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ODK Does America! (IC)


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Eddie could hear the crowd milling about in the pit. He stood behind the curtain backstage at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. The first opener for their band had just finished playing, the stage crew was currently removing their instruments and sound testing for the second opener, who would be followed by Octopus Drop Kick themselves.

Eddie peeked through the curtains. There was one act to go. They had a 45 minute set, followed by a 15 minute sound test for his own band, and then ODK would take the stage. It was the first performance on their trip, but Eddie could see that the crowd was already beginning to fill the venue in earnest. Come their own stage time, it would be standing room only, wall to wall people, especially in the pit. "How fast did you say it took the tickets to sell out again?" Eddie asked the stage manager.

The man looked down at the clipboard in his hand, "Um...It says here, 'thirty-six hours',"

Eddie was astonished, "A day and a half? We haven't even played a single show yet!"


Minutes later, Eddie found Warren and Alexis in their dressing room. "Dudes. It looks great out there. It's getting packed!"

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"Really? Damn." Warren said as he finished tuning his guitar. He still kept the same sort of understated look from Octopus Dropkicks first performance back in Freedom city, though he seemed to have swapped out his jacket with a duster that would have matched his regular one if it had been stripped of the Glass pattern. "I really hope these amps are up for it. I don't want them to suddenly explode in the middle." Warren had seemed to fall into the Technical side of things when it came to shows. He didn't mind, it kept his mind busy and distracted from how many people were going to watch and listen. He turned to Alexis. "You good man?"

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Alexis had been sitting in one of the office chairs in the room, reclined as far back as it would go. His body had been turned sideways, and he was drumming on the desk with the mirror in front of him, rather than using it to get ready for the show. Not that he actually wore any make-up or anything.

At the question, though, Alexis ceased drumming and turned towards Warren. He shook his head, to wave some of his extremely long hair out of his eyes. More for effect than anything else. He could see just fine, but Warren needed to see him. Alexis simply just raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders, and went back to tapping out a furious drum beat, hair obscuring his face once more.

Eddie simply shook his head, and gave Alexis a look, "Guess we'll take that as a yes." Eddie moved over to his own dressing table. It was never too early to get ready for a show. They'd be on in an hour, after all. As he stared into the mirror, and drew a thin line of eyeshadow on, he asked Warren, "So, Where's Bass Girl at, anyhow? Ladies get their own dressing room?"

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"Apparently they do." Warren said as he leaned back. He really did't know this Erin well, but she did play Bass well enough for Eddie to be impressed. "Think it might be the whole teen hormones thing concert managers are worried about." He rolled his eyes at that thought. Didn't help she could probally lift half the tour bus over her head. Well, as far as Rift could estimate.

"Hope your not going for that underpants look again man. No offense, but I really don't want to start getting mental images." He gave Eddie a mock shudder and refocused on his guitar. Still plenty more time until the show started.

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"Yea, I'm sure she'll be out before the show." Eddie returned. He dropped the eye shadow applicator on the desk unceremoniously. He picked up a small case dipped his fingers in, and then ran them through his hair, smoothing it out in places, and then screwing it up in others, trying to get the gel positioned just right.

"Hope your not going for that underpants look again man. No offense, but I really don't want to start getting mental images." He gave Eddie a mock shudder and refocused on his guitar. Still plenty more time until the show started.

"Heh, yea, I guess I could cinch up my belt a little more this time. But seriously, I'm the lead singer in a rock band. It's practically required for me to show some skin during the show at some point." Eddie shrugged, "Plus, the chicks love it," Then he gave a sigh, "Not like I'm tied down anymore."

There was knock at the door, which startled Alexis so much that fell backwards out of his chair, only after flailing his arms wildly for a few seconds. "Thirty minutes guys!"

Alexis threw a beer bottle at the door, which shattered on impact.

Eddie fixed him with a stare. "Dude. Chill." Alexis on spared him a sheepish shrug as he righted his chair and slumped into it again. Seconds later, and he was tapping away with his sticks once more.

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"Gotta give them some mystery at least." Warren said before the announcement and Chicken sticks outburst. He pretty much made it a habit not to touch alcohol at all. It screws with the mind as far as he knew. Helped that he was underage.

"You really need to cool down man. Not like he could see through doors after all." Warren said with a shrug towards Alexis. He flicked the switch on his guitar and started playing a few notes from the songs on the set list. "Never would have thought things would move this fast man."

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"Thaaaaats what she said." Eddie responded with a smile.

"Fast or not, I really think this is going to go great." Eddie waved his arms at the room, "I mean look at us! We're practically the best set of performers on the planet. We've got super powers that help us make music. I for one regret not going on tour sooner."

I would have been able to do it with Zoe. The thought struck him. HIs scars from prom night were all still a little too fresh. He tried not to let it bother him, however. Like Warren, he tried to focus.

Alexis' drumming paused, He looked at Eddie, and gave a nod of approval, apparently agreeing with the comment on touring. Though with Eddie's thoughts elsewhere, it took him a second to realize this.

Eddie removed his shirt and slipped into a padded vest with no sleeves. His preparation complete, he strode over to the worn out couch in the corner. "I'm going to shut my eyes for a few. Wake me when we're ready to go on."

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"Kay man. We'll wake you when we are up." Warren said as he switched off his guitar and put it to the side. He grabbed a somewhat battered notebook from the dressing table and a pencil and started doing a few scribbled diagrams in it. "Hmmm..." Could move the power source there, but there is a risk of overheating too quickly and exposure to outside influence...Could move it up to the collar but that would be a health hazard. He scratched his head before rubbing part of it out. Shoving a supercomputer with holographic projectors inside a jacket was a lot more complicated than Warren originally estimated.

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Not long after Eddie had fallen asleep, he could feel something shaking him and a faint sound off the edge of his hearing. As he slowly regain contiouness, he could hear Warren talking. "C'mon man, rise and shine. Dude, Stage time." The teen sighed. He was starting to contemplate if shouting in the ear of the Master of Music would be a smart idea. On one hand, he might go deaf. On the other, he wake up....Choices...

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"Okay, okay. I'm up, I'm up." Eddie waved Warren away, groggily. Thanks to his preparation before his nap, he was ready to walk out the door at a moments notice.


A minute or so later, the band took the stage to the welcoming cheers of thousands of screaming fans. Eddie grabbed the mic, "Hello Philadelphia!" More cheers. "My name is Eddie Ozan, this..." He paused for dramatic effect, "This is Octopus Dropkick!" Eddie waved his arms to signal a downbeat, and Alexis kicked and hammered his drums into action...

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