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Take It To The Limit (OOC)


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Normally, changing one's clothes takes 10 rounds (1 minute). If you want him to spend his first default HP to temporarily gain the Quick Change feat, so he can do it with a Free Action (once he's out of sight, of course), that's an option.

Guardian gets 2 Hero Points - 1 for his Secret Identity complication, and 1 for his Responsbility complication. He'll have to find some way to get out of work, and then find a way to change into costume without blowing his cover. That puts him at 3HP total.

Go ahead and make a non-combat intro post for him in the IC. Once he's inside the bank, we'll go to combat. Post an Initiative roll for him here.

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GM Fiat: Slyph temporarily gains the Taunt feat.

Move Action: Slyph attempts to Taunt Guardian. Since she's doing it as a Move Action instead of the usual Standard Action, her check suffers a -5 penalty, leaving her bonus at +9 (+10 Bluff skill, +4 for her Attractive feat).

Slyph's Bluff check: 16.

VC, make a check with either your Bluff skill, Sense Motive skill, or Will save, whichever bonus is higher. You need to score higher than Slyph to resist her Taunt attempt. In the case of a tie, whoever has the highest bonus wins.

If Guardian fails, he will suffer -2 to his attack rolls, saving throws, and checks for 1 round.

Free Action: Slyph uses Extra Effort to add a temporary power feat to her Suffocate power. She chooses Alternate Power as that feat, temporarily acquiring the following:

Dazzle 9 (Visual Senses) [18PP]

Free Action: Slyph reconfigures her power array, switching the active power to Dazzle.

Standard Action: Slyph attacks Guardian with the Dazzle. His Defense bonus is +6, so her attack roll is DC16.

Slyph's attack roll (DC16): 19. That hits.

VC, make a DC19 Reflex save for Guardian, to shut his eyes in time to evade the Dazzle.

If he fails, then make a DC19 Fortitude save. If he fails that, then he's Blinded.

After all of this is resolved, Guardian gains 1HP for the GM Fiat.

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Free Action: Pyre will activate his Flight power.

Move Action: Pyre will hover up above the ground.

Standard Action: Pyre will attack Guardian with his Blast. He will use his Power Attack feat for -5 Attack / +5 Damage.

Pyre's attack roll: 8. He misses, even if Guardian is Blinded.

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OK, at DC10, Guardian knows that these people fit the description of the Factor Four, a group of supervillains with element-themed powers who have been making mischief since the 1970s. They're frequent foes of the Atom Family and the Freedom League, motivated by the acquisition of both profit and power. Also, there's 4 of them, but Professor Fathom, the water-powered member, appears to be absent.

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Granite's Toughness save (DC34): 24. He fails by 10, so he's Bruised, Staggered, and Stunned for one round.

VC, if you want, Guardian can then take a Free Action to use Extra Effort, in order to Surge, gaining another Standard Action for the round, in order to attack Granite again. He's Stunned, and thus, flat-footed. He loses his dodge bonus to Defense (dropping his bonus from +7 to +3), and he suffers an additional -2 Defense on top of that, dropping his total DEF bonus to +1 (DC11 to hit). You'll hit him on anything but a natural "1." But the Stunned condition will go away at the start of your action next round, so this is the only chance you'll have to take advantage of it.

If you do decide to use Extra Effort, then at the start of your action next round, you'll suffer a level of Fatigue, and thus, you'll become Fatigued. Though you can choose at that time to burn a HP to get rid of the Fatigue if you want.

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Granite has -1 on his save from his Bruise, leaving his Toughness bonus at +11.

Granite's Toughness save (DC34): 20. He fails by 14. Not enough to fail by 15, but he did fail by 10+. Normally, that would give him another Bruise, and Stagger him. But since he's already Staggered, he's knocked Unconscious instead.

One down, two to go. 8-)

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Round 2

Slyph: 25, NPC

Pyre: 21, NPC

Guardian: 17, 1HP

Granite: 4, NPC, Bruised x2, Staggered, Unconscious

Since Guardian used Extra Effort last round, he must spend 1HP at the start of his action this round, or else he will become Fatigued.

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Slyph moves over to Guardian, switches back to her Suffocate power, and tries to use it on him. Unfortunately for her, he's immune.

