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Well I haven't had too much luck trolling here for a thread :)

So time to try one on my own...

Alexander, aka Powerhouse, has been asked by the Army to spearhead a recruiting drive in Freedom City. They are looking for additional recruits and want to use Powerhouse to help with the recruiting figuring that he can do demonstrations and perhaps make things exciting for the high school students that it's aimed at. Additionally, if the Army could recruit more meta humans, well that would be special and with one of their own leading the charge, they think it's perhaps more likely.

There will be some folks who don't think this is a good idea who will cause some trouble along the way.

Anyone want to jump in on a thread like this, either to help in the recruiting capacity, to protest it, or to be in the area as trouble breaks out?

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When would this thread be taking place on the timeline?

I'll have Blitz in it one way or the other. Not as a protester, but really just there for "Crowd Control" should the need arise.

But, if the thread takes place after June, then I can get Cicada-Man in on the action as well, as a Protester though. Cicada doesn't like it when people are put under the pressure of the Government, and that includes kids who are being pressured into joining the military.

Just throwing out my support for the thread.

EDIT: I'll use Blitz if the thread happens before June, but Cicada if it's after June rather than the plan detailed above.

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I'd like to have Guardian there to keep watch, but if something the recruiters say irks him, he's going to jump in and argue it, but he won't be in the main protester group.

Edit: I'm only signing up if this takes place in July 1 or later, otherwise it'll mess with Guardian's timeline too much.

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I think that July 4th might be an appropriate date for this thread. Gives it that patriotic feel and all.

I'm also trying to find a good place for this since it would be summer vacation for most kids. Perhaps the Lincoln Youth Center might be a good place for a recruitment drive. Something to have before the larger festivities on the 4th of July.

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