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Opening Night at Le Exotique (OOC)


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Are the guests being let in yet?

Faust's post suggests that he's inside already but Quote just set up a situation where it sounds like the guests are not being allowed in.

Needless to say I'm confused.

I really just wanted to clear this up so that I knew how to end Blitz's arrival post.

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OOC is coming as soon as i get some things taken care of that I didn't know I had to. I'll still be doing that, but the logistics of it will be different depending on what happens.

Scratch that. Don't get the pp until the end of the month, so, I'll have to stunt for

Create Object 10 (Energy; Extras: Movable; Power Feats: Precise, Progression)

I'll spend a HP on Heroic Feat: Facinate- Perform (Percussion)

He creates his Vibraphone and Facinates.

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Well, They're gonna go nuts, because Eddie is in town for basically a "one night only" thing. He's in the middle of a nationwide tour with ODK when this thread happens. He's basically in Freedom City while the equipment gets schlepped to the next city, then he'll teleport there tomorrow in time for the show.

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