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Idea for a Vignette


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I've had an idea kicking around my head, and something Moira said in chat made me remember it. What if we did a vignette where two of our own characters met? It could either be two pages for one point each, or just one page and we chose who to give it to, I suppose. Imagine the possibilities!

Dead Head meets Dr Archeville!

Geckoman meets Arrowhawk!

Grimalkin meets Gossamer!

Colt meets Valkyrie!

I don't know if we want to make these meetings canon or not, but it's just an idea to kick around. Thoughts?

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Doesn't seem like it requires much thinking. :P do we allow 3-ways for those of us that have odd amounts of characters?

Please don't mention "3-way" when talking about Vivian. ;)

This is an interesting idea, and the Refs will mull it over. It won't be the next Vignette (the next one, to be done in Sep or Oct, is already being planned out), but it could be the one after that (in Dec or Jan).

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