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Despite being used to living in a big city, Daniel was overwhelmed. Freedom City isn't like New York at all. To Daniel, Freedom City is what all other cities should aspire to be. Advanced infrastructure, efficient transportation system, ultra-modern architecture...it was like the city of the future.

It had been 2 days since Daniel arrived in Freedom City. He came here from New York hoping to find his father and those responsible for creating a mysterious drug. He thought he could just enter the city, locate his father, get answers and head home. Apparently, a detective nor a tracker he was not. All he was able to accomplish was to become a tourist.

He spent most of his time in the downtown area. He heard that it was once destroyed then rebuilt by one of the local super heroes. Daniel was impressed. They had heroes too, back in New York, but none could create something this monumental.

Daniel was also able to visit Freedom Hall. It was awe inspiring. He learned of the extraordinary people of Freedom doing heroic acts for the greater good. He thought about his own gifts. He had only used his powers for himself.

It was then he remembered why he came to Freedom in the first place. He went back to his hotel room (which he paid for with the money he pulled out from his pocket dimension), and there he stood looking out the window.

The city lights shining outside Daniel's Plaza Hotel room was a dazzling sight. It was a beautiful night and Daniel was getting restless. He still wanted to explore the city.

"You know you can't go out there," Daniel thought to himself. "Not just yet."

Daniel peeled himself away from the window and sat on his bed.

"How am I supposed to find dad if I keep distracting myself?"

Just like an illusionist, Daniel pulled a powdery blue brick covered in plastic out of thin air.

He examined it intently. "And where did this come from? How do I find out if I know close to nothing about the city?" he said as he pushed the brick into the air until it disappeared.

Daniel's original idea was to wait in the pocket dimension (which he has named "The Stockroom") and hope his father shows up. He had done that while still in New York taking care of his mother. His father never did appear so his next plan was to look for him in Freedom city. Sadly, he didn't think his plan through.

"I need a new plan."

A few phone calls and two days later, Daniel was able to find an apartment at the Southside district. He was able to explore most of the city, now aware that it wasn't perfect. He figured he should settle in and get the feel of the city and it's people.

The apartment was a small loft in a 4 storie residential/commercial building a few blocks away from freedom college. The furnishings were basic which made the loft seem pretty plain. For now, it suited Daniel just fine. Later on, he would turn it into his office.

Daniel decided to continue his courier service here in Freedom City. He would have to make new connections and new clients. In the process, he would learn more about the city and it's workings-and hopefully make a difference.

"I'm glad Uncle Henry is taking care of mom." Daniel told himself. His uncle has been constantly giving Daniel updates about his mother and her condition. She's still in a coma, but otherwise she's physically healthy.

"I never lived alone before," he mused as he surveyed his loft. "Now is a great time to start"

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"Thanks for the update, Uncle Henry. Take care," Daniel said as he put down his phone. It was an old rotary phone, much like those in film noir detective series. In fact, most of Daniel's new furnitures were items that fit the theme. Most of them were on his desk. There was a bronze ashtray that he never planned on using. Beside that was an empty cigar box. On the far right corner he placed a desk fan. He really wasn't a fan of the genre, but he decided to go with that theme when he found an old typewriter. It was on display in a small antique shop a few buildings from his apartment. He bought it and placed it in the center of his desk.

"This oughta do it," Daniel told himself as he inspected his desk.

"Now that I've got an office, all that's left to do is think of a name, get it registered and have business cards printed."

His loft now looked more like an office than a living space. Though he never needed an office before to do his work, he just liked the idea of having one.

"Oh! Then I have to get some advertising done. It was so much easier back home." Daniel used to get clients by word of mouth. He didn't need to advertise before.

"And I might need a new car too...Man, there's much to do," he said as he stood in the middle of the apartment alone.

"And I've got to learn to stop talking to myself out loud," he sighed resting his face on his palm.

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  • 2 months later...

It was close to noon but the sun couldn't be seen since it was hidden behind gray clouds that rainy day.  Daniel was standing inside the lobby of a Parkside apartment building among the stranded commuters who have forgotten their umbrellas.  He had just delivered a package to an eccentric elderly man living in one of the suites above.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Outside, Daniel could see people competing for a cab. 

"Time to eat," Daniel told himself as he looked at his watch. 

He walked casually towards the restroom and went inside.  Luckily, nobody else was there. After waiting for a few seconds by the door, he opened his fridge and proceeded to prepare his lunch. 

He was back in his own apartment in Southside.  

Daniel has been living in Freedom City for a few months now.  In his time here he was able to set up his own business, have it advertised, get new clients and make good money.  His solo courier service was doing quite well. Unfortunately, he hasn't made much progress on finding answers about his father, which was the main reason he chose to live here.  His plan was to get a name for himself for being fast and efficient. He wanted to be the city's go-to guy when someone needed speedy and discreet deliveries.  That way, he hoped, someone his father knew or worked for might be his client. Sadly, none of his clients were the connections he needed. 

Such setbacks remind him how terrible he is at planning. 

Sooner or later, he would have to actively find the answers.

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