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Hydromancer (PL4 NPC, Tier 2)

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Characters Name Carla Mackenzie

Power Level 4 (86)

Trade-Offs None

Unspent PP 0

Alternate Identity None

Age 42

Gender Female

Height 5'

Weight 100 lbs

Eyes Dark blue

Hair Black

Description Carla Mackenzie is a diminutive woman, with a pale skin tone and straight, dark hair that she lets fall to her shoulders. Her eyes are dark blue and seem almost too large for her face, making her look almost child-like at times. Her lips are thin but her face is mobile, and usually drawn into a smile of some description.

When she’s working Carla favors white or pale-colored Oxford shirts and khakis, with her hair done up in a bun; in colder weather, she’ll cover it all with a turtleneck rather than touch the thermostat. Off the clock, she wears whatever is comfortable.

An amazing thing about Carla is that she is never wet; no matter how hard it's pouring rain outside or if she just took a dip in the ocean, the water will run off of her in seconds, leaving her bone-dry. This doesn't appear to interfere with normal cleansing, however.

History Carla Mackenzie was born in southern Maine. Her parents were never married and her father left while she was still in diapers; but her mother’s brother was a constant presence in her life, providing a strong paternal influence in her life.

It was her uncle, a lifelong crabber, that started Carla’s love affair with the ocean. He took her out on his fishing boat almost as soon as she could stand. Some kids might’ve hated the high swells, and the old boat with its stinking diesel engine, but Carla loved it all: the water spreading to the horizon on all sides, the rolling deck, the smell of the salt water, and even the sense of isolation from every other human being on the planet.

Carla was hooked on the sea from a young age, and she was a very bright young woman. Unfortunately her family would never be able to afford to send her to college. Desperate for a higher education, she chose what seemed like the least evil option and joined the Navy. They seized on her bright mind and put her to work at a dry-dock, inspecting and repairing the thousand and one technical systems that keep a modern warship afloat. In her spare time she studied at a nearby college: six years later she was a second lieutenant with degrees in marine biology and biochemistry. It was also during this time in life that her ability to manipulate water first manifested itself.

With her degree in hand, she retired from the armed forces and started looking for a way to put her schooling to use. After sixteen years, Carla’s risen to the post of Director of Major Projects at the Freedom Aquarium. Essentially, her job is to come up with big exhibits that will draw patrons to the aquarium, every few months. She came into contact with Robin Cross when the sorceress was still new in town, in a case that involved predator spirits and a possessed plaster Megalodon. The two became fast friends, and so far they’ve stayed close.

Personality & Motivation Carla Mackenzie is a bright, gregarious woman in her intellectual prime. She honestly likes people: likes getting to know them, likes learning what their hopes and aspirations are, likes learning what makes them tick. It means she makes friends easily, and her penchant for getting emotionally involved very quickly means that few stay casual friends, even if she doesn’t see them that often.

While she gets along very well with people, when it comes to problems Carla practically flips to the other extreme, approaching with a logical, dispassionate method. It’s a highly effective process, and it makes her very good at her job.

Carla tends to downplay her powers, for several reasons. First, she doesn’t like being a circus attraction; she doesn’t like have to demonstrate her powers for a crowd. Second, she doesn’t like being defined by her powers; she’d rather be known as 'that brilliant marine biologist' than 'that hydromancer lady.' Last, she hangs around with Robin Cross a fair bit, who is herself a world-class magical talent. Carla is very aware that, in the long run, her powers aren’t much. She feels that using them for no good reason is kind of a pathetic cry for attention.

Carla is pretty much focused on professional achievements; her goal is to be named Director of the Freedom Aquarium. She'd like to meet a nice man and start a family, but she realizes that she's married to her work right now.

Powers & Tactics Carla has a mutant ability to control fresh and salt water, most usually to travel on her own personal waterspout or create a blast of water. In combat, her usual priority is fleeing: she knows that she isn't a match for most of the various nasties that target Freedom City.

Complications Public Figure Carla Mackenzie is a public figure associated with Freedom Aquarium. Anyone villain targeting the aquarium might attack her.

Coward Carla is not brave. In combat, when she doesn't freeze she tends to flee.

In Brief Marine biologist with a connection to the water.

Stats: 2+6+2+10+8+6 = 34pp

Str: 12 (+1)

Dex: 16 (+3)

Con: 12 (+1)

Int: 20 (+5)

Wis: 18 (+4)

Cha: 16 (+3)

Combat: 4+4 = 8pp

Attack: +2

Grapple: +5

Defense: +2 (+1 flat-footed)

Knockback: -0

Initiative: +3

Saves: 2+2+2 = 6pp

Toughness: +1 (+1 Con, +0 other)

Fortitude: +3 (+1 Con, +2)

Reflex: +5 (+3 Dex, +2)

Will: +5 (+3 Wis, +2)

Skills: 84r = 21pp

Bluff 2 (+5)

Computers 2 (+7)

Diplomacy 5 (+8)

Gather Information 5 (+8)

Handle Animal 7 (+10)

Investigate 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Current Events) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 5 (+10)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 9 (+14)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 9 (+14)

Language (English Native; French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Greek) 5

Medicine 5 (+9)

Notice 3 (+7)

Search 3 (+7)

Sense Motive 5 (+9)

Swim 9 (+10)

Feats 7pp

Animal Empathy

Attack Specialization (Water Blast)


Improved Defense 2

Move-By Action


Powers: 10 = 10pp

BE: Blast 4 (Mutant, water; Feat: Ranged Pin, Alternate Power 1) (10 PP)

AP: Personal Waterspout [5 PP]

Super-Movement 1 (Mutant; Water walking) [2 PP]

Speed 3 (Mutant; 50 MPH; Flaw Limited [Only over water]) [3 PP]

DC Block:

Blast 4 --- DC 19/Toughness

Costs: Abilities (34) + Combat (8) + Saves (6) + Skills (21) + Feats (7) + Powers (10) = 86

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Gah. Have Knockback on so many Damage effects...

The Immunity is pretty straight forward. If she gets wet it runs off her like, well, water. It doesn't sink into her clothes or stay on her skin. She could go for a swim or run through a rainstorm, step inside, and be dry within seconds. There would be puddles of water all around her, but she herself would be dry.

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