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Conflicting Intrests OOC


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Fox, time for Dragonfly to enter the picture. Basic set-up: she heard that one of her inventions had come up for sale on the black market. It gives off a certain kind of radiation, so she created a sensor to detect it. You've followed the signal to this little deserted street, where you see a figure in powered armor with a weird box in her hands. :D

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Actually had to look up the Groundstrike mechanics...never seen it used!

First, a reflex save!

Reflex Save vs. Ironclad's Earthquake (1d20 + 6=11)

Reflex, you FAIL me!

Between STR, DEX, and Acrobatics Mara's best on DEX, so that's her opposed check.

Opposed check, Dragonfly's DEX vs. Ironclad's STR, DC16 (1d20 + 2=16)

16 exactly. Ironclad's got the higher bonus, though, so she wins. Dragonfly's knocked prone.

Move Action to stand back up.

Standard action: Blast time!

Attack Roll, Blast 6 vs. Ironclad (1d20 + 7=9)


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In order to prove my deus ex machina in not in my favor, he attacks Clad first.

Attack with Autofire 3.


O.O Well, he rolled poorly, at least. Still, +2 Dam w/ Strike 10, so 27 Dam.

Clad's Toughness roll.


O.O Where were these earlier!?

Iornclad's retaliation


She whiffs, at least. This was going to be a very short-lived deus ex machina.

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