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All Things End [OOC]


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Shaen, I'm'a give you two HP here. One, because Scarab is stuck in a catch-22 that is very heroic and although its the plot set up that we discussed, she should still get an HP for that and the second for having one of Scarab's old enemies looking for her personally due to her legacy.

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Ace sets gadgets too.

Enhanced equipment 1: (Masterwork disguise kit +2 to disguise skill checks (subtle[miniturized]) 2ep and a morphic molecule scarab costume (Subtle[Miniturized], Quick change 1)3ep) [1pp]

Morph 9 (Dusts of Illusion/magic; Any Humanoid +45 to Disguise check; Extras: Attack; Flaws: Action: Standard -2) [9pp]

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