Pyre Power Attacks again for -5/+5 and Blasts Guardian. Guardian has +1 Defense until his next action, so he's DC11 to hit. Unfortunately, Pyre only gets an 8. He uses GM Fiat to get a re-roll, getting a 16 (since it's a HP-style re-roll, the "1" becomes an "11" and is not an automatic miss).

Guardian needs to make a DC30 Toughness save against Pyre's fire blast.

After all of this is resolved, Guardian gets 1HP for the GM Fiat. And then it's his turn.

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Guardian needs to make a DC23 Toughness save against Pyre's fire aura.

Pyre's Toughness save (DC30): 22. He fails by 8, which is more than 5 but less than 10. So he's Bruised, and Stunned for 1 round.

I will use GM Fiat (what NPCs get instead of Hero Points) to remove his Stunned condition. Guardian gets another HP.

Since he failed a Toughness save by 5+, Pyre gets knocked back. The damage bonus (not counting the Power Attack) was +14, and his KB resist is 7. 14 - 7 = a KB result of 7. 7 steps down the Progression Table is 100, so he gets knocked back 100 feet. He'll hit the wall long before that. I'll say he got knocked back into the wall of the antechamber leading into the bank vault. Solid stone, so +5 Toughness. Since 5 is less than 7 (the KB result), Pyre takes +5 damage when he hits the wall. The wall takes +7 damage (the KB result).

Pyre's Toughness save (DC20): 18. Pyre fails by less than 5, so he takes another Bruise.

Wall's Toughness save (DC22): 12. The wall fails by 10, which is enough for an object to be Disabled. So the wall gets a Pyre-shaped hole knocked through it, and he keeps going, into the vault door, which is solid steel (Toughness +10).

Pyre's Toughness save (DC22): 9. Owch. Natural "1." (No special rules for it - it just sucks for him.) He fails by 13, which is more than 10 but less than 15, so he's Bruised (that's 3), Staggered, and Stunned for 1 round. I'm not going to Fiat away the Stunned condition this time.

Vault's Toughness save (DC22): 18. It fails by 4, so it takes an Injury.

Pyre gets knocked through the wall and against the vault, then falls Prone in front of it.

Pyre: Bruised x3, Staggered, Stunned, Prone

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On initiative count 13, The Scarab drops her Concealment, reassigning the points in her Psionics array to Mental Blast, which she then uses on Slyph.

Slyph's Will save (DC28): 22. She fails by 6, which is more than 5 but less than 10, so she's Bruised and Stunned.

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On Initiative 6, Professor Fathom appears, sliding down the pipes and out the sprinklers. He's got Insubstantial 1, so that's no problem for him.

The sprinklers spray a layer of water over everything in the bank. With Insubstantial and Elongation, Fathom can spread himself paper-thin, and he has all the water he needs in which to hide with his Visual Concealment power.

Since Fathom has total concealment against Guardian's only Accurate sense (his Normal Vision), Guardian is effectively Blinded in relation to Fathom. That means he's flat-footed against Fathom's attacks (losing his dodge bonus), he suffers an additional -2 Defense penalty against them, and when he tries to attack Fathom, he'll suffer a 50% miss chance, independent of his actual attack roll.

Fathom will take a move action to slide down into the room, and a standard action to Blast Guardian with a burst of high-pressure water. He'll use Defensive Attack for -5 Attack / +5 Defense, leaving his attack bonus at +5.

Against Fathom, Guardian's Defense starts out at +3 for being flat-footed. -2 for being "blind" and -5 from his All-Out Attack gives him an effective Defense "bonus" of -4.

Fathom's attack roll (DC6): 13. That hits.

However, since Fathom's Blast is only rank 9, he doesn't overcome Guardian's Impervious 10 Toughness, so Guardian takes no damage.

Fathom has no Concealment against The Scarab's Accurate Ranged Mental sense, so she can perceive his mind directly and target him just fine.

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Round 3

Slyph: 25, NPC, Bruised, Stunned

Pyre: 21, NPC, Bruised x3, Staggered, Stunned, Prone

Guardian: 17, 3HP

The Scarab: 13, 1HP

Professor Fathom: 6, NPC

Granite: 4, NPC, Bruised x2, Staggered, Unconscious

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