Strike 5 (Power Feats: Accurate 2, Mighty) (8 pp) Use the descriptor that it's striking with your uber-sharp 2-d fingers.

Keep one rank of Sneak Attack and you'll be doing +8 Damage (1 Strength + 5 Strike + 2 Sneak Attack) with +6 Attack (since the two ranks of Accurate add +4 to your attack with that particular power)

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