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At the Mountains (OOC)

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Reallocating Equipment ranks in this thread...

The Geckosuit goes from Protection 3 [subtle], to Protection 3 + Immunity 1 (cold). A full immunity seems too much for cold, so perhaps like D&D 3.5 cold weather outfits and grant a +5 bonus to saves against cold?

(Yes, I'm blatantly being Nite-Owl, why do you ask?)

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It's a DC 25 Notice check to spot the lock; characters who can see through Obscure succeed automatically.

It's a DC 30 Strength check to turn the lock.

I need a DC 20 Earth Sciences or DC 20 Survival check from people who can make that check. It's very cold, but I'm assuming we'll all get out BEFORE we need to make the checks vs. cold. ;)

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Ok I think my counters obscure counts for this. I'll set my array to full SS for 11 ranks total.

Roll for strength check came up 1d20=3

If I get to count SS levels that's just enough (+16 str +11 SS + 3 rolled = 30)

If SS doesn't apply I'll reroll 1d20=4 which with the +10 for reroll is just enough with base strength alone (14 + 16 = 30)

IC sucks btw.

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Erin is going to use Acrobatic Bluff as her move action, skill mastery plus five for the inspire means it's a DC 33 for the first robot to not be flatfooted.

She will do a full power attack against the first robot. 1d20+14=19 DC 34 toughness save for the robot.

Spend an HP to surge, power attack the same robot again. 1d20+14=34 A critical hit! DC 39 toughness save.

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