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Killun Natzees!

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Trying to garner support for a thread where Valkyrie teams up with some other heroes to take on SHADOW. Any chance I might be able to get a ref to run this thread, as I am less than familiar with the way SHADOW does things?

I know Gizmo has expressed interest with Jack, so consider him to have a reserved spot unless he opts not to join later.

I think we can run this thread with about 4-6 characters, yes? We'll probably accept them in order in which they respond.

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Wow, this got some support pretty quickly. I'm still looking for a GM, though. Once we can get that, we can probably go through the list and decide who's in and who's out. I see this as a good opportunity, because we don't often see the criminal organizations of Freedom used on this site.

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Okay, let me see, I had originally requested 4-6 players. The list so far is:

Valkyrie (PL10)

Jack of all Blades (PL13)

Pharos (PL10)

Bombshell (PL10)


Grim (PL13)

~~Ace Danger (PL13)

~~Atlas (PL12)

~~Ironclad (PL7)

~~Cobalt Knight (PL?)

Okay, that's 9 PC's. A lot more than was asked for. Sorry, guys, but it looks like I'm going to have to cut some of the people that came late!

I think we can make this work.

Before I go and railroad this thing, is there any element that any of you would like to see included in this thread? Possibilities include

-Invading Enemy HQ

-Foiling Enemy Plot to capture McGuffin



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I hadn't planned on including her, but I'm sure she could be the mastermind behind things. If it turns out that your thread would prohibit that I can always pick someone else to spearhead the movement. My idea for this thread is pretty fluid.

So that the rest of you know, I'll be going with the following for now:

SHADOW steals the mcguffin, and makes off with it. After the heroes chase down the culprit, there is a showdown with some clones and a higher ranking officer.

If anyone has problems with that let me know.

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S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Freedom in Wading way is the thread he's referencing. Ace, Edge and JoAB uncover a SHADOW plot to raise an army of super hitler clones in a secret lair in freedom. They are about to head in and stop the plot. The Head of security is going to be a Baroness Expy fencer basically there are other ranking SHADOW agents as well there but none from the books. They are part of a faction of SHADOW that has strong loyalties to the reich still.

Also JoAB scored himself an Evil Hand for the thread ;)

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Okay, after okaying my ideas with Shaen, I'm about ready to get this thread going. I'll post the IC and OOC links here when I have them up. This thread will begin in the Freedom City Museum, so think of a reason for your character to either be there, go there when the trouble starts.

Last chance for story element requests!

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