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The SHADOW Falls (OOC)

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This is the first thread in a story arc for Valkyrie involving SHADOW.

Participating characters:

Valkyrie (PL10)

Jack of all Blades (PL13)

Pharos (PL10)

Bombshell (PL10)


Grim (PL13)

Please post here so I know that you're following.

Characters may all post once to establish their place in the thread before the rest of it gets going.

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I should mention that if your character wants or needs any special treatment in terms of appearing on the premises like, "They hired me on as extra security for the opening of the new exhibit," please okay it with me here, first.

And don't forget to edit the subject line of your post to remove the ": GM" and put your character's name in there, thanks!

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Gizmo, give me a disguise check for Jack, +2 circumstance bonus for the clothing that Grim conjured for you. Also, I hope you're wearing something under that, because you know what happens when that fades away...

Synius, give me a stealth check for keeping out of sight.

The difficulty of the first encounter in this thread directly depends on how obvious your characters are being. If it is a known fact that there are more heroes on the premises, there will be more support for the bad guys. Therefore, I will have to wait until after you've all made your introductions to determine what I should be rolling to oppose your skill checks. Being in an alternate identity and part of the tour is considered an auto success at being stealthy. As I likely should have explained this earlier, anyone who wants to change their post may do so (just let me know that you have done it). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Quick Summary:

Vivian: Civvies

Bombshell: Civvies

Grim: Disguise 45, Bluff 28

Jack: Disguise 26 Bluff 33

Pharos: Civvies

Gigawatt: Stealth 13

Time for those rolls.

He is incapable of beating either of Grim or Jack's Rolls with either Notice or Sense Motive. However, a quick scan of everyone in the tour group tells him that there's some funky magic going on with those two guides! At least it would if he makes a notice check against the subtle. Notice vs Grim magic; Jack magic (1d20+7=14, 1d20+7=12) ... Which he does not :( So he doesn't know you're in the crowd either.

Notice vs Gigawatt stealth DC 13 (1d20+7=8) Just... wow.

So he has no clue that any of the heroes are on scene at all. Just great! IC post incoming.

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Forgot one: Valk Initiative (1d20+1=13)

Initiative and Status

Lizard Men (Savage, Minions) - 29 - NPC - 4 Unharmed

Grimalkin - 28 - 3HP - Unharmed

Jack - 26 - 5HP - Unharmed

Bombshell - 20 - 2HP - Unharmed

High Sorcerer - 20 - NPC - Unharmed

Gigawatt - 19 - 1HP - Unharmed

Dark Magician 1 - 19 - NPC - Unharmed

Valkyrie - 13 - 5HP - Unharmed

Pharos - 6 - 2HP - Unharmed

Dark Magician 2 - 5 - NPC - Unharmed

Pharos, Valkyrie, and Bombshell all get a bonus hero point for being in their civvies when the trouble goes down. After I get an initiative roll from Synius, we'll be able to kick this off.

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The Lizard Men are up. No Heroes have made themselves known yet, so they will simply advance and secure the mirror.

Initiative and Status

Lizard Men (Savage, Minions) - 29 - NPC - 4 Unharmed

Grimalkin - 28 - 4HP - Unharmed

Jack - 26 - 6HP - Unharmed

Bombshell - 20 - 3HP - Unharmed

High Sorcerer - 20 - NPC - Unharmed

Gigawatt - 19 - 2HP - Unharmed

Dark Magician 1 - 19 - NPC - Unharmed

Valkyrie - 13 - 6HP - Unharmed

Pharos - 6 - 3HP - Unharmed

Dark Magician 2 - 5 - NPC - Unharmed

Grimalkin is up.


This thread has a ton of people in it. If you're not familiar with me as a GM, when threads get this big they get messy and slow. I will be using the same method that I use in No Mutation Without Representation to keep things moving quickly. When your turn is called upon, you have 24 hours (or so) to post. If you do not post within that time period, I reserve the right to skip you, not out of spite or anything, just to keep things moving. So make sure you check back here often to see updates! I will of course grant grace periods if asked ahead of time. Things like, "I won't be here this weekend, can you wait for me," are totally allowable. But please let me know in advance. I won't allow it if you tell me after I've already skipped you, but I will be happy to allow it if you give me some notice. Let's all work together, and make this a nice, fun, reasonably paced thread!

Grim, go! (after I get this IC up)

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