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Faceing the music OOC


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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright after discussion with the rest of the refs we're ready to proceed here. Sorry about the delay.

As an OOC heads up so there isn't confusion, Eddie will not be being expelled immediately. Come mid September when school starts back up his case such as it were will be reviewed. Honestly the most likely outcome is expulsion at that point. But if Eddie goes out of his way to prove himself he'll be given a second chance. Summers is keeping him enrolled for the time being as an act of faith and a way of keeping an eye on his activities. This is an opportunity for Eddie to prove that he has learned his actions have consequences and that he's willing to face them.

He has the opportunity of course to refuse the offer. He'll be expelled and monitored less closely to ensure that he's not a burgeoning super-villain (Yes we know he's not OOC) but basically be cut off from Claremont and its protections/resources.

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Thats fine by me.

But I have to ask: Will we be able to run a thread or something where the explicit purpose of it is to give Eddie an IC opportunity to act heroic? I'm picturing like a storyline thread? Otherwise, what would I have to do to "prove myself" This is so I know what to shoot for, and actually have a chance at redemption?

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I'm sure a thread can be worked out for such a purpose with myself or another ref.

Beyond that Summers will be scrutinizing what else Eddie is doing over the summer so as opportunities arise for or in other threads you'll have opportunities as well.

I'll toss another post up int he ref cave to see if anyone has any specific ideas for a thread like that for you.

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