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So i had an idea I thought I'd share, for someone more competent at game design that I am (Although I wouldn't mind GM'ing this with help from someone else). The idea I had, which (unintentionally) rips off "Wild Cards" from Justice League, goes like this: Someone (Most likely Conundrum) has set up several bombs (I don't know what a good amount would be, but I was thinking 4-6, with an hour before detonation), and a certain group of heroes (I.E. whoever signs up for the adventure) has to defuse them, with them going off if anyone else attempts to disarm them, or if they're moved. Of course, they'd also be dimensionally anchored where they are, just so nobody gets the bright idea of teleporting them into space. Anyways, the catch is that each bomb is guarded by at least 1, but more likely 2 or 3 supervillains at each location, and that they must be defused in order, with the next location being revealed once the current one is diffused.

The variation off of the other idea, once I realized how close this was to "Wild Cards", was to just completely rip it off. Several bombs are scattered all over the city (They can either be all real, or some fake), and have one supervillain at each location (Regardless if they're fake or not). This adventure would be open to any and all PC's, and could be led by the Crime League. It'd be a pain to keep the time frame organized for this one, though, so unless you're really good with keeping chronological order, I wouldn't suggest this one.

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Your ideas intrigue me I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. None of my characters are skill junkies with the arguable exception being Colt, but they're all pretty good in a fight. I think I prefer the first idea, just for a little originality, it's also easier to handle. Tho my plate is rather full at the moment, if absolutely no one else signs up for this as a GM, I can help you out with that too.

Probably be a good idea to set a restriction on the number of players your looking for.

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Well, you could TRY, but the explosion has enough power to level a square mile; your power wouldn't be able to stop it. I will say this, though. The villains will know how to disable the bomb they're guarding, so you could get it out of them any number of ways, or disable the bomb through the "Disable Device" skill.

Also, signups are not open yet. I still need to get some mechanical details straight, so this thread is currently just a call to get someone to help, as I haven't run an adventure before.

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Avalon? You have 22 more hours to respond, or I'm removing you from the roster.

Incidentally, signups are still open, in case Avalon fails to show, so feel free to put your name down.

Sorry. Got really busy IRL. Hopefully things have toned down some.

I'm still up for this.

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Ugh, I feel like a heel for doing this, but I'm really not feeling confident enough to run this round anymore. Chances are that I'll try again, in a month or two, but for now, I'm going to have to put this on hold. I'm really sorry about this, guys.

GMing can be intimidating, videocrazy. If and when you feel up for it, may I bring Fulcrum please? She can't Disable to save her life, but she is a fighter!

